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PvP Valkyrie i created this map last December 2012 and i want to share it on Hercules Community. I didn't release it on other Site



You may redistribute but you may NOT alter this file, this Map is not for Sale! it's free


How to add blue sky [ aeries-guide ]


This question frenquently remains. It's possible to make it but you're really limited. So, I'll explain you 3 differents method for make this effect.


First method : Replace an existing map with this effect. I list here all maps :

[email protected] / bif_fild02 / bif_fild01 / bif_dun01 / [email protected] / thana_boss / sky1 / que_temsky / ra_temsky / gon_dun02 / gonryun / 2009rcw_07 / 2009rcw_03 / bat_b02 / bat_b01 / que_qaru05 / que_qaru04 / que_qaru03 / que_qaru02 / que_qaru01 / que_qsch05 / que_qsch04 / que_qsch03 / que_qsch02 / que_qsch01 / bat_fild02 / sch_gld / airplane_01 / airplane / himinn / rwc01.rsw / valkyrie / yuno / comodo / [email protected] / moc_fild22b / moc_fild22 / einbroch / mjolnir_01 / gef_fild07 / xmas / xmas_fild01


Second method : Use a Hexadecimal editor, open your executable with it then search for a map with sky effect. Replace the name found by the name of your map :



What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • v1.0 Initial Release

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