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    kRO unpacked clients releases

    Hello Hercules users, In this topic we're sharing the latest kRO unpacked clients, please notice that those clients are for development purposes, the clients listed in here are tested by the dev team and they're working, however we do not offer support in this topic for any problem. If you want to use these clients use them at your own risk. Ragexe Ragexe_zero 2013-06-18#1aRagexeRE 2013-06-26_3bRagexeRE 2014-09-17cRagexeRE 2015-10-28bRagexeRE_2 2015-12-30aRagexeRE 2016-01-13bRagexeRE_2 2016-01-27aRagexeRE_2 2016-02-17bRagexeRE_2 2016-08-24aRagexeRE 2017-04-12aRagexeRE 2017-04-19bRagexeRE 2017-04-26dRagexeRE 2017-06-07cRagexeRE 2017-07-26cRagexeRE 2017-08-23aRagexeRE 2017-08-30bRagexeRE 2017-09-13bRagexeRE 2017-09-20bRagexeRE 2017-09-27bRagexeRE 2017-09-27dRagexeRE 2017-10-02cRagexeRE 2017-10-11aRagexeRE 2017-10-11bRagexeRE 2017-10-18aRagexeRE 2017-10-25bRagexeRE 2017-10-25cRagexeRE 2017-10-25dRagexeRE 2017-10-25eRagexeRE 2017-11-01bRagexeRE 2017-11-08bRagexeRE 2017-11-15aRagexeRE 2017-11-22bRagexeRE 2017-11-29aRagexeRE 2017-12-06aRagexeRE 2017-12-13bRagexeRE 2017-12-20aRagexeRE 2017-12-27aRagexeRE 2018-01-03aRagexeRE 2018-01-03bRagexeRE 2018-01-17aRagexeRE 2018-01-24bRagexeRE 2018-02-07bRagexeRE (More clients to be added as they're released.) if you're having trouble with download make sure to disable any download managers or try with a different browser Legal disclaimer: All rights reserved for Gravity CO. Ltd - these clients could be removed at anytime we receive a notice from them.
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    New life for RO

    Hello everybody ! I'm working about two years on writing a complete new RO client. I hadn't so much time, as I'd wish, but now it's almost ready for a basic gameplay. So what are the advantages of having own RO client ? RO doesn't depend anymore on Koreans. It gives an ability for releasing of any new feature, whatever the players want: new 3D mobs, dynamically generated locations, everything you want. The client is cross-platform and can work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android natively. Thanks to using of new computer graphics features, the client works faster, consumes fewer resources, providing better graphics. For example, it loads a location instantly(to be more precise, it takes ~15 ms to load a map) - so no waiting anymore ! What are the features we have today ? Dynamic shadows and per-pixel shading(no strange blur on the ground anymore!). Correct rendering of all the sprites and locations including all the animations on the locations. Rendering the best part of effects. The most part of UI. All the network communications with server. But there are some missing features: some part of UI(skill UI for example), and some in-game interactions are missed. But all these will be fixed soon. I would find those who are interested in that project, because it will be the only project, which will be used on the servers providing better game experience. Also, a development of the project requires some means and other help, so if you have a mind and in the position, you can write to me in PM or in these comments. Some screenshots:
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    [Collection] Official Full Clients

    Collection of official Full Clients. Those are vanilla, not modified in any way or whatever. They are patched up to date. Let me know if I've missed something. BGM's following the next days. Server Name With BGM Without BGM BGM only South Korea (kRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare South Korea (Ragnarok Zero) 04. January 2017 Mega gDrive Taiwan and Hongkong (twRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Japan (jRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Thailland (tRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare International (iRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Philippines (pRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Indonesia (idRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Brazil (bRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare France, Europe (fRO, euRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare
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    Another Nemo patcher fork

    This topic about another Nemo fork https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo Now updated: Addon "extract msg string table" Patch "restore login window" Patch "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" Different other patches (not all tested). New patches for Ragnarok Zero clients. Remove hardcoded address/port Restore old login packet New patches for all clients: Hide lua errors In future I probably will support only patches what really need for Hercules development. For test Ragnarok zero clients need: this nemo fork and enable at least patches from https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/profiles/zero_minimal.log this or similar clientinfo.xml https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/configs/zero/clientinfo.xml get zero client from
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    Tio Akima

