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    New life for RO

    Hello everybody ! I'm working about two years on writing a complete new RO client. I hadn't so much time, as I'd wish, but now it's almost ready for a basic gameplay. So what are the advantages of having own RO client ? RO doesn't depend anymore on Koreans. It gives an ability for releasing of any new feature, whatever the players want: new 3D mobs, dynamically generated locations, everything you want. The client is cross-platform and can work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android natively. Thanks to using of new computer graphics features, the client works faster, consumes fewer resources, providing better graphics. For example, it loads a location instantly(to be more precise, it takes ~15 ms to load a map) - so no waiting anymore ! What are the features we have today ? Dynamic shadows and per-pixel shading(no strange blur on the ground anymore!). Correct rendering of all the sprites and locations including all the animations on the locations. Rendering the best part of effects. The most part of UI. All the network communications with server. But there are some missing features: some part of UI(skill UI for example), and some in-game interactions are missed. But all these will be fixed soon. I would find those who are interested in that project, because it will be the only project, which will be used on the servers providing better game experience. Also, a development of the project requires some means and other help, so if you have a mind and in the position, you can write to me in PM or in these comments. Some screenshots:
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    BladeCP - An advanced CMS

    Greetings everyone, Today I'm introducing a project that I've been envisioning and working on for a couple of months, a control panel developed using Laravel (currently v5.4.36) that has quite a few advanced features that no other panel has offered before. Before people get excited, I'd just like to make it clear that it is not complete yet and that it will be a subscription-based release. Features Insight Bootstrap Responsive Design The panel by default will come with one bootstrap-based responsive design that is elegant, light coloured and adjusts to screens of all sizes. The panel is also capable of supporting custom themes. Master Account System This is a very important feature, a master account for all the accounts of all your servers. Views are neatly categorised and displayed. Passwords of the master accounts are hashed to ensure safety of all registered users. ROGen Adapted from @KeyWorld's ROChargen, a library in php that extracts images from sprites and uses resources inside grf files. With the help of this library images of headgears, skill icons, illustrations, UI elements, item images, monsters and mini maps are can be dynamically generated and displayed on the pages of the website. Database Libraries Using a library with conversions of information in the client folder, the website incorporates in-game information such as skill and item descriptions, quest information and much more. Character Overview The character overview page is an important part of a user's experience. With the features mentioned above, we're able to display alot of information about one's in-game characters on the fly. Public User Profiles Additionally, something that's never been seen before in RO CMS or Panels are public user profiles. The ability of a user to view another user's in-game information through the control panel. Customisable Email Templates Laravel offers customisable email templates that by default give an elegant look, making it pleasant to read. As of right now, these are most of the newer features along with the design, that i've introduced in the CMS/panel. In the future there will also be a custom administrator panel based on some very nice bootstrap templates, giving admins insight on their server's statistics (both in-game and web). I hope this is something that people appreciate, I work on improving the features and design as and when I get time. The project will be sold as a subscription based service when it is in a production state. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me through the forums or post a reply here.
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    Hello! ~ * Introduction RO Hooks is a paid project, which will allow a set of custom abilities to your client, such as player name coloring, server side GM sprite and such; It is is meant to be a way to edit this old dead game client to add things either improving player's experience or giving the ability to have new of content or to give your players something special. * What do we have currently GM Clothes and Robot Clothes controller server side (Robot Clothes is a Special Event Sprite) Player Name coloring (Server-side) Item Name Coloring (Client-Side) Messages Timestamp "inspired by Project Chaos RO (nachtwolke.ai4rei.com)" More to come * Pictures - GM and Robot Clothes - Name Coloring - Colorizing Item Names (Configure client side, could be applied to any kind of items) - Messages Timestamp * Which Clients are supported? Pretty much anything 2012-04 and onward, older clients are also supported upon request. * Is there anything more? when is this supposed to be release? And can we suggest something? There's still other futures which will be announced soon, I'm pretty much working everyday to find something newer. It will be released as soon as we have enough set of custom futures, also any suggestions for features is more than welcome, as soon as anything new finished i will announce it here. Also as soon as it's ready for sell I will get a Paid Service topic.
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    Apoligies for lack of Activity

