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    • They changed how Packets work on cliff.c

      You should change hBG.c like this :
      1) Import packets.h
        #include "common/packets.h" in places using "packet->len", change to "packets->db[cmd]" clif->send(buf, packet->len, &sd->bl, BG_AREA_WOS); change to: clif->send(buf, packets->db[cmd], &sd->bl, BG_AREA_WOS);

      They changed the "addflooritem" function, now you need to add 1 more parameter (bool) if you want to show drop effect: count += (map->addflooritem(bl, &item_tmp, 1, m, mx, my, 0, 0, 0, 4,true) != 0) ? 1 : 0; --------------------------------------------------------------------/\ this
      They also changed skill_fail, just add a 0 on end.

        clif->skill_fail((*sd), *skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_SKILLINTERVAL, 0, 0); ------------------------------------------------------------------/\this

      This may fix your problems
    • Eu acho que é isto que você está procurando, não testei mas provavelmente está funcionando, só aplicar o arquivo '.diff' no seu emulador ou abrir ele com um bloco de notas e ver onde foram feitas as modificações e fazer manualmente, se por acaso não estiver funcionando avisa ai, por que eu só vi se o código estava compilando e ele está. OnPickUpEvent_by_Cretino.diff
      Exemplo de como usar: @Edit Acabei de testar e está funcionando 100%, boa sorte.
    • From what I understand, you have a novice/beginner experience in starting up a server, so "compiling" must be a difficult concept. I wrote about it in more detail here: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Compiling Start with figuring out your operating system, so that you can determine which guide to follow. Once you know what operating system to use, just follow the instructions in the mapcache guide. Let me know what part you get stuck in.
    • I honestly have no idea of the conditions, I am completely new and I just want to clean up the old maps of pre-renewal, if I could add a step-by-step with images it would be very good for those who fell parachute in the world of emulators. The tutorial of this post was even understanding until arriving at the park that copilar in windows was not quoted: / pt-br:  Sinceramente não tenho ideia das condições, sou completamente novato e só quero arrumar os mapas antios da pré-renovação, se pudesse adicionar um passo-a-passo com imagens seria muito bom para aqueles que cairam de paraquedas no mundo dos emuladores. O tutorial deste post até tava entendendo até chegar na parque que copilar no windows não foi citado :/
    •   Building the mapcache on a Windows machine Yes, I've tested building the mapcache on Visual Studio on a Windows machine. I've updated the documentation for how to build the plugins (like the mapcache plugin) for windows. It is under Building HPM Plugin for MSVC. I also included the screenshots that used to be in the mediawiki site.   Building the mapcache Hello there. I just recently updated the guide for building the mapcache on a Hercules server (December 2018). It's found in the Github Wiki under Mapcache. It generally covers more-or-less the same thing that Myriad has already discussed. What it requires from you is: You need to understand how Hercules' Plugin Manager (HPM) works You need to understand how to add and build a plugin using the HPM. Since you're trying to build the mapcache, just go here and read about the Mapcache. If you think some parts of it are confusing, or difficult to understand, please respond on this thread so I can add details to the tutorial.
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