    ADD new Signboard - chat/shop/icon/etc

    Hi, I'm TioAkima. Small tutorial to help add the new fucking SIGNBOARDs that are available to new clients. If I'm not mistaken, it's for client's 2016+ For those who do not know, I'm talking about these new chat/shop on the NPC: They are cool and leave the server with a nice face. <3 it is quite simple. Go in your data folder, and in your LUA files (luafiles514) search for file signboardlist.lub data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub Now let's understand how this file works to add a SIGNBOARD (cute little window with icon) like this: The structure of the file is as follows: {" prontera", 150, 193, 5, IT_BMP, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp", " KAFRA Tools ","#0x00FFFFFF"} { "prontera", = map name 150, = x 193, = y 5, = height you want the window (can be zero if you want) IT_SIGNBOARD, = window type "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp", = here is the directory where your icon is "KAFRA Tools", = chat name "#0x00FFFFFF" = letter color }, Just add another line following this format. Remembering that the last window does not have the comma in the end ... It is good to pay attention to this. Now to add icons in this other way> The format is very similar, but it has some minimal difference ... And it's also in the same file. It's pretty much the same thing, but one or the other function argument changes. The structure is this: {"prontera", 150, 193, 1, IT_BMP, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp"}, { "prontera", = map name 150, = x 193, = y 1, = height you want the icon (can be zero if you want) IT_BMP, = Only place the icon (without the window) "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp" = here is the directory where your icon is }, READY! Note that for this, you do not put the name of the chat nor the color of the letter! (you do not have these two arguments, okay?) .. That's it .. I hope it helps anyone who wants to put these windows. att, Tio akima
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    Stellar - FluxCP (Herc FluxCP)

    Version 1.0.0


    Stellar by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn | html5up.net Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (html5up.net/license) Integrated to FluxCP (Hercules) by Hyvraine of Hyvraine Designs | facebook.com/HyvraineDesigns ================================ Ported this to FluxCP (Herc) as I was fiddling with responsive templates. It's semi-responsive, I think. FEATURES: WoE Countdown Top Guild Top Player (based on FluxCP's Character Ranking module) HOW TO INSTALL: This follows the default theme of FluxCP, it acts similar like Emphaino where it inherits the default FluxCP pages. Extract the RAR file in the themes folder. In application.php: make sure 'stellar' comes first and then 'default' next 'ThemeName' => array('stellar','default'), // Names of the themes you would like to use. Themes are in FLUX_ROOT/themes. First theme listed will be default theme. And you should be good to go. HOW TO EDIT: Site title is still dependent on the variable SiteTitle inside application.php. Edit index.php in stellar/main/ for the front page stuff. For the Favicon, Logo, Description, WoE Hours, Site Navigation, please visit settings.php for more instructions.
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    Discord/Forum Ragnarok Emotes

    View File Discord/Forum Ragnarok Emotes I used these emotes for my previous ragnarok server. It's closed now, so feel free to use them - I might release some other small things if people want c: Submitter Daifuku Submitted 06/07/17 Category Other Graphics  
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    Hercules Battlegrounds

    Hercules Battlegrounds A full conversion and enhancement of eAmod's Battlegrounds system into a easy-to-install Hercules plugin library. Version: 1.0a (alpha) Repository @ https://github.com/Smokexyz/HerculesBG Installation 1) Place plugin files in plugin directory. (If you wish to re-compile the code, please do so the standard way.) 2) Place all script files in the default directory provided in the repository (or your own). 3) Place all database and config parts in their respective files. 4) in conf/plugins.conf add "hBG". Instructions on installing Plugins - http://herc.ws/wiki/HPM#Building_a_plugin Battleground Modes Capture the Flag Eye of Storm Triple Inferno Team DeathMatch Bossnia Conquest Stone Control Domination Rush Free For All Why use it? 1) Prevents conflicts when updating Hercules. 2) Easy to install. 3) Can be easily modified for more functions/features in the future. For contributors If you wish to add a free BG script to the list of available battleground modes, please contact me. Bug Reporting Please feel free to open an issue on the repository and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Donate to support the project and motivate updates.
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    New life for RO

    Hi all ! Beta v0.4.0 is here ! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/23-beta-v040/ Key change is a new skin (special thanks to @Tyrfing ! Thanks for all of you guys for the support in this year, we made a big step, i promise, in 2018 Æsir will be made even cooler ! Happy new year !
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    Digests Galore 2017-2018