    Hey everyone! Some of you have left me many messages (here on the forum and on Discord) regarding my activity. Sadly, I've been quite busy working at Summer Camp (hence why I haven't been active much through the summer....). I try to check in whenever I have some time to myself, but it is quite difficult to do so with lack of internet and lack of connection. Good news is... it's almost done and I'm about ready to get back to my normal routine. Please, if you have any more questions/concerns/ or just want to say hi, don't hesitate to talk to me via PM or Discord! I check Discord more often since I am on my phone more often. Mystery out!
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    Official Refine Rate Correction

    As of e171deb58c7 we have the official refine rates from kRO. Normal Ores  Refine Shadow equipment Armor Weapon (1st level) Weapon (2nd level) Weapon (3rd level) Weapon (4th level) 1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 5 60% 60% 100% 100% 100% 60% 6 40% 40% 100% 100% 60% 40% 7 40% 40% 100% 60% 50% 40% 8 20% 20% 60% 40% 20% 20% 9 20% 20% 40% 20% 20% 20% 10 9% 9% 19% 19% 19% 9% 11 - 8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 12 - 8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 13 - 8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 14 - 8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 15 - 7% 18% 18% 18% 7% 16 - 7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 17 - 7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 18 - 7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 19 - 5% 15% 15% 15% 5% 20 - 5% 15% 15% 15% 5% Enriched Ores Refine   Shadow equipment Armor Weapon (1st level) Weapon (2nd level) Weapon (3rd level) Weapon (4th level) 1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 5 90% 90% 100% 100% 100% 90% 6 70% 70% 100% 100% 90% 70% 7 70% 70% 100% 90% 80% 70% 8 40% 40% 90% 70% 40% 40% 9 40% 40% 70% 40% 40% 40% 10 20% 20% 30% 30% 30% 20% 11 -  8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 12 -  8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 13 -  8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 14 -  8% 18% 18% 18% 8% 15 -  7% 18% 18% 18% 7% 16 -  7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 17 -  7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 18 -  7% 17% 17% 17% 7% 19 -  5% 15% 15% 15% 5% 20 -  5% 15% 15% 15% 5% Normal Ores - Smelting Event Refine Shadow equipment Armor Weapon (1st level) Weapon (2nd level) Weapon (3rd level) Weapon (4th level) 1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 5 60% 60% 100% 100% 100% 60% 6 40% 40% 100% 100% 60% 40% 7 40% 40% 100% 60% 50% 40% 8 20% 20% 60% 40% 20% 20% 9 20% 20% 40% 20% 20% 20% 10 9% 9% 19% 19% 19% 9% 11 - 20% 40% 40% 40% 20% 12 - 20% 40% 40% 40% 20% 13 - 16% 35% 35% 35% 16% 14 - 16% 35% 35% 35% 16% 15 - 15% 30% 30% 30% 15% 16 - 15% 30% 30% 30% 15% 17 - 14% 20% 20% 20% 14% 18 - 14% 20% 20% 20% 14% 19 - 10% 15% 15% 15% 10% 20 - 10% 15% 15% 15% 10% Enriched Ores - Smelting Event Refine  Shadow equipment Armor Weapon (1st level) Weapon (2nd level) Weapon (3rd level) Weapon (4th level) 1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 5 95% 95% 100% 100% 100% 95% 6 80% 80% 100% 100% 95% 80% 7 80% 80% 100% 95% 90% 80% 8 60% 60% 95% 85% 70% 60% 9 50% 50% 85% 60% 60% 50% 10 35% 35% 55% 45% 45% 35% 11 - 20% 40% 40% 40% 20% 12 -  20% 40% 40% 40% 20% 13 -  16% 35% 35% 35% 16% 14 -  16% 35% 35% 35% 16% 15 -  15% 30% 30% 30% 15% 16 -  15% 30% 30% 30% 15% 17 -  14% 20% 20% 20% 14% 18 -  14% 20% 20% 20% 14% 19 -  10% 15% 15% 15% 10% 20 -  10% 15% 15% 15% 10% This corrects the previous behaviour of enriched ores which would simple double roll the item refinement. Script Command Changes getequippercentrefinery(<equipment slot>{, <type>}) Example: if (getequippercentrefinery(EQI_HAND_L, REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_NORMAL) <= rand(100)) mes("Aww"); Constants exported to constants.conf are - REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_NORMAL: 1 Retrieves Normal ore refine rate REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_ENRICHED: 2 Retrieves Enriched ore refine rate REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_E_NORMAL: 3 Retrieves Normal Event ore refine rate REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_E_ENRICHED: 4 Retrieves Enriched Event ore refine rate
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    Discord/Forum Ragnarok Emotes

