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  3. can yo add vido plaze
  4. Great! You're welcome
  5. Couldn't find a place to add bug report from here... so here it goes... array_push skips 0 values, where as setarray() does not I tested with the following script prontera,154,170,4 script TEST 98,{ setarray(.@one, 0, 1, 2, 3); dispbottom(getarraysize(.@one)); // 4 for(.@i = 0; .@i < getarraysize(.@one); .@i++) { dispbottom(.@one[.@i]); // Displays 0,1,2,3 array_push(.@two, .@i); // Pushes 0,1,2,3 to array .@two } dispbottom(getarraysize(.@two)); // 3 for(.@i = 0; .@i < getarraysize(.@two); .@i++) { dispbottom(.@two[.@i]); // Displays 1,2,3 // Skips 0 } }
  6. Ok it's good thanks realy ! error it's me
  7. update data preview new rodex translator texture/유저인터페이스/basic_interface/rodexsystem/renewal/btn_listtab_search_out.bmp texture/유저인터페이스/basic_interface/rodexsystem/renewal/btn_listtab_search_over.bmp texture/유저인터페이스/basic_interface/rodexsystem/renewal/btn_listtab_search_press.bmp btn_listtab_search_out.bmp btn_listtab_search_over.bmp btn_listtab_search_press.bmp
  8. hi ! i have a problem with my Hunting Mission, my problem is : When i killed a mob, my mission is always a 0/100, help me plz !
  9. Simples amigo o problema pode ser na sua texture/collection também pode no seu .spr do item e também pode ser no seu system/iteminfo.lub São os arquivos que podem causar este erro, o iteminfo.lub se o nome do item estiver diferente do que o nome do seu cliente o erro é certo. Ex.: Seu cliente é do iRo e vc usa um iteminfo.lub do Bro os nomes aegis estão diferentes é erro. tambem descobri que alguns itens tem seus nomes substituidos por aqueles quadradinhos de unknow sigla ■ Creio eu que o mais provável seja este erro no iteminfo.lub.
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  11. View File EmissionBat Another monster from maplestory. Submitter smiths12 Submitted 07/20/17 Category Sprites & Palettes  
  12. EmissionBat

    Version 1.0.0


    Another monster from maplestory.
  13. View File Neohyuroido Another monster from maplestory. Submitter smiths12 Submitted 07/20/17 Category Sprites & Palettes  
  14. monster Neohyuroido

    Version 1.0.0


    Another monster from maplestory.
  15. So my goal is to make the Creator Skill " Demonstration " Prevent from dealing friendly-fire damage and self-damage and only make it hit to enemies. Target: "Unit Target" (string, defaults to "None") Types: All - affects everyone NotEnemy - affects anyone who isn't an enemy Friend - affects party, guildmates and neutral players Party - affects party only Guild - affects guild only Ally - affects party and guildmates only Sameguild - affects guild but not allies Enemy - affects enemies only None - affects nobody It seems like the " Target: "Enemy" " setting isn't doing what it should be scripted to be or am i just missing something? Any experts help/reply would be appreciated.
  16. hi good day, im currently wondering if someone can help me encrypt/decrypt CDClient.DLL , and how it works. it might help future free Gameguard on RO. here's the file of CDClient.DLL feel free to explore. CDClient.dll
  17. 26 hours vps down PERFECT!
  18. Goddamn right you're following me now. Nnnnfffffff.

    1. ReckedCat


      Yer gosh darn right!

  19. vps is off more than 12 hours its perfect! (y) and no further info
  20. I'm experiencing the same thing, (I made a thread about it here). I haven't found a solution either yet and would love to know if this is possible in some way. Hexing sounds promising but also rather complex.
  21. Last week
  22. Sorry for the bad service, I got important things to do in real life after I accepted the project from you, didn't expect to make you wait. I hope I can make it up to you.
  23. Need help with Wanhosting please pm me its really urgent

  24. Anyone using this service as well?? can send me the solusvm link of this service? because my VPS is die for more than 6 hours please help me its really urgent :'(
  25. mid-rate

    New 2017 Client: Achievements Doram Class Episode 16.1 Banquet for Heroes: Sky Fortress Central Laboratory Last Room Charleston Crisis Sarah and Fenrir Airship Assault Temple of Demon God Jitterbug Bios Island Geffen Magic Tournament Horror Toy Factory Faceworm's Nest ET and Endless Cellar a LOT more. 175/60 - Renewal (3rd Jobs): 30 Level Share Limit Monster Hunter Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro Battlegrounds Custom Quest - Events Register here:
  26. can you show me the lines you modified?
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