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With this plugin you be able to set required Zeny and/or Items to players be able to send messages on channels.


The idea came from this post, thank you @blaze.


How to configure channels:

// FIXME: make a better way to add fee on channels (directly on channels.conf)
const struct {
	char name[HCS_NAME_LENGTH];
	int zeny;
	int nameid;
	int amount;
} channels_fee[] = {
  	// -- Add channels with fee like the example: {"name", zeny, item id, item count};
  	{"main"    , 1000, 0  , 0}, // #main - 1000z and no item

Find 'channels_fee[]' declaration, and add an element just like the example.


If you find any bugs please report them! Hope you enjoy it.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Initial Release

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