    Version 1.0.0


    I used these emotes for my previous ragnarok server. It's closed now, so feel free to use them - I might release some other small things if people want c:
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    =General *Enabled support for Sura's alternate outfit. *Updated detailed information for party packets. *Added support for ZC_ADD_MEMBER_TO_GROUP3 and ZC_GROUP_LIST2 packets. -Big thanks to Lemongrass for the packet information. *Added temp support for 2017-09-06cRagexeRE client. *Updated renewal cast system to support new wedding skills. -These don't work yet. Just preparing for them. =NPC *Added support for baby versions of Taekwon/Star Gladiator/ -Soul Linker/Gunslinger/Ninja to the eAthena job master. *Added support for baby versions of Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion -to the 3CeAM job master. =Skills *RA_FIRINGTRAP -Fixed a issue where the trap's detonation animation didn't show. *LG_FORCEOFVANGUARD -Now increases DEF....again. -Confirmed it does increase hard DEF but it doesn't show in the -display. And yes it also still increases MaxHP. *SR_FLASHCOMBO *SC_ESCAPE *WL_TELEKINESIS_INTENSE *LG_KINGS_GRACE -Added support for these skills. *AB_OFFERTORIUM -Fixed a issue where the status animation wouldn't stay displayed. -Can no longer be removed by dispelling methods.
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    Recent changes to the Hercules engine

    Update: September 19 2017 Projects merged: RoDEX Contributors: @KirieZ @hemagx @Asheraf @Dastgir @Smoke @4144 @Haru Item DB enhancements Contributors: @Haru @Ragno New script commands: getdatatype getcalendartime rodex_sendmail rodex_sendmail2 rodex_sendmail_acc rodex_sendmail_acc2 Modified script commands: getgroupid Deprecated script commands: useatcmd superseded by atcommand
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    July Digest 2017

    July Digest 2017 The following digest covers the month of July 1st - July 31st 2017 Team Changes None Development Highlights Implementation of RoDEX Optimisation of char_memitemdata_to_sql() Removed 'NO MSG' message in clients < 20101123 Added time limit parameter to setquest Added getcalendartime script command Code Organization: Move some immune/resists checks from status_change_start into separate functions Move from status_change_start code for end previous sc to separate function Move code for stop actions into separate function from status_change_start Move set options from status_change_start into separate function Move getting val_flag based on type from status_change_start into separate functions Move adding icon code from status_change_start into separate function Move handling unknown sc code from status_change_start into separate functions Add configure flag for silent warnings about var tracking errors Fix possible buffer overflows with snprintf July Statistics During the period there were 17 Commits. 9 Commits from Pull Requests with 2 Bugs* fixed from merged issues. *Please note: Bug fixes are counted as references to issues; it does not include bugs that have been fixed without issue reference. The number of commits includes those that were merged.
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    June Digest 2017