    January Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of January 1st - January 31st 2018 Team Changes None Development Highlights Added support for the AllowReproduce flag in the skill DB. This supersedes the skill_reproduce_db. (#1943) Added support for the ZC_PROGRESS_ACTOR packet. The packet is exposed to the script engine through the progressbar_unit() command (available on PACKETVER 20130821 and newer). (#1929) Added support for the new item drop packet for the Zero clients. The packet is controlled by the ShowDropEffect and DropEffectMode item DB flags and ignored by non-Zero clients. (#1939) Added support for the new Map Server Change packet 0x0ac7. (part of #1948) Developmental Changes Removed the skill_reproduce_db, now superseded by the AllowReproduce skill flag. (part of #1943) Always enabled assertions and null pointer checks. In order to disable them (very discouraged, as it may lead to security issues), it is now necessary to edit nullpo.h. (#1937) Disabled the address sanitizer's memory leak detector in the travis builds, since it produced failures in third libraries. (#1949, #1952) Applied script standardization to the Nydhogg's Nest instance script. (#1871) Split packet_keys.h into separate files for main clients and zero clients. (part of #1948) Split packets_shuffle.h into separate files for main clients and zero clients. (part of #1948) Replaced the custom bank unavailable error message with the actual bank check error packet. (part of #1948) Updated and corrected the party member and party info packets. (part of #1948) Updated README.md with more relevant badges and links (added Discord, removed Waffle, added more GitHub information). (#1951) Bug Splat Fixes Updated Xcode project to include the RODEX related files. (#1942) Fixed RODEX loading mails when it requires multiple packets. (#1945, issue #1933) December Digest 2017 The following digest covers the month of December 1st - December 31st 2017 Team Changes None Development Highlights Implemented Homunculus Autofeeding, available on the 2017 clients. The feature can be disabled by flipping features.enable_homun_autofeed in feature.conf. (#1898) Added support for the newly released Ragnarok Zero clients. The client type is controlled with the --enable-packetver-zero configure-time flag (disabled by default). (#1923) Developmental Changes Applied script standardization to the Old Glast Heim instance script. (#1883) Split packets.h into two files: packets.h and packets_shuffle.h. (part of #1923) Bug Splat Fixes Corrected a wrong path displayed in an error message pointing to the map-server configuration. (#1913) Fixed the natural expiration of the Poison status when under the effect of Slow Poison. (#1925) November Digest 2017 The following digest covers the month of November 1st - November 30th 2017 Team Changes None Development Highlights Added several missing members to the login interface. (Part of #1891) Added support for colored character server population counter in the service selection list. Configurable through users_count in login-server.conf. (#1891) Added top-level command miniboss_monster to label monsters as minibosses, and to send them as such to the client. (part of #1889) Added support for 2017-10-25 - 2017-11-01 clients. (#1889) Added support to display NPCs with player classes, including equipment and styles (best with clients starting from 20170726). This extends getunitdata() and setunitdata() with support for UDT_SEX, UDT_HAIRSTYLE, UDT_HAIRCOLOR, UDT_HEADBOTTOM, UDT_HEADMIDDLE, UDT_HEADTOP, UDT_CLOTHCOLOR, UDT_SHIELD, UDT_WEAPON, UDT_ROBE, UDT_BODY2. (#1893) Added type constants for the getiteminfo() and setiteminfo() script commands. Existing third party code must be updated to use the new constants (see the pull request description and the command documentation for details). (#1902) Added global function F_GetAmmoType(), counterpart to F_GetWeaponType() for ammunitions. Both functions have now been updated to only check the subtype if the item type is correct (IT_AMMO and IT_WEAPON respectively). (part of #1902) Added support for the Skill Scale packet, available in client versions 20151223 and newer. (#1903) Developmental Changes The use of numeric type constants with getiteminfo() and setiteminfo() is deprecated. For technical reasons, no deprecation notice is displayed. (part of #1902) The MAX_SKILL constant has been removed, in favor of the more clear MAX_SKILL_DB, to be used in all places that use the compacted Skill DB array. For use with the non-compacted clientside Skill IDs, the MAX_SKILL_ID constant is still available. (part of #1896) Applied script standardization to the Octopus Cave instance script. (#1882) Applied script standardization to the Ghost Palace instance script. (#1879) Applied script standardization to the Sara's Memory instance script. (#1884) Extended the script command setequipoption() with the possibility to remove item options from an equipment piece. (#1865) Updated the QTYPE_* constants (questinfo(), showevent()) to support the new 2017 client icons. (#1894) Applied script standardization to the Orc's Memory instance script. (#1872) Applied script standardization to the Sealed Shrine instance script. (#1873) Extended the global function F_GetArmorType() to support costumes and shadow equipment. (#1836) Extended the script commands has_instance() and has_instance2() with suport to search instances of type IOT_NONE. (#1397) Applied script standardization and improvements to the Endless Tower instance