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  2. Good Day! Anyone knows how to implement this iRO skill behavior of Falcon Assault? Falcon Assault This skill will also bypass Raydric garments if the user has an enchant, endow, or elemental arrows. I already change the skill_db of Falcon Assault to have Element: "Ele_Weapon" but no luck, it's not working. Please help? Thank you and God Bless!
  3. hi thanks @Asheraf but can i know what is different between 2018-07-18aRagexeRE 2018-07-18bRagexeRE 2018-07-18cRagexeRE same date but they have 3
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  5. using @summon command. but this i'm creating for rathena. not test yet for hercules.
  6. In RE clients cheat defender not exists. This patch need only for ragexe
  7. I tried downloading the master branch from but when i runned the exe, the patch 'Disable Cheat Defender' was not present. Is there any additional configuration i need to do after downloading? Thanks
  8. @Dastgir Thank you very much, it's working now.
  9. (Estou vendo que você é BR, então vou falar português mesmo. Hahah) Cria um mob usando comandos de controle de unidade. Vou te dar algumas ideias: Criando a unidade: .mob[0] = monster ("payon", 159,222, "[DG] Poporing", 1031, 1); setunitdata .mob[0],UDT_LEVEL,12; setunitdata .mob[0],UDT_MAXHP,50000; setunitdata .mob[0],UDT_HP,50000; Essa é a unidade .mob[0] ↑ ↑ ↑ Para fazê-lá andar você usa o comando: *unitwalk(<GID>, <x>, <y>) exemplo: unitwalk(.mob[0], 150, 222; Então vc pocura os comandos relacionados a unit em conf/script_commands.txt Para as skills você pode usar o comando areamobuseskill
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  11. nice bro!
  12. Im cyborg im newbie here in website
  13. Have one way in Party vs Party i get friendly monster for each party and this monster attack only monster from other party and players from party?
  14. Hercules don't support rebellion
  15. I dont see commands for this, but i like make a intelligent raid map, when boss move and uses skills in a correct order, remembering Final Fantasy XIV and WoW Raids Boss. Have any advanced control system to control mobs to walk and uses skill in timer ?
  16. Problem is the item constant. Item constant cannot contain ' (which was allowed previously) most probably, just the ' is removed, so you can Replace "Goat's_Horn" with "Goats_Horn", however, you should double-check if constant exist in (the AegisName field is the constant)
  17. Tried it with same file, no error. Maybe your hercules is too old?
  18. Line 24 in script: mesf("Would you like to make 1 ^FF0000%s^000000 for the %dth Month of this year ?", getitemname (.Zodiac[gettime(6) -1]), (gettime(6))); It is mesf, I don't know how your script have mes command instead of mesf
  19. sorry, i'm using the old one, but using the new script still got error
  20. The line you mentioned does not even exist in the script, download the new version and try.
  21. To be honest, those table won't even reduce your storage space significantly. Just merely few MB (considering there are many account that were active before and have tons of item in storage and inventory)
  22. I don't know why this is tagged as urgent. (Not at all urgent) Client is not related to Pre Renewal or Renewal, it's about the features you need. Every client is stable enough else it won't even be released. Hercules support most of 2018 clients (recent one's too) Check 4144 Fork of NEMO (topic in client-side release/project section)
  23. Sorry but i dont found any topic about... Have any 2018 client working stable and compatible with Nemo? Have any more update Nemo Fork? Whats the best ragexe for make a pre-re Server? (I like use new interface but able only pre-renew maps) thx all!
  24. I have fixed! In EC2 you nerver uses in any moment (except per mysql connection), you need use the Elastic Public IP you have allocate for you first private ip of the instance.
  25. My Network Conf // Network configuration file /* * List here any LAN subnets this server is in. * Example: * - char- (or map-) server's IP in LAN is * - Public IP is * If the list contains "", any clients connecting * from the same network will be presented with the LAN IP * ( in the server list, rather than the public IP ( */ lan_subnets: ( "", // "", ) /* * List here any IP ranges a char- or map-server can connect from. * A wildcard of "" means that server connections are allowed * from ANY IP. (not recommended). */ allowed: ( "", // "", ) /* * List here any IP ranges a char- or map-server can connect from. These ranges * will also be excluded from the automatic ipban in casee of password failure. * Any entry present in this list is also automatically included in the * allowed IP list. * Note: This may be a security threat. Only edit this list if you know what * you are doing. */ trusted: ( "", ) I dont have change map and character IP inter: { // Server Communication username and password. userid: "playro_root" passwd: "3382#!" // Login Server IP // The character server connects to the login server using this IP address. // NOTE: This is useful when you are running behind a firewall or are on // a machine with multiple interfaces. //login_ip: "" // The character server listens on the interface with this IP address. // NOTE: This allows you to run multiple servers on multiple interfaces // while using the same ports for each server. //bind_ip: "" // Login Server Port login_port: 6900 // Character Server IP // The IP address which clients will use to connect. // Set this to what your server's public IP address is. //char_ip: "" // Character Server Port char_port: 6121 } I have try change all to my public IP but dont work too
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  27. @rans now you can test pull request with support for 64k packets for old clients, and almost unlimited for new clients.
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