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  • [NPC] Campfire to regenerate HP/SP   By Habilis

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    Originally: There is a nice contribution from meko on that subject, Menhir (Big rock that possesses magical powers and able to restore Health and Energy of Seekers resting/meditating nearby) Thanks, meko! But, I thought to myself, well, that is wonderful, but why not make it portable? The Idea: An element of role play, a way to add functionality 
    to the item 7035 - Matchstick, To light a Campfire.
    A Campfire is a portable temporary regeneration NPC.
    OW, and it is configurable ;). Campfire to restore / regenerate HP & SP. When you sit by the Campfire, you start feeling the warmth and the comfort, thus your HP & SP begin to regenerate.   Mechanics :  A phosphorus tipped stick that can be used to start a fire. (Now Indeed ) When you use the item Matchstick in your inventory, it will spawn a duplicate of the NPC called Campfire. This will help you when you are in the field, farming, grinding, starting a Campfire will help you rest. - You need to sit close to the Campfire (3 cells ) to feel the warmth. - Anyone can sit by your Campfire and rest. - Campfire lasts 2-3 minutes. - Need to sit for at least some time to begin feeling the warmth and comfort. - you cannot start a fire within 5 cells of another NPC - If you use a match one more time, old Campfire disappears and a new one appears.   I think it will add an element of roleplay and romanticism to the gameplay.     Installation :  To be able to use this script you need a plugin npc-duplicate.c
    Install & enable this plugin This script uses a relatively new NPC sprite at the moment of writing this release.
    Therefore, you may have to edit the Hercules source to allow for this new NPC
    To the /db/constants.conf
    add this line: 4_BONFIRE: 10252 In the /src/map/npc.h
    change this line: #define MAX_NPC_CLASS2_END 10800 This will allow for way more NPCs
    Save and recompile Hercules. In the client, you may not have this NPC
    But luckily for you, I've included with this release a archive containing the NPC sprite
    and the sound of striking a matchstick.
    Just add it to your GRF or data folder if you use data folder. In the client, Lua Files make sure you have this NPC sprite

    LuaFiles514/Lua Files/Datainfo/NPCIdentity.lub JT_4_BONFIRE = 10252,
    LuaFiles514/Lua Files/Datainfo/jobName.lub
      [jobtbl.JT_4_BONFIRE] = "4_bonfire", In the /db/re/item_db.conf or /db/pre-re/item_db.conf
    find Id: 7035
    and add these 3 attributes Type: 2 Delay: 3000 Script: <" callfunc("F_CreateCFDup"); ">   Configuration:  It is a configurable script All of the parameters are explicitly commented for a better understanding of the rules .refillHP_rate = 15; // number of HP to give every refill .refillSP_rate = 5; // number of SP to give every refill .refill_distance = 3; // max distance from fire HP/SP regeneration will work .camp_fire_delay = 5; // Skip how many ticks before feel warm ;) .refill_timer = 300; // wait rand(X) ms before refil Feel free to adjust to your server needs [email protected]_distance = 5; // How far from other NPCs allowed to make fire. [email protected]_duration = 1000 * 60 * 3;// 3 minutes (How long will the Campfire last, in ms)  
  • Devil's Square Nightmare-Mode (@editds, @disableds, @repeatds!)   By Aeromesi

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    Devil Square [Nightmare-Mode]   (Special thanks to: IeYaseru (Old friend who gave me a DS script I reinvented)   =============================================================================================================   Description: In this version of Devil's Square, once the amount of players have joined, that's it. You won't be able to continue going back inside of Devil Square once you die, after entering and Devil Square starts, it will be closed. All other players won't be able to join, and it's up to all the players to either complete Devil Square or die and not be able to come back in.   If no players enter in the timeframe, it will cancel out the event. Also counts up the Max amount of Users when they enter Devil's Square. Once the Max Users have been established, no one else can join, and then it's just up to that team of people! Once all the Players have died and warped out of the event, it will announce that all the users who entered have failed Victory in Devil Square, and the event will be reset.   =============================================================================================================   Difference in Type 2: Description: In this version when you die and get warped out, if you hurry up you'll be able to come back into Devil Square again. NOTE: You WILL have to REPAY the amount of Zeny to re-enter. Since players can die, and repay/pay at anytime to join inside the event, there's no need to cancel out the event if no one joins.   New Additions to Revision 5 (For Type 1 And Type 2): Created commands: @disableds - Allows you to disable Devil Square whenever you want (This feature is also inside of the NPC!) @repeatds - Allows you to repeat the Devil Square on the go. (This feature is also inside of the NPC!) @editds - Allows you to edit, or as I put it "Over Ride" the settings in the OnInit: inside of [DS] Organizer::DSORG Changes happen in the menu whether the event is active or not. If it's active it will allow you to disable or go to the Player Menu, if it's unactive it'll ask if you want to Start Devil's Square. Basically redesigned a lot of the aspects of the script, beforehand it didn't even work, and had errors upon errors. Made the script to be flexible and totally configurable! Future additions/ideas: Add the ability to also edit the mob data for each Round as well as the MvP list. Also before hand if it was <= 5 users it would only spawn 8 Treasure Chests, otherwise it would spawn 16. Now you can choose as much as you want! When a GM is editing an option inside of Devil's Square, another GM cannot edit an option until that GM is done editing an option via `@editds`.   NOTE: Not every Treasure Chest is the same either!
  • advanced_maps_project   By w0wZukuBg

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    New warp code lines and all the information you can find here: The project is still in progress, just sharing what we have at this moment now. Reports about bugs, etc are welcome.
  • 34 Kamishi's Clothes & Hair Palettes (Updated 2018!!)   By kami-shi

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    Support All classes including new Mounts, Oboro, Kagerou, Rebellion and 3rd Costumes ! Yay ! =3 The palettes are ranged from 0 to 35. For this pack to look the best you must use my corrected classes sprites and Haziel's 3rd Costumes sprites These palettes are from my big 700 palette pack ! If you want more, you may contact me here :  Paletting services (More than 700 Palettes, Races and Colors! :3). Thank you ! >o<