"New Reborn" integrated job master

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About This File

I did this a while ago. In order to use this script you need Olrox new_reborn map



This script is no physical job changer. instead each spike of the star shaped map represents a path of the classes. You walk up there to change your job. Extended Job's are available from a normal npc in the middle.


Important: This script uses Euphys default herc job changer as a base.


- the script gives out a +7 novi weapon for each of the base classes (check line 355 to 392)

- it has some fancy warp portals, feel free to edit it to default

- even more fancy, ressource eating rotating waiting rooms for exit and entrance (default prontera) which can be disabled as well (line 502 and 530)

- autobuff inc agi +10 for 1 minute each time you walk directly through the middle (or spawn)

- you can NOT skip rebirth. 1st job -> 2nd -> rebirth -> trans ->3rd

- it also has support for rebellion, but rebellion is not yet added on herc so you might want to disable it


This script was already tested live and worked fine. I did some edits tho but never optimized it since I lost interest in it. However, I think its something different from default Job Masters


Note: I really recommend to read through it and check for all options.


Some Screenshots















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