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How to start your own server

Posted by Happy, 26 August 2015 · 1291 views

If you're here to start a new server here are what you are not supposed to do.1. Think you already know everything2. Hire a developer for things you do not know.3. Hire a developer for everything while you do not have time for your own skill development only to find out that you can't handle being an owner of a server.What you're really supposed to do, an...

Life as a Paid RO Dev

Posted by Happy, in Paid Dev Life 29 January 2015 · 1086 views
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Being a Paid RO Dev seems great so far. There were some ups and downs. I would like to share some experience of mine, and mistakes that will hopefully help other paid devs out there if any.Let's start with my msitakes before I pin point other paid dev's mistake.Accepting tons of client: In the past I accepted way more client than I can handle(current limi...

Linux Commands

Posted by Happy, 19 January 2015 · 686 views

When linux administrating is not what you do everyday, you probably forget simple commands a lot.The good thing is you don't even have to remember them, but of course you will probably memorize them by time if you use them often.Below is a cheat sheet that will help you easily learn linux over time. Anyways I just thought it'll be worth sharing.http://www...

Positive Developers

Posted by Happy, 29 November 2014 · 976 views

The main problem I encounter in the past is lack of knowledge due to not being positive. When you're not positive in life, you get frustrated easily, you give up easily, always half way of everything, always in rush, skipping learning curves. Probably why some servers dies in few months or worst even just less than a week.I want you to stay with me, and s...

How to keep your server alive

Posted by Happy, 30 October 2014 · 688 views

Keeping a server alive is really an easy task if you're fine with keeping it despite having low/high population.As a server owner of a 5 year old+ server. These are few tips you can use to keep your server alive for as long as that(or even more).1. Do what you want and give it love! When you do what you want, be happy with it. Don't think about negative s...

How to deal with extremely boring tasks

Posted by Happy, 28 August 2014 · 543 views

Sometimes while developing something, there are some boring tasks and one of that is the one I'm going to work on in few minutes from now, although I have always done some stuffs about it, I decided to google and now I am sharing the guide that I found.   You will find the guide on this link below or just read the rest of the post.   Source: http://www.po...

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