script. (#1862) Cleared some confusion between skill IDs and indexes through the codebase. Rewritten Skill DB accessors in a safer, more readable way. (part of #1896) Bug Splat Fixes Fixed compilation warnings when compiling with gcc-7. (#1887) Fixed the display flag for monsters labeled as boss_monster to be that of MVP monsters instead of miniboss monsters. (part of #1889) Fixed a subtle error in case skill->unit_group_newid overflows, causing certain skill unit entries to get stuck and never get deleted correctly. This can manifest itself with some monster spawns becoming immune to certain AoE spells having the UF_NOOVERLAP flag (Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, etc). (#1896) Implemented MATK support in the getiteminfo() and setiteminfo(). This functionality was previously advertised as availble in the command documentation, but was not implemented. (part of #1902) Restored View Sprite support in the getiteminfo() and setiteminfo(). This functionality was lost with #1828. (part of #1902, issue #1895) Reimplemented the global function F_GetArmorType() to reflect the fact that ITEMINFO_LOC returns a bitmask. The function now handles multi-slot headgears and other uncommon cases better. (part of #1902) Corrected some incorrect data types passed to the SQL StmtBind functions, causing query errors and data loss. Said functions will now have a runtime assertion to ensure the right data type is passed. Third party code needs to be updated to reflect this stricter requirement. (#1901, issue #1531) Corrected some RODEX related queries in case MAX_SLOTS or MAX_ITEM_OPTIONS are set to custom values. (part of #1901) Suppressed assertions in the Skill DB accessors when called with skill_id = 0 (normal attacks). (#1910, issue #1909) Fixed an item loading failure in RODEX. (#1917, issue #1912) Fixed invisible NPCs (such as FAKE_NPC) being displayed as novices. (#1918, issue #1916) October Digest 2017 The following digest covers the month of October 1st - October 31st 2017 Team Changes None Development Highlights Added the script command getmapinfo(), which allows to obtain misc information about a map. (#1852) Added an option to restrict party leader changes to characters on the same map. Controlled by the setting party_change_leader_same_map (defaults to true). (#1812) Added initial support (shuffle packets, obfuscation keys) for clients 2017-09-27, 2017-10-02, 2017-10-11, 2017-10-18. (#1859) Added the noautoloot mapflag, allowing to disable the @autoloot functionality on a map by map basis. (#1833) Developmental Changes Extended the script command logmes() with an option to log to the atcommandlog table. (#1843) Updated RoDEX, with support for packetver 20170419 and newer. (#1859) Updated Exp-related packets and handling functions to support values larger than 2 billions (as seen in packetver 20170830 and newer). (#1859) Changed the diagnostic message in skill_init_unit_layout() to report the skill ID instead of its index. (#1854) Bug Splat Fixes Corrected the Kafra dialog in case a Doram without the Summoner's Basic Skill attempts to open the Storage. (#1864) Changed the cell stack counting algorithm to ignore invisible NPCs, improving the Dancer Quest experience as well as other cases of hidden NPCs blocking off certain cells. (#1827) Improved the handling of the cardfix value to make it more resistant to overflows, especially in renewal mode. Simplified the related renewal/pre-renewal conditional code. (#1825) Fixed some compilation warnings occurring in VS2017. (#1870) Fixed a wrong null pointer check in logmes(), which caused the command to never log and instead print debug information.
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    RagnaGFX is the creative expression of designer Daifuku and developer Yug-WebDev. We are allergic to boring and therefore striving to make flexible ideas accessible with strong concept and daring execution. We’re the people you’ll feel good about working with. Relentlessly focused and 100% ego-free. Whether you're in search of a cool and catchy or trendy and modern design, we've got the right one for you. In a nutshell, we’ll happily work hard to make your job easier. That’s our job. We do a lot more things and will be selling maps and possibly also sprites in the future. Please don't hesitate to ask if we do a certain thing you need. Below a list of the things we do for sure: Web Template (responsive/non-responsive) with or without flux integration Logo Patcher including RSS feed such as player count, woe status, server status and server time. Forum Template Loading Screen Client Interface Modification Animated Banner Advertising Banner Facebook Cover and Profile Picture You can contact us through these methods: Facebook: [click here] Skype: daifukuservices or yuglightning Hercules: [click here] Every request is different and the amount of work varies from customer to customer. We can only give out rough prices but if anything will be more than listed below we will notify you upfront; pre-mades will have their price tagged. OPEN SPOILER (!) For a preview of our pre-made packages that are currently available please open the spoiler. : ----- For a preview of our pre-made singles that are currently available please open the spoiler. : : ----- For a preview of our custom orders please open the spoiler. Those are not pre-made and only displayed for showcasing purposes. We will add more pictures to showcase as soon as possible. -----
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    Infinite Storage

