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Crash Course: Scripting 101-A

Posted by Mumbles in Mumbles' Mumbles, in Guides 12 November 2013 · 1547 views
scripting, guide

Prologue  When I first got into *Athena  scripting, it would have been a great convenience to have a decent guide, teacher, or even a friend to learn with. Back then, the documentation for script commands wasn't very good (not that it's anything glamourous now), people didn't have the patience to sit down and go over the basics, and my friends who were in...

Some useful git command over hercules

Posted by mrlongshen in mrlongshen's Blog, 22 December 2016 · 272 views
obtain, upgrade, downgrade and 1 more...

Q: How to obtain hercules in linux ? A: Run this is your terminal git clone https://github.com/H...git  ~/Hercules Q: How to update to the latest hercules in your current hercules ? A: Type git pull Q: How to know revision we running ?A: Type git rev-parse HEAD   in your hercules folder Q: How to downgrade to selected version ? A: Type git...

xRO is looking for closed beta testers

Posted by xRO in xRO's Blog, 19 July 2016 · 532 views

We on xRO are in need of closed beta testers to help us refine our server before the Grand Opening. The date and time will be announced in another post when we have enough people signed up. Contributors will be given vanity gears during the Grand Opening as a token of appreciation for their effort and helpfulness.If you are interested in participating, co...

How to start your own server

Posted by Happy in HappyDevs, 26 August 2015 · 1283 views

If you're here to start a new server here are what you are not supposed to do.1. Think you already know everything2. Hire a developer for things you do not know.3. Hire a developer for everything while you do not have time for your own skill development only to find out that you can't handle being an owner of a server.What you're really supposed to do, an...

Where's all my activity gone?

Posted by jaBote in Just another random blog, 13 March 2015 · 997 views

Hi people!Quite a lot of time after my last entry, huh? Some of you may be wondering, what happens with my activity? Why have I had a gradual decrease while still being the most active user on the forum (based on forum post count)? Don't worry, I'm not leaving Hercules.Well, I'm currently not in the best moment of my life. I'm having quite a lot of strugg...

The ultimate goal of the project & development update 2015/02/10

Posted by Jman in A life in the HAT, 11 February 2015 · 1185 views

I guess I should go over the goals of the project, a brief roadmap to how I'm going to get there, and then post some development updates. Hopefully I can keep up with some sort of developer journal on here.Project Goal:   To create a Control panel that is secure, stable and useful.Expanding on this, I would like to create sort of a "one stop shop" control...

Disguise Event Script

Posted by GmOcean in Scripting Academy, 28 November 2014 · 1642 views

Disguise Event Script ( 3 Parts )   Due, to the possibility of this script being removed from Hercules' main repository, I'm going to write a guide for this script. Well, that and I lack the imagination to write up a new script from scratch right now @.@;Because this post is tremendously long, each part has been wrapped in spoiler tags to help make it eas...

Incoming Test Server, Server Documentations, and More

Posted by PunkBuster in Xan Kriegor's AvalonRO3 Development Blog, 20 October 2014 · 765 views

I have about 30 minutes before this week's maintenance begins, and thus I've decided it was time I made another entry to this blog. It's bee a while since I've last writen for this, so there's plenty to write about.First of all, and this is old news by now, we finally have our new website online!http://avalonro.net/ Big thanks to all the Yoshu Design and...


This is a spoiler

Posted by Ind in Station H, 25 August 2014 · 3000 views

Haru and I have been working on this project in secret since March, and we're getting closer to release.http://f.cl.ly/items/332I0U0w3P1u3D2e1I2p/herc-img.jpg  

Hercules entering the third year..!

Posted by jTynne in Slutting Around Greece, 14 June 2014 · 893 views

July is just around the corner, and with it comes the second anniversary of Hercules being online.Though my activity has dwindled (much like most of the old faces around here) to next to nothing as I focus on my "real life" (which has nothing to do with programming/online gaming), I've seen a parallel, and it raises the question, 'What's next for Hercules...

Crash Course: Scripting 101-B

Posted by Mumbles in Mumbles' Mumbles, 28 January 2014 · 918 views
scripting, guide

I know it's been a while, but hopefully I'll be pushing these out more frequently. This is a continuation to Crash Course: Scripting 101-A  , which I wrote back in November. Normally, I would have written it all in one huge post; however, due to complications with our forum software deleting my original post twice, I decided to break down the course in pa...

Christmas was ruined forever.

Posted by sketchyphoenix in Sketchpad, 28 December 2013 · 543 views
hpm lua lazy

No Pokemon Bank. At least I still had MH3 and FE. Nintendo still hasn't figured out how to internet as of writing this. FFXIV is still fun. I get pretty damn lazy though waiting on a HPM update and then it hits and I think "yeah i'll get to that later". I did pull enough time together to make a tiny update in the form of addnpc().  Turns out the counter f...

Lets make this game alive by using GR2 animation in 3D!

Posted by Olrox in Olrox's World, 02 December 2013 · 1423 views

Welcome to Olrox's World!  An awesome world. Full of pandas and free brownies allday.   So.on my first blog entry I'm willing to show an interest feature that its only a concept now. To make it real, I need the help of anybody with enough skills at source modding. Perhaps a core or/and script developer if possible :P. This invitation, is open to all emula...

Hallow Ground Map

Posted by Uzieal in Map-O-Rama, 05 October 2013 · 939 views

http://img209.images.../va83.pngJust in time for Halloween I am offering Hallow Ground to all Hercules Members. This map isa Large Halloween Inspired Event Map for all of your Halloween Events or Quests. This mapcan double as a city map also and will come with a simple Halloween Event for your players.Also this is the first blog post and...

SharePoint Progress #2

Posted by Judas in Judas' Blog, 28 February 2013 · 458 views

http://s4.postimage....12_00_49_AM.png This kind of shows the format. I've uploaded documents in pdf format, so instead of downloading each word file, it would be easier for people to read the pdf with the built-in viewer browsers usually have.

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