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HPM @costumeitem complete package.


Compatible with Windows System Only


if you are using Linux, ignore other files and use only afk.c

some Linux Systwem got many bugs with files what are all ready compiled under VS2010 .

(Windows Compiled wont work on *nix)



1. Download and extract files using 7z or any application that can extract it.

2. extract it in your server directory ex: C:/RO Server/Hercules/

2.1. edit conf/plugins.conf and add costumeitem

3. Your done. you can now try your plugins


if you are using VS2010/VS2009/vs2013 or whatsoever and you are failing to compile because of platform issue.

this is what you need to do.


In Recompiling:

If you are using other MSVS/C


right click costumeitem>Configuration Properties>General>

search for Platform Toolset, change to VS2009(v90) / VS2010(v100) / VS2012(v110) / VS2013(v120)

then try to recompile again..


Note: Recompile if you modify the script.

the command is @costumeitem

If you want to edit look for src/plugins/costumeitem.c

you can also add alias in atcommand.conf


If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment.


NOTE: You done have to edit your src to add this custom features(Less conflict when you want to update your server). Thanks to Mr. Ind for making this Plugins possible, This Plugins will convert your items to costume(item stats/combos/bonuses will also copied)


for more info on how to to use HPM visit Here

(Tested on Hercules rev. 146**)

Script Release: Costume System

What's New in Version Version 3.4a   See changelog


  • 1.0 Initial Release [Mhalicot]
  • 1.0a Fixed Typo (usage: @ci <item name/ID>) changed to (usage: @costumeitem <item name/ID>) thx to DP
  • 2.0 Converted Costume Items will now removed normal stats and Bonuses. [Mhalicot]
  • 3.0 Item Combos will now Ignore Converted Costume Items. [Mhalicot]
  • 3.1 Fixed HP/SP becomes 1/1 [Mhalicot]
  • 3.2 Fixed Sinx Can't Equipt dagger/sword on both arms(L/R), Special Thanks to Haru for Help [Mhalicot]
  • 3.3 Fixed Error when compiling.
  • 3.4 Fixed Error when compiling.
  • 3.4a Updated to new Hercules format.

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