    Hello, I feel this is one of the important setting, which was restricted due to packet size. So I have made this plugin to allow UNLIMITED Storage Size. Just enable this plugin and set MAX_STORAGE(from common/mmo.h) to whatever you want. Link: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/storage_expand.c Note: This doesn't work with Guild Storage.
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    Just Another CP

    Hi, I just started develop another ragnarok cp because I found fluxcp doesnt suit my need and doesnt easy to extend. You can see the looks on screenshot below It is still far from done yet. I will try to make extendable by utilizing module pattern (installable via composer) and the good news is I will be releasing as opensource so everyone can contribute you can follow development progress on github Any feedback, idea or contribution are welcome!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This script contains a quest where you're following the Anti Priest path. The goal of an anti-priest is to be the exact opposite of the Priest, and therefor, you'll be asked to NOT help people, by spreading false infos for instance. If you need a guide, just ask for it, and I'll make one ^^ Warning: All the quests I'm gonna release relied on item you might not have as they're custom ones. So think of editing the rewardId variable to ensure you'll be able to get the reward.
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    Returning back

    Hello everyone. I've returned and I'll be getting back into RO. I don't want to talk about why I left but I'm here and sorry for the random disappearance. Nice to see the new design on Hercules, finally the new ipb!
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    Plugin Collections

    Hello Community, I am feeling like, there's many plugin on forum, but not been actively used, due to out-of-date plugin I have updated Shikazu's Plugin first(as it was requested on the thread from 25th April), maybe Shikazu busy on his rl. Also I have included My Plugins there. I would like to add more plugins there(which are not updated on hercules forum <- please suggest if you find some outdated plugin and want me to update it ) List of Plugins and Owners: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/README.md Repository: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins Thanks.
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    kRO unpacked clients releases

    1 - about itemInfo and 2018-01-24b, my repository only supports the latest client available and since the function changed in the more recent version its the only one supported, you can revert to an older version to use it or just replace the two functions in the end of the file with the old ones. 2 - about langtype 12: * in sclientinfo.xml set the following: <servicetype>brazil</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <langtype>12</langtype> </connection> then go to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_korea/externalsettings_kr.lub" move it to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_brazil/externalsettings_br.lub" (also better search for files with kr/korea in the name and replace it with br/brazil)
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    Adel's Sprite Showcase

    Valentines Sprites
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    View File Tantalus Hello everyone, i show you the monster ''Tantalus'' it's a Haunted Tree from Trickster Online, u can use at instances, quests, etc. IMPORTANT: it has sound effects for walking, attacking and dying. please put the data folder in your ragnarok. -Don't steal credits, give credits to me, that I cost my effort to do them. -Do Not edit my work without my permission, It includes recolors. Submitter smiths12 Submitted 02/13/18 Category Sprites & Palettes  
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    Tio Akima

    Special Room - 1.0 [FREE MAP]

    View File Special Room - 1.0 [FREE MAP] Special Room (s_room) Map created by TioAkima and distributed (without any cost) by the author himself. It is a customized room that can have several functions, such as room for Quest's, Market (shop's), VIP room, meetings, etc ... The trade in this map is permanently prohibited. [I have not yet tested the map .. I have finished recently so .. Any mistake, please let me know.] Att, TioAkima Submitter Tio Akima Submitted 02/02/18 Category Maps & Textures  
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    soularena BG Map (free)

