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    • @M45T3R I fixed unpatched EXE. So, you have to apply patches and test it. https://mega.nz/#!YI1zEQCL!oLaji6Toi541B2gi5VwRyFG3uN7Co-JZWP0T4Zi6Ilo
    • ¿Alguien tiene experiencia trabajando con Browedit? He hecho un par de mapas solo por práctica. Lucen normal en el programa, pero el server no los carga bien (o al menos eso creo). Faltan objetos o aparecen movidos y el char no puede desplazarse libremente por la zona designada walkable (pareciera que hay celdas que sí son walkable y otras que no). ¿Alguien tiene idea de qué este pasando?
    • ACT Editor from Tokei's has automation scripts but I don't know C#.. thats the language scripts are supposed to be made in  Also here is the unpatched .EXE https://www.mediafire.com/file/c8q10uqxq375hfe     This one is patched if you don't want to patch the file above: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dren7r7pleefl41
    • There is no sense to open "imf" file with "Notepad". Because it is binary data. I modified it manually by using Hex editor.   Yes. But it is better to create tool for automation.   I don't have spare time to check it in debugger right now. I will inform you once I have info about it. You should upload your EXE to the file hosting and post a link.
    • Wait this is amazing, I understod what you did with the .IMF file but how did you edit it tho? Without decrypting? It looks all gibberish after I open it  So I need to re-make all the headgears ? And any idea on why the animation speed is fixed on 2018 clients? It obeys that settings on 2015 10 30 but the animation looks slow-mo in 2018 06 20 Could this have something to do with:  (0, 0) Priority 0   Params?   @4144 Do you see anything on animation speed? I think thats the only problem now, the animation speed on 2015 10 30 shows like this:  30 fps at 30MS speed but on 2018 06 20 it looks like this:  like if it was extending the animation speed to 100+MS 2015 client Its apparently following this  setting on the .ACT but 2018 is not even if I put 2000ms it doesnt follow that rule but 2015 does Tokei's ACT Editor and Actor2 have that setting and 2015 clients follow it but 2018 doesnt seem to
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