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  2. i see pokemon all the time, and i was wondering what the laws are on this stuff? lets say i wanna add pikachu and some other random anime things to my server, can i get sued or forced to change like who the fuck cares but yeah people do
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  4. my favorite thing about Ragnarok is having 95% flee and your still getting hit like half the time 1v1 lol
  5. here is my version. strange u bump such old topic.
  6. of course I don't know how to get that bug ... and I immediately removed the registry without reading anything ... I mean like com'on ... if this is server side bug, I would love to know how to do this too XD however this only happens in my registry area so .... how the server going to modify another person's computer registry just to get this feature ... doesn't sound right to me
  7. @AnnieRuru make it feature
  8. prontera,161,185,4 script Linker 4_M_ROTERT,{ set [email protected]$,"[ ^0000FFLinker^000000 ]"; set [email protected], 300000; // the buff last 5 minutes set @zenycost,600000; mes [email protected]$; mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+",do"; mes "You want me to Soul Link you?"; switch(select("Yes", "No")) { case 1: if(Zeny < @zenycost) goto l_nozeny; set Zeny,Zeny - @zenycost; switch ( BaseJob ) { case Job_Alchemist: set [email protected], 445; break; case Job_Monk: set [email protected], 447; break; case Job_Star_Gladiator: set [email protected], 448; break; case Job_Sage: set [email protected], 449; break; case Job_Crusader: set [email protected], 450; break; case Job_SuperNovice: set [email protected], 451; break; case Job_Knight: set [email protected], 452; break; case Job_Wizard: set [email protected], 453; break; case Job_Priest: set [email protected], 454; break; case Job_Bard: case Job_Dancer: set [email protected], 455; break; case Job_Rogue: set [email protected], 456; break; case Job_Assassin: set [email protected], 457; break; case Job_Blacksmith: set [email protected], 458; break; case Job_Hunter: set [email protected], 460; break; case Job_Soul_Linker: set [email protected], 461; break; default: if ( Upper == 1 && BaseLevel < 70 ) set [email protected], 494; } if ( [email protected] ) { sc_start4 SC_SOULLINK, 360000, 5, [email protected],0,0; skilleffect [email protected], 5; } case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Okay,goodbye!"; close; } l_nozeny: mes [email protected]$; mes "You need 600,000 Zeny for a Soul Link."; close; }
  9. pk mode is meant for something else I don't think using pk mode as your idea will work - script DayNightPvP FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: // Put all possible fields and dungeons here setarray .map$, "prt_fild00", "prt_fild01", "prt_fild02", "prt_fild03"; // lazy to put all .size = getarraysize(.map$); freeloop true; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .size; [email protected] ) { setmapflag .map$[[email protected]], mf_pvp_nocalcrank; if ( gettime(GETTIME_HOUR) >= 20 || gettime(GETTIME_HOUR) < 8 ) setmapflag .map$[[email protected]], mf_pvp; } // Overlap the original atcommand, both will run together bindatcmd "day", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnClock0800"; bindatcmd "night", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnClock2000"; end; OnClock0800: announce "Morning! The world has become safer!", bc_all, C_WHITE; day; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .size; [email protected] ) // pvpoff .map$[[email protected]]; removemapflag .map$[[email protected]], mf_pvp; end; OnClock2000: announce "Night! Outside the city it became dangerous!", bc_all, C_WHITE; night; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .size; [email protected] ) // pvpon .map$[[email protected]]; setmapflag .map$[[email protected]], mf_pvp; end; } EDIT2: it seems just setmapflag pvp works, don't need to use pvpon script command EDIT: woot ... suddenly 2 new posts comes out ... let me test ... - script DayNightPvP -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "day", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnClock0800"; bindatcmd "night", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnClock2000"; end; OnClock0800: announce "Morning! The world has become safer!", bc_all, C_WHITE; setbattleflag "pk_mode", 0; end; OnClock2000: announce "Night! Outside the city it became dangerous!", bc_all, C_WHITE; setbattleflag "pk_mode", 1; end; } nope, doesn't work ... I set my pk_mode into 0, @_night doesn't let me kill other player and when set pk_mode into 1, @_day also let me able to kill other player PS: _day _night because someone really name night here ... if I type that will become mention that member
  10. thanks!
  11. HEllo sir how can i implement this ? episode 16.1
  12. if you reloadbattleconf, it will reset all your battleconfs to the values set in their files. so rynbef is correct you just remove the reloadbattleconf
  13. these are clone maps you can make them using resnametable bat_a03 <-> bat_a01 bat_a04 <-> bat_a01 bat_a05 <-> bat_a01 bat_b03 <-> bat_b01 bat_b04 <-> bat_b01 bat_b05 <-> bat_b01 schg_cas06 <-> schg_cas01 schg_cas07 <-> schg_cas02 schg_cas08 <-> schg_cas03 arug_cas06 <-> arug_cas01 arug_cas07 <-> arug_cas02 arug_cas08 <-> arug_cas03 rush_cas01 <-> payg_cas01 rush_cas02 <-> aldeg_cas01 rush_cas03 <-> prtg_cas01 rush_cas04 <-> gefg_cas03 bat_c03 <-> bat_c01 bat_c04 <-> bat_c01 bat_c05 <-> bat_c01 bat_c06 <-> bat_c01 bat_c07 <-> bat_c01 bat_c08 <-> bat_c01 region_8 <-> guild_vs2
  14. Request BG Maps map: bat_a03 map: bat_a04 map: bat_a05 map: bat_b03 map: bat_b04 map: bat_b05 map: schg_cas06 map: schg_cas07 map: schg_cas08 map: arug_cas06 map: arug_cas07 map: arug_cas08 map: rush_cas01 map: rush_cas02 map: rush_cas03 map: rush_cas04 map: bat_c03 map: bat_c04 map: bat_c05 map: bat_c06 map: bat_c07 map: bat_c08 map: region_8 Thanks in Advance!
  15. There is an old custom cmd for rathena. Maybe u can use it. In my opinion U just need to remove the @reloadbattleconf. Rynbef~
  16. control panel

    hows this project? hehe
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  18. Personally I prefer it on top lol
  19. thanks to @Asheraf solved this in discord I just have to clean my registry ... problem solved
  20. sir, can you please elaborate what should i do how to enable 30k + item_db? im new here in hercules.
  21. Character name appear on top of character head -> in Hercules ok I have NO IDEA how it becomes like this the only thing I remember is when I was trying this reproduce this bug after @.fontcolor red and say something, immediately log out, and it became like this ever since I have clean my Hercules emulator, recompile 3 times, and still show up like this 2017-05-17aRagexeRE_patched.exe and don't tell me its client side error, I have tested with rathena test server and it doesn't show like this same hexed client, same KRO, same data folder, same client translation, same clientinfo.xml ..... only different emulator
  22. any guide how to install this?
  23. You will lose the ability to map existing SIs to custom SC if you migrate to Aegis’ model. (or perhaps you can add an additional custom SI field in the EFST data struct) It’s fine as is, as long as adding a new SC isn’t a pain in the ass and the information sent to the client is correct.
  24. Last week
  25. Hello guys Does anyone know the reason for this error? I added my npc's (custom) also in the constants file ... Need to add somewhere else? this is client 2018
  26. password????????????????
  27. Ah, muito obrigado...
  28. use o NEMO para modificá-los
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