    View File soularena BG Map (free) It is a small gift from me to the Ragnarok Community soularena is created for SoulRO and anyone can use it This map is created by me (caspe) & it is 100% free Request to users Do not claim other's work as yours Do not sell this map Give credit to the original creator all texture and models which are used in this map are created by Gravity. Submitter caspe Submitted 02/09/18 Category Maps & Textures  
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    Melee Range Skills Problem

    your skillinfolist sucks is the most likely scenario. you can find it in the grf under skillinfoz/skillinfolist.
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    Murilo BiO'

    Clan System

    Yay! It's merged!! https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/19c94017a31d86f7848085162ffb741770975128
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    Another Nemo patcher fork

    @Functor i adding patches and fixes from secrets fork too. your changes already here. If you want direct contribution, probably better create merge requests in gitlab
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    Tio Akima

    Special Room - 1.0 [FREE MAP]

    Version 1.4.0


    Special Room (s_room) Map created by TioAkima and distributed (without any cost) by the author himself. It is a customized room that can have several functions, such as room for Quest's, Market (shop's), VIP room, meetings, etc ... The trade in this map is permanently prohibited. [I have not yet tested the map .. I have finished recently so .. Any mistake, please let me know.] Att, TioAkima
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    Excellent service, dedicated artwork and very attentive. Someone should host them a website so they can have a fixed showcase for everyone to enjoy and make their orders. Looking to do business with them again!
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    Murilo BiO'

    Ninho de Nidhogg

    O que foi editado: // Arquivo: npc/quests/quests_13_2.txt // Linha: 1075 // de: else if (ep13_mdrama > 5) { // para: else if (ep13_mdrama > 5 || ep13_mdrama == 0) { // Arquivo: npc/instances/NydhoggsNest.txt // Linha: 37 // de: if (ins_nyd == 0) { // para: if (ins_nyd == 0 && false) { // Linha: 102 // de: } else if (ins_nyd == 131 || ins_nyd == 132 || ins_nyd > 199) { // para: } else if (ins_nyd == 131 || ins_nyd == 132 || ins_nyd > 199 || true) { Com isso fui capaz de entrar no calabouço, gerar a instância e completá-la com sucesso. O que as mudanças fizeram foi pular o requisito da quest, mas se alguém quiser terminar a quest, não vai conseguir.
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    Command @resist

    I keep similar commands in a single plugin, so here is mine with all the extra stuff removed. Pretty sure it should work. https://pastebin.com/0FxmwkC5
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    Endless Cellar

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello peoples, I've been asked recently to create instances that aren't release on rathena yet. So I decided to merge them to hercules too. So here's my version of Endless Cellar instance, based over infos took here and there, videos and divine-pride database. In the rar, you'll find all you need, including Instance file, mob, item and quest db. You'll still need up to date client (I personnaly use 20160201) to ensure the mobs are created client side. Have fun. Please, leave the credits and do not claim my work as yours.
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    Room Of Consciouness

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello peoples, I've been asked recently to create official instances that aren't release on rathena yet. So I decided to merge them to hercules too. So here's my version of Room of Consciouness instance, based over infos took here and there, videos and divine-pride database. In the rar, you'll find all you need, including Instance file, mob, item and quest db. You'll still need up to date client (I personnaly use 20160201) to ensure the mobs are created client side. Have fun. Please, leave the credits and do not claim my work as yours.
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    Deprecation Notice

    As of September 18 2017, the useatcmd() command has been deprecated. If you were using useatcmd() for built-in @commands you can simply replace it with atcommand(): useatcmd("@command") ➜ atcommand("@command") If you were using useatcmd() for custom @commands (registered with bindatcmd()) you can use doevent() instead: useatcmd("@custom") ➜ doevent("MyNPC::OnUseCommand"); MyNPC is the name of the NPC in which you used bindatcmd() OnUseCommand is the event you registered with bindatcmd() Edge cases: useatcmd(), unlike atcommand(), uses the group id of the attached player rather than running with admin privileges. If you need to check whether or not a player should be able to use a command, use can_use_command() if (can_use_command("@foobar")) { atcommand("@foobar"); } else { dispbottom("You cannot use this command!"); }
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    2017-06-14bRagexeRE Client

    Version 1.0.0


    Release for the 2017-06-14bRagexeRE client. Be sure to have your DATA.INI set to read rdata.grf first and data.grf second. Packets are provided in the included text file. Packet shuffles and keys can be found at the bottom in the file.
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    Custom Aura Compilation



    This is just an Aura Compilation that I made from the many aura's ive collected over the many years from older projects. IDK who the origional author's are for all of these but if one of you would like to go through them and possibly send me a pm so I can give credit where do I'd be more than happy to change this post.
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  35. 1 point

    kRO unpacked clients releases

    doram can be disabled in externalsettiings.lub or like this. writing name from memory.
  36. 1 point

    Sobre o hexed 20140305 nao funfa no Hercules?

