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    • Sorry for the delay, I had problems with my account in regards with "reset password. Quality: 10/10
      Delivery Time: 8/10
      Price: 9/10 It took awhile before I got my stuff from him, but man, the compensation of the delivery time was good and I didn't even expected it. I recommend him doing your sprite things in your server!
    • After a week of having problems with the reset password function, Finally, I can review Daifuku's Service Service 10/10 : I'm very pleased how fast Daifuku delivers what you asked from her service, gets the job done fast. Attitude 10:10: I love how accommodating she is, she always checks on your whether everything is perfect or etc. Bonus: She listens to your rants too! :DDD Design 8/10: Hmm could've been better, Not sure whether I just suck at giving her the themes I want to make for my designs..  Don't hesitate to get a service from her, She will make your money worth! I repeat, Don't hesitate! I will also be getting most of my gfx from her starting now.
    • =General *Applied the Arch Bishop 2018 update. *Fixed the itemlist command to tell if a item is equippled to the ammo slot. *Cleaned and optomized some code.   =Database
      *Updated the Ancilla item to its new behavior.   =Jobs
      *Arch Bishop
      -Skill tree updated with 2 new skills.
      -AB_EUCHARISTICA is still enabled for a few reasons.
      -First, packet capture data shows its still enabled in the skill tree. Not sure
      -if its acturally learnable. Likely not. 2nd, some private server's will still
      -be using older clients with older skill tree data. 3rd, this is a private
      -server emu. I think leaving it enable would be a extra for the job.
      -Note: A 2018-06-20RagexeRE or newer client is required for the 2 new skills to
      -properly show up in the skill window and also display properly when casted.
      -All other skill updates should work fine with older clients.
      -Note 2: AB_CONVENIO doesn't work yet and will be coded in on the next update due
      -to how complex the code for it will be.   =Skills
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Fixed a issue where the splash AoE size was bigger then it should be. *AB_ANCILLA
      -SP cost reduced to 10%.
      -Ancilla item behavior changed. Using it now gives a buff for 60 seconds that
      -increases healing rate by 15% and SP recovery rate by 30%.
      -Fixed a issue where SP was consumed on skill fail due to lack of blue gemstone. *AB_ADORAMUS
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Is now a enemy targeted splash AoE.
      -SP requirements updated.
      -Now checks for Acolyte and higher jobs for gemstone requirement removal. (Confirmed)
      -Status apply behavior updated to official.
      -When the status success chance triggers, it will apply adoramus version of
      -decrease AGI (duration not halved on players) and remove regular Dec-AGI
      -if found active, and apply blind at 100% success chance (reduceable by normal
      -means). Durations are now official for both status as well. *AB_LAUDAAGNUS
      -Success chance of removing debuffs updated.
      -No longer gives buff that increases VIT.
      -Now gives buff that increases MaxHP. *AB_LAUDARAMUS
      -Success chance of removing debuffs updated.
      -No longer gives buff that increases LUK.
      -Now gives buff that increases critical damage. *AB_RENOVATIO
      -Is now a self casted splash AoE.
      -AoE only affects party members in screen-wide range.
      -SP requirements updated.
      -Now heals 5% MaxHP every 5 seconds but won't heal if player is undead element.
      -No longer deals damage to undead. *AB_EXPIATIO
      -Now bypasses both DEF/MDEF. *AB_DUPLELIGHT
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Melee damage part now deals ranged damage.
      -Both duple sphere's now have seprate success chances of triggering, allowing for
      -one or both to trigger. *NC_STEALTHFIELD
      -Fixed a issue where it made those affected immune to damage. *SR_DRAGONCOMBO
      -Corrected stun chance to official.
      -Looks like they didn't keep the increased chance. *SO_STRIKING
      -Corrected when the operations the CRIT increase is applied. *AB_VITUPERATUM
      -Added support for this skill.
    • Update 19/01/2019 : Official skill list
      Finally the updated version of skill tree landed! It was a serious lack in robrowser, we only had the old 2008~2009 skill list version.
      Now, zeroBrowser supports pre-setting skills points, apply and reset. It also support multi-tab and skills description now follow official behavior (checkbox). Official skill tree
      And the major update is the very famous Skill Tree view !!
      Multi-tab, prerequisites visualisation (as you can see on the screenshot), and skill level selection are now available. (You can even notice your sitting character on bottom left side corner ^^)
      Hope you'll like this update that I found essential.   NB: After seeing screenshots, I think that it's not obvious... but these screenshots are from ZeroBrowser .  
    • @khenma09 u can use 2017-06-14bRagexeRE without problems
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