    June Digest 2017 The following digest covers the month of June 1st - June 30th 2017 Team Changes None Development Highlights convert specialeffect calls with strings to use GID Unify specialeffect, convert legacy scripts allow to use specialeffect() on any unit, and to send to any player update the documentation for specialeffect() remove specialeffect2 from databases remove specialeffect2 from npcs remove misceffect from npcs convert specialeffect calls with strings to use GID add missing constants to specialeffect calls flag specialeffect2() as deprecated flag misceffect() as deprecated Removed reading battle.conf multiple times from import folder Fixed a bug when removing a card Channel Adjustments: allow channelmes to be called without attached rid allow addchannelhandler to be called with attached rid allow removechannelhandler to be called with attached rid Packet Additions, Changes & Fixes: Add packet 0x0a37 ZC_ITEM_PICKUP_ACK_V7 (based on rAthena) Fix vending list packet for 2016 clients (based on rAthena) Add packet 0x0a84 for guild basic info (based on rAthena) Add packet 0x0aa5 for 2016 clients for guild members list (based on rAthena) Add packet 0x0a43 for party member info (based on rAthena) Add packet 0xa44 for party info (based on rAthena) Add packet 0xabd for send job and base levels to party members (based on rAthena) fix guild leader change in 2017 clients (based on rAthena) Documentation Documenation for <URL> browser dimensions Database Highlights Fixed assert report when arrow shower(skill) was used on traps correct combo bonus for advanced angelic set Corrected some bonuses in item_options.conf correct Yggdrasil_Herald_Crown equip location June Statistics During the period there were 39 Commits. 14 Commits from Pull Requests with 3 Bugs* fixed from merged issues. *Please note: Bug fixes are counted as references to issues; it does not include bugs that have been fixed without issue reference. The number of commits includes those that were merged.
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    2017-06-14bRagexeRE Client

    View File 2017-06-14bRagexeRE Client Release for the 2017-06-14bRagexeRE client. Be sure to have your DATA.INI set to read rdata.grf first and data.grf second. Packets are provided in the included text file. Packet shuffles and keys can be found at the bottom in the file. Submitter Rytech Submitted 07/21/17 Category Client Resources  
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    Discord/Forum Ragnarok Emotes

    View File Discord/Forum Ragnarok Emotes I used these emotes for my previous ragnarok server. It's closed now, so feel free to use them - I might release some other small things if people want c: Submitter Daifuku Submitted 06/07/17 Category Other Graphics  
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    =General *Added the "ALLOW_OTHER_RACES" setting. -This setting can be found in the mmo.h file and allows disabling -the creation of Doram (Summoner) characters on character select. -Note: This just disables it server side. Trying to make one while -this setting is turned off will cause the server to make a human -character no matter the race selected. =Skills *Rebellion -Updated all skill requirements and timer data. -Timers like cast times, cooldowns, etc. *RL_QD_SHOT -Fixed a issue where the skill couldn't be used with grenade launcher. -Time allowed for comboing after Chain Action increased to 2 seconds. -Note: HT_POWER and RL_FALLEN_ANGEL both give 2 seconds to combo. -Guessing this should be the case for Quick Draw Shot too. *RL_FIREDANCE *RL_FALLEN_ANGEL *RL_D_TAIL *RL_R_TRIP_PLUSATK -Added full support for these skills. *RL_H_MINE -Fully recoded the skill. -A max of 5 targets can be tagged at a time. -Duration is increased. -Damage formula updated. - -Note: Flicker is currently not coded which is needed to detonate -the grenades on the tagged targets. Its working are a bit complex -and will be done in a later update. *RL_R_TRIP -Now deals ranged damage. -AoE size for level 1 is now 7x7. -Knockback is now a fixed 3 cells. -Damage formula updated. -Now deals added damage if target is knocked back into a wall.
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    LuaDec for Lua 5.1.4 (A Super Powerful Lub->Lua Decompiler) step 1: Copy you lub file to the root directory. step 2: Using Notepad to edit “RUN ME.bat”, change the lub file name as you copyied example: luadec accessoryid.lub > accessoryid.lua step 3: Save “RUN ME.bat” and close Notepad, run “RUN ME.bat”, you can find a decompiled lua file appear in the root directory.
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    Idnum to ItemInfo Converter