    Todos funcionam se o administrador souber o que está fazendo.
  37. 1 point

    kRO unpacked clients releases

    you can use this https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation also please notice that some files need to be renamed based on the servicetype and the servertype you're using in sclientinfo.xml the default in this repository is set to korea/primary
  38. 1 point

    soularena BG Map (free)

    Version 1.0.0


    It is a small gift from me to the Ragnarok Community soularena is created for SoulRO and anyone can use it This map is created by me (caspe) & it is 100% free Request to users Do not claim other's work as yours Do not sell this map Give credit to the original creator all texture and models which are used in this map are created by Gravity.
  39. 1 point

    Another Nemo patcher fork

    @4144 Script for patch "Enable Multiple GRFs - Embedded" has bug. Script tries to find code in "Step 2b" by using first pattern without limit. As a result - patch at wrong place. Game doesn't start. I added limit. You can add fix to the fork. Thanks. https://mega.nz/#!NUsTyLJD!YGk8Q_reiLChu5CNUJwwGAZyZgU4hbNuh25E94gkU0E
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    =General *Added the "charmball" command. +It allows you to summon the Kagerou/Oboro charm spheres and select a type. *Recoded the charm sphere system. +Its now refered to as charms or charmballs. +This allows a more proper way of controling the charm types and how to apply their -effects. A number of bugs and issues has also been fixed with this recode. *Fixed a issue where having more then 127 DEF/MDEF of equips equipped would cause a -overflow and bring the DEF value below negeative, bypassing the "max_def" setting. *Fixed a issue where DEF/MDEF increases through status's would allow DEF/MDEF to -go past 99. This is now capped to what the "max_def" config setting is set to. *Updated the packet's sent for player's that have millennium shields active. =Skills *KO_KAHU_ENTEN// Fire Charm *KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI// Ice Charm *KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN// Wind Charm *KO_DOHU_KOUKAI// Earth Charm +Fixed a issue where having 10 charms wouldn't allow you to summon a different type. +Fixed a issue where in certain cases your weapon would still have the charms element -even if you don't have 10 charms active anymore. +Charms now give a element resistance to the element that of the summoned charms. -Resistance: 2% * Charm Count. This does not reduce resistance to other elements. +Having 10 or more charms now changes the weapon element directly to the element of the -charm instead of endowing the weapon with a element change. +Damage increase from fire charms for Crimson Fire Formation updated to 10% per charm. +Weapon ATK increase from earth charms updated to 10% per charm.
  41. 1 point

    Another Nemo patcher fork

    2014-10-22b 2015-05-13a 2015-10-29a
  42. 1 point

    SN_SHARPSHOOTING (Focused Arrow Strike)

    https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/src/map/battle.c#L6815 Add this. if (src && (map->list[m].flag.gvg_castle || map->list[m].flag.gvg) && (battle->get_current_skill(src) == SN_SHARPSHOOTING)) { state |= BCT_ENEMY; state &= ~BCT_GUILD; state &= ~BCT_PARTY; }
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    =General *Added the "NK_FORCE_RANGED_DAMAGE" setting for skills. -This forces the skill to deal ranged damage at ranges below 5. *Recoded the handling of Minstrel/Wanderer party checks for chorus -skills to only be called on when needed. This should further -save on cpu cycles used on skill use. *skill_chorus_count -Added this function for counting performers in a party. *mass_spiral_max_def *rebel_base_lv_skill_effect -Added these config settings to the skill battle config. =Skills *RK_DRAGONBREATH *RK_DRAGONBREATH_WATER -Corrected the AoE for level 9 to be 9x9. *RA_WUGDASH *RA_WUGSTRIKE *RA_WUGBITE -Corrected a issue where the damage increase from Dance With Wug -wasn't counting the chorus bonus correctly. *SR_RAMPAGEBLASTER -Is now treated as a ranged attack. *RL_MASS_SPIRAL -Damage formula updated. -No longer ignores the target's flee. *RL_S_STORM -Updated the equip break chance formula to official. *RL_H_MINE -Grenade explosion AoE is now 5x5. *RL_FIRE_RAIN -Is now treated as a ranged attack. -AoE stepping speed adjusted to official. *RL_HAMMER_OF_GOD -AoE for the random strike area on unmarked target's is now 15x15 *RA_UNLIMIT *GN_ILLUSIONDOPING *WM_FRIGG_SONG *AB_OFFERTORIUM -Corrected a issue where the casting of these skills were not interruptable. *RK_LUXANIMA -Added cooldown time. *GD_GUILD_STORAGE -Now requires level 10 Guild Extension.
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    Command @resist

