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    I'll be sold as a subscription based service, it wouldn't become the default cp..
  4. For Pre-re server I recommend to you 2014-10-22, this client have good UI and features like Bank Vault, also preserve old mail system.
  5. Where can I download this hexed? 2017-09-06cRagexeRE
  6. You can generate your own HP/SP tables and replace it on job_db.conf to solve it by using this generator:
  7. So i've been roaming around, looking, checking and searching for clients that are Herc community recommended to used. Based from it, I choose this four (4) clients that grabs my interest with which are: 2010-07-30 2012-04-12 2013-08-07 2014-10-22 Which from this four (4) clients are lets say will "BEST FIT" for a Classic Pre-Re server? and based from your experience using any of these clients is there any bugs, exploit, errors that you encounter? any PROS and CONS you can share with? Thanks in advance!
  8. Perfect tool! Working properly now. Thanks Dastgir for the support.
  9. Anyone can help me change the currency in the cash shop. Changing the C value to another.
  10. Updated. Now this kind of errors won't happen.
  11. Pass me your idnum tables (pm or discord), Anyways final version of this tool is yet to come with item_db support for copying ClassNum for weapons
  12. is this still working?
  13. Or you can simply edit the Dracula mobskill and have him not summon so many familiars so it's not worth it. One of the problems with dracula is that he summons so many and so fast, you get a crazy amount of items. You could also remove his familiars entirely and avoid the issue, it's not like they contribute anything to his fighting power or to the strategy of fighting him.
  14. Not sure if you knew but github has this nifty feature called "History". When you click on a file, you can select several options at the top right of the file. For example morocc: This displays all the commits made to that file, and you can click on a specific date and view the changes made then and the file as it was at that point by clicking "view". You can browse the entire herc repo as it was at that point by clicking "browse files". You will also need to find an older grf and extract the old city map and replace the new one and update your mapcache. Hop that helps a tiny bit.
  15. may be u need to check at job_db.conf use manual configuration of hp calculation for rebellion job becouse rebellion hp following Soul Linker Hp calculation that only cap up to lvl 150 make it more than 150 i hope this solve ur problem sorry for bad english T.T
  16. Thanks for this wonderful tool Dastgir, you helped me alot! I was thinking of developing this same tool in C because I really need this tool to solve alot of wasted time. Well, I tried to use it and the tool gives me some errors that I really don't understand. If you can help me I appreciate it. @edit: My PC configs (if you need these informations): OS: Win 10 Architecture: x64 CPU: Intel i5 Kaby Lake 7400
  17. Last week
  18. Hi. I'm new at making Ragnarok Servers and I'm trying to open one. An "Old Times" one. So after looking up a lot of things, looks like the best way I have is: Using an up-to-date hercules and then editing the db/npc files. So, i'm still trying to understand every single file, and my question is: Where can I set the morroc City to its older version (before Satan Morroc episode)? If I must take the file from an older version emu, which file is it? Thank you so much for your support.
  20. You need to have a basic knowledge about linux. Try to watch on youtube.
  21. control panel

    Make this as a default herc cp
  22. Finally !!! Thank you @Functor !!! You made my day hah !
  23. Hi! If anyone could help me. I've encountered some problem regarding stat calculation whenever i reach level 151 it would revert back all its stats calcuation from hp to damage to a level 1 stat calculation Now, if i'll return it to level 150 it will return to normal. I've search the whole hercules server from src, conf files and db but no luck couldn't find the suspect. also this is only applicable to expanded class such as rebellion.
  24. On top of fxfreitas post, you should look into the SA_CLASSCHANGE skill, as well as monster GID. When you using Class Change on a mob, it retains its original properties. Example: If you used class change on an alchemist plant, even after turning into mvp, it can still expire as if it were still a plant.
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