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ARENA Four Fight! (4fight) - PVP MAP
3 colors available (GREEN, BLUE AND RED)

(It's been some time since I started to make this map, but I did not have time to finish it ... It's a basic room, I intend to complement it in other versions in the future!)


-It is a custom room with 4 arena for PVP, but can have several functions, such as room for Quest's, Market (shop's), VIP room, meetings, events, etc ...

Map created by TioAkima and distributed (without any cost) by the author himself.
The trade in this map is permanently prohibited.
- AUTHOR RIGHTS - Credits must be given.

Tio Akima

Dicord - @TioAkima#0636 
DeviantArt- http://tioakima.deviantart.com/

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