    Hello, Since gravity has changed the itemInfo format. Recently, I have been getting quite a few requests to make something for idnum to ItemInfo converter. So here I am, made a tool + optional config in itemInfo to support older clients without changing the format. Tool Link: https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/tree/master/Lua/multi-tools Usage is mentioned in Readme
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    Dress Pack

    V1.11 *Added alternate Sura outfit.
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    Hello Guys, Im starting my own VLOG Channel

    Hi Guys, Its been years that I havent logged in here. It seems many things changed. Im starting now my own VLOG channel, contents that I targeted are my travels, games that Im currently playing, programming courses, and some funny stuff I do with my friends. Hope you subscribe to my channel, I'll do my best to make it worthy of your time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyM_-TzvgN-tMXWdJKm457Q?view_as=subscriber
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    Forum: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/ Discord: https://discord.me/ragnaclan Greetings Clan Adventurers! Ragnaclan has gone to great lengths to bring a well balanced and reliable pre-renewal server that is dedicated to providing the best Ragnarok Online experience possible. We're pleased to announce that our server will be opening on 1 October 2017! In addition, we're also releasing more details on our Server Information (See below). More detailed explanation of our systems will be available closer to launch. There are two others things that I would like to inform everyone: We would like to invite all adventurers to participate in Ragnaclan Open Beta on 25 September 2017 to 29 September 2017! (time to be announced). We have opened a discussion section for War of Emperium. Please visit the [ Guild & War of Emperium ] section participate in the discussion. You'll find a proposal on our approach in making WoE more interesting for players. I am sure you are all excited to hear this as much as we are, and we're working hard to make Ragnaclan come to live. Soon you will be able to venture through Rune Midgard, or band together with your friends and clan members. Be a legend in the world of Ragnaclan — United we stand! We're looking forward to seeing you all there!
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    Nightmare Mushroom

    View File Nightmare Mushroom Another monster custom from maplestory, Nightmare Mushroom. Submitter smiths12 Submitted 09/17/17 Category Sprites & Palettes  
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    Shiro Designs

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    Fechar cutin (close cutin)

    Neste caso no script selecionado, acredito que você deva mudar: if ([email protected]) close; para if([email protected]) { close2; cutin "",255; end; } Para mostrar outro cutin basta repetir o comando, o cutin sobrepõe o cutin mostrado anteriormente, no caso o 'cutin "",255' que retira, nada mais é do que uma sobreposição por um cutin vazio. Exemplo: cutin "npcpadrao",2; mes "Oi, Selecione sua opção"; if( select("Quero ver um duende:Quero ver um elfo") == 1) { next; cutin "duende",2; mes "Aqui está ele, divirta-se!"; close2; cutin "",255; end; } else { next; cutin "elfo",2; mes "Aqui está ele, cuidado com as flechas!"; close2; cutin "",255; end; }
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    New life for RO

    In the next beta will be support for hotkeys and some another effects, so with that version will be made some vids
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    New life for RO

    Hi all !A new beta is released !Get it there : http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/10-..Key changes include : ground skill effects and finally damage numbers.
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    Shiro Designs

    Hmmm. First of all. We had a good thing going together. Until I was insulted by your working partner. Yeah It's a great insult. But that's between us. I lost the will to work with you guys and just finished it. Second, I clearly told you to change your VPS's php version. And about the website can't be loaded suddenly. I think that's not my problem anymore since I gave you a working one and didn't touch it after that.
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    Official instances

