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Some useful git command over hercules

Posted by mrlongshen, 22 December 2016 · 275 views

obtain upgrade downgrade revision
Q: How to obtain hercules in linux ?
A: Run this is your terminal git clone https://github.com/H...WS/Hercules.git ~/Hercules

Q: How to update to the latest hercules in your current hercules ?
A: Type git pull

Q: How to know revision we running ?
A: Type git rev-parse HEAD in your hercules folder

Q: How to downgrade to selected version ?
A: Type git checkout <branch or commitid>

Will update more later..  :excl:

what will happen to my edited src if I use git pull?

what will happen to my edited src if I use git pull?


I believe it will duplicate

It will not duplicate.. but instead ur changes in src will be discarded.. so perhaps first.. before u running git pull.. u create a new branch.. checkout (switch branch directory) into new branch & commit ur changes in src in the new branch.. then checkout back (switch branch directory) into master branch & run git pull).. the idea here.. to avoid the changes made being discarded when running git pull. For commit changes in the new branch, the idea is to make this branch is even between in the local (ur server) & the remote (Hercules on github website)..

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