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    • @4144 Yes, let it be. You should add info to the description, that it helps in the case using act files with the big amount of frames. Thanks ;-) New EXE versions don't use delay values from "act" file. They take/generate it by using another method. I didn't have time to analyze it more attentively. My patch forces EXE to use delay from "act" file, like it was with older EXE versions.
    • Olá Júlio, obrigado por responder, eu achei um #define PACKETVER, é aqui eu coloco a data do meu client depois eu recompilo? Andei pesquisando bastante e tentando achar algumas respostas pela internet, eu achei um post nos fóruns do rAthena e tem uma pessoa que mantém uma data folder lá do kRO sempre atualizada (link) e outro GitHub que traduz os arquivos .lua pro inglês (link). Então eu devo baixar essa pasta, subistituir os arquivos pelo o que tem no GitHub e diffar um cliente que a pasta é compatível? apenas isso?   Eu sempre pesquizo as coisas porque eu sei que a solução existe na internet, mas tem mais de uma semana que tô travado nisso e não consigo respostas.. Obrigado pelo suporte
    • UPDATED SOLUTION: This commit just ruined the option to add further bodystyles for classes. I've been searching for hours where to enter my selected classes. So in the current hercules version you may search long. Here is my solution: Path: \trunk\src\map\atcommand.c -> Search for @bodystyle  Remove this -> add this lines instead In this example, I've added the latest 3rd job sprites as bodystyles for the Star Gladiator and Soul Linker job, so after "@bodystyle 1" they will look like a Star Emperor/Soul Reaper. (palletes are necessary to make sprites work)
    • =General
      *Increased MAX_MAP_PER_SERVER to 2000
      +Because their's nearly 1000 maps in the cache, instance maps will likely generate
      -in the ID range for Extra/Custom maps. The 500 increase will give headspace for
      -more official maps and instances. This also shifts the ID ranges for Extra/Custom
      -maps by 500. Be sure to rebuild your map cache if your using custom maps. *Added support for the extended refine system.
      +This is a customized system for supporting +20 equippment refines.
      -The system is off by default but can be enabled in the source.
      -Check the db/refine_db_extended.txt file for more info. *Disabled warnings about possible packet encryption when the server receives a
      -unknown packet. 2018 clients have encryption disabled by default and people by
      -now should know how to resolve possible issues like this. *Important monster ID's are now set in a enum table. *Player clone ID range reduced to 200 clones max.
      +This will be increased back in the future once the 2nd monster ID range is
      -supported.   =Database
      *Renamed the monster KO_ZANZOU to KO_KAGE.
      +Its the actural official name.   =Jobs
      +Can now use all Merchant, Blacksmith, and Whitesmith skills while in a Mado.   =Skills
      +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +10 and +20
      -refine settings.
      +Updated stun duration to official.
      -Once again the 2011 iRO document is wrong.
      +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +10 and +20
      -refine settings.
    • Os clientes 2018 já estão compatíveis, mas o mais recomendado você acha no arquivo MMO.h da src; https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/src/common/mmo.h
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