    Hi people (first, sorry for my english) I found a topic on rathena to implant the command @resist (here) I try it on my server but it doesn't work. Would anyone have an idea how to do to implant it on Hercules? Thank you all Beleg
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    Murilo BiO'

    sore alguns comandos

    Olha, há muitas informações faltando... Esse emulador que você baixou é Hercules? Você baixou de um terceiro, então provavelmente foi modificado e se você não sabe o que foi modificado não tem como dar suporte, sem contar o próximo ponto. 2012? Estamos em 2018, MUITA coisa mudou, essa sua deve estar cheia de bugs e falhas, então aconselho a baixar uma versão nova. Área errada pra postar em português, use inglês nessa área ou vá na área em português: Link.
  46. 1 point

    Clan System

    Aegis file clan system: tbl={ [ [[SWORD CLAN]] ] = --클랜명 { CID = 1, --클랜 ID 1번부터 시작합니다 EMBLEM_NUM = 1, MASTER_NAME = [[㉬쇽 랍⒣ㆁ보]], -- npc 이름과 동일해야됩니다 MANAGE_MAP =[[prontera.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, --클랜 최대 인원수 ALLY_CLAN={3,}, --동맹클랜 HOSTILE = {0,}, --적대클랜 EFST_ID = { [[EFST_SWORDCLAN]],}, --효과를 적용할 EFST ID 리스트 }, [ [[ARCHWAND CLAN]] ]= { CID = 2, EMBLEM_NUM = 2, MASTER_NAME = [[?? ╉보]], MANAGE_MAP =[[geffen.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={3,}, HOSTILE = {4,}, EFST_ID ={ [[EFST_ARCWANDCLAN]], }, }, [ [[GOLDENMACE CLAN]] ]= { CID = 3, EMBLEM_NUM = 3, MASTER_NAME = [[?벙 ╉보]], MANAGE_MAP =[[prontera.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={1,2,4,}, HOSTILE = {0}, EFST_ID ={ [[EFST_GOLDENMACECLAN]], }, }, [ [[CROSSBOW CLAN]] ]= { CID = 4, EMBLEM_NUM = 4, MASTER_NAME = [[?몰┢]], MANAGE_MAP = [[payon.gat]], MAX_USER = 500, ALLY_CLAN={3,}, HOSTILE = {2,}, EFST_ID = { [[EFST_CROSSBOWCLAN]], }, }, }; function main() for clanname, info in pairs(tbl) do result, msg = InsertClanInfo( clanname, info.CID, info.EMBLEM_NUM , info.MASTER_NAME, info.MANAGE_MAP, info.MAX_USER, info.ALLY_CLAN, info.HOSTILE, info.EFST_ID ); if ( not result )then return false, msg; end end return true,"success" end
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    how to make it run?
  48. 1 point
    How would i use that link you sent to unpack it? i downloaded it but dont see any .exe to use signapk o.o and I messaged you on skype
  49. 1 point
    You have to sign the apk, You are repacking, signature are a way to know who made the apk https://code.google.com/p/signapk/ Check this for knowing how to sign the apk. About AndRO, its waste for those who want to use new client, it doesn't support much feature. And UX is worst. I wouldn't opt for AndRO for now, till it's well developed and have a good UX.
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    Artz Green Prontera

    Version 1.0


    [Free Release] Artz Green Prontera Support vending area, NPC area. Contact: Skype: ariev.zackie.12 YM : artsoulinc FB : www.facebook.com/artsoulinc