About This File

File Name: @botcheck

File Submitter: True Zeal

File Submitted: 30 Apr 2017

File Cateogry: Utility



A useful command for your Game Masters to help monitor problem "bot" maps.


the @whomap2 command on a list of specified maps. This allows you to

check classes as well as names, which could be useful for quickly

ignoring a character.


Requires configuration for maps you wish to have it run a check on.


Example Configuration:

    //--- Sets the list of maps to run @whomap2 on    setarray(.map$[0],        "amatsu",    // Note: Every entry excluding the last one must have a comma!        "prontera",        "odin_tem03"        // Note: Last entry must never have a comma!    );



You can "download" this file from its Pastebin location.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/yYuFdLHm

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