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    • Buenas tardes, estoy buscando desarrollador experto para el proyecto de iniciar un server desde 0. Que tenga experiencia en este trabajo y sepa corregir posibles errores y capacidad para la modificacion segun se necesite. Se necesitaria tener conocimientos tambien para la pagina web, panel de control, servidor y cliente. Gracias de antemano, Por favor los interesados mandar correo a [email protected]   Hi, actually im searching an expert developer to initiate a server, this project will start from 0. Must have experience at this job & have capability to enhance and fix errors. must have knowledge to modify the client & customize it. We need support to  to develope the patcher, client & server hosting.   Thanks in advance. Interested please send an e-mail to: [email protected]
    • Need help on this one It seems its not working          case UNT_ANKLESNARE:
              case UNT_MANHOLE:
              case UNT_SPIDERWEB:
                  if( sg->val2 == 0 && tsc && (sg->unit_id == UNT_ANKLESNARE || bl->id != sg->src_id) ) {
                      int sec = skill->get_time2(sg->skill_id,sg->skill_lv);
                      if( status->change_start(ss,bl,type,10000,sg->skill_lv,sg->group_id,0,0,sec, SCFLAG_FIXEDRATE) ) {
                          const struct TimerData* td = tsc->data[type]?timer->get(tsc->data[type]->timer):NULL;
                          if( td )
                              sec = DIFF_TICK32(td->tick, tick);
                          if( sg->unit_id == UNT_MANHOLE || battle_config.skill_trap_type || !map_flag_gvg2(src->bl.m) ) {
                              unit->movepos(bl, src->bl.x, src->bl.y, 0, 0);
                          sg->val2 = bl->id;
                      } else
                          sec = 3000; //Couldn't trap it?
                      if( sg->unit_id == UNT_ANKLESNARE ) {
                           * If you're snared from a trap that was invisible this makes the trap be
                           * visible again -- being you stepped on it (w/o this the trap remains invisible and you go "WTF WHY I CANT MOVE")
                           * bugreport:3961
                          clif->changetraplook(&src->bl, UNT_ANKLESNARE);
                      sg->limit = DIFF_TICK32(tick,sg->tick)+sec;
                      sg->interval = -1;
                      src->range = 0;
    • Offered free services to me. Also a very approachable person, tells you what she can and can't do. Thankyou so much @Winterfox!
    • Is this the updated version? https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/costumeitem.c I'm using it now and error
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