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Announcement: Release Guidelines

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Release Guidelines

All topics that do not follow these guidelines are subject to modification or removal by a moderator.
  • Your release must be of your own creation, unless explicit permission from the original author is given.
    • Paid works may not be posted unless you are the original author.
  • Include a detailed description in your post; typically three or more sentences should suffice.
  • Script, source, database, and plugin releases may not include any malicious or watermarked code*.
    • Comments and headers are exempt from watermarking guidelines.
  • Code-based releases must be tested and error-free on Hercules emulators.
  • Links to external hosting for your file(s) must not require user registration to download the file(s).
  • Include a changelog for updates to your release(s); do no create duplicate topics for the same release.
  • Pre-Compiled Plugins are not allowed to be released.
    • Releasing pre-compiled plugins can cause errors/warnings.
Please keep in mind that all posted content is released under the GNU General Public License v3; if you would like to protect your work, you should consider obtaining copyright (US) or a Creative Commons license. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

*Example of watermarked code:
-    script    LameRO_Healer    -1,{
    percentheal 100,100;
    specialeffect2 313;
    mes "[LameRO Healer]";
    mes "This script is provided by LameRO! Tell the world!";
    announce "LameRO is the best! Yeah! Wooo!", bc_all;
Updated: January 27th 2014