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    • I usually won't entertain these kind of post since I asked for many things and I got really no info. So Here it is: 1 Level, SP is 11, Pre-Renewal Setting, Hercules Revision , No Configs edited. Fine with you now?  When we ask the method and information, we have already made sure it doesn't happen in herc with no mods/config/whatsoever, so you are required to post those information that we ask, otherwise, these questions would go unanswered.
    • That's just two missing next() statements...   Here you go: einbroch,55,200,4 script Herald 123,{ if (#onetimeitem) { mes("I hope you like your reward."); close; } mes("Hello youngster."); mex("Want to know a secret?"); next(); if (select("Yes", "No") == 1) { mes("[Herald]"); mes("You made the right choice."); mes("Do you know that the toughest material in Rune Midgard is called Mithril?"); mes("The best part is, I know how to get it."); next(); mes("If you're willing to prove me you can handle a tough excursion, I'll direct you to my friend, and from that moment on, you're his problem."); mes("Will you do it?"); next(); do { if (select("Yes I will do it!", "Wait, what's the material for?") == 1) { mes("[Herald]"); mes("Outstanding!"); mesf("I will need you to collect %i pieces of %s, an excellent mineral from Bradium Golems in Manuk Fields.", .request_amount, getitemname(.request_item)); mes("Bring me these, and I will give you something so that my friend grants you passage to the mines."); next(); mes("So, do you have the items?"); next(); switch(select("Yes, Here They are", "No")) { case 1: if (countitem(.request_item) < .request_amount) { mes("[Herald]"); mes("Don't make me regret this."); mesf("Bring me the damn %s!", getitemname(.request_item)); close; } mes("[Herald]"); mes("Well done, I wasn't thinking you could do it."); mes("But be careful, the place where you'll be headed is very tough."); delitem(.request_item, .request_amount); getitembound(.reward_item, .reward_amount, 1); #onetimeitem = 1; break; case 2: mes("[Herald]"); mes("Let me know when you're done. I will reward you for your efforts."); break; } close; } else { mes("[Herald]"); mes("I can't properly answer that."); mes("You will have to find someone willing to use it on anything."); mes("But hey, it's the toughest material in Rune-Midgard, it's gotta be useful, right?"); next(); } } while (true); } close; OnInit: // << YOUR CONFIGURATION GOES HERE >> .request_item = Apple; .request_amount = 20; .reward_item = Holy_Dagger; .reward_amount = 1; // << END OF CONFIGURATION >> }   Make sure to change the items and amounts in OnInit to the items you want
    • This is really simple, how do you managed to open a server if u don't know a simple basic scripting? Geez. Server nowadays are just like spoon feeding
      Learned to debug instead of spoon feeding. if you don't know those basic then STOP making a server.
    • Another thing xd, could u just tell me how to put "You dont have the items!", when I say that I have the items but i dont have? because now even if i dont have the items she says congrats
    • But in the wait whats the material for, even if I have the items or not, when i click it just resets, he dont say nothing, And when I say "no" in the beginning it get bugged
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