    Hello peoples, I've been asked recently to create official instances that aren't release on rathena yet. Therefor, I've decided to modify or create those for hercules too. I'll start to release the two existing in rathena that are still missing in Hercules, Horror Toy Factory and Faceworm Nest. For those, I wouldn't ask for anything, as I made really few edits, only enough to allow them to work on Hercules. On the other hand, if you're interested into any of the following list, on hercules or rathena, please feel free to contact me! Here's the list of instances I've rewritten: Airship Assault Charleston Crisis Devil Tower Endless Cellar (rathena only pour le moment) Infinite Space (rathena only pour le moment) Last Room Morse Cave Overlook Water Dungeon Poring Village Room of Consciousness Sarah And Fenrir Sky Fortress Temple of Demon God And i've also rewritten the quest and stuff enchant for Sarah And Fenrir, Poring Village and Infinite Space. And the General warper to instances entrance. Please note that this instances are developped other videos, irowiki and database I have found (for mobs and items). Therefor, they might be not exactly the same as official. But they're as close as possible!
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    Shiro Designs Free Thor Patcher

    Version 1.0.0


    Uhmm... So the owner of Amatsu Ragnarok Online didn't pay me at all so here it is. It is coded already. It includes PSD file, Config Files, Web files and Thor Generator Have fun
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    Idnum to ItemInfo Converter

    Updated. Now this kind of errors won't happen.
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    Error with my client

    Finally !!! Thank you @Functor !!! You made my day hah !
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    BladeCP - An advanced CMS

    Super excited to see this finally announced
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    Send Old Mail To RoDex

    See values for status here: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/src/common/mmo.h#L657-L659 First one is 0, then 1, then 2
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    HAT - The Hercules Admin Tool!

    I'll see if I can program in some error messages or checks to see exactly what the issue is. Give me a few days - work keeping me very busy again.
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    Ragexe clients: kRO main servers client RagexeRE clients: kRO Sakray (test server) clients different is that some of the RE clients may have broken features as they were still under test while the main clients are more "stable".
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    ERRO FATAL Emulador Hercules!

    Se me lembro bem o Hercules não deixa ser executado em um usuário com privilégio root, por não ser necessário. Você precisa criar um novo usuário, tente seguir os passos desse tutorial, na parte "create a new linux user": https://habilisbest.com/rathena-setting-up-ragnarok-online-private-server .
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    Rank MVP

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    Status based on Night or Day

    using infinite loop is bad idea. better use timers
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    https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/e9daf0e172d5441ec6d264b4056db4f7f3e5780a/doc/item_db.txt#L74 Its on item_db now. DropAnnounce: true/false (boolean, defaults to false) DropAnnounce: Enables global announcement of the selected item when dropped by monster.
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    Hercules Battlegrounds

    Read the post, man. Couple posts above you can see the solution.
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    Monsieur Panda

    [Guide] Create your server & Client (2016/08)

    Hello, For some reason, I decided to write my own guide for super newbie people. And when I say newbie, I say REAL newbie. I will not ask you to learn anything or saying rude things like "go google ffs". I believe people that want to create their server are not necessary interested being a linux master or whatever. Never people are saying that before leaning guitar, people should learn how string and guitar are made. Enough talk, lets start ! Prerequisites Patience, meticulousness, cogitation kRO full client: Mirror #1 (mediafire), Mirror #2 (Direct Link from my ftp) kRO last actual compatible exe: Mirror #1 (mega.nz), Mirror #2 (Direct Link from my ftp) Setup exe: Download (Page), Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) N.E.M.O. Diff Patcher Download (git) BGM parameter files. Download (Direct Link herc.ws), Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) Translation Package. Download (git) Putty: Download (Page) If Putty does not work, use Kitty Download (Page) 1~2 hours of your time Things you should know: You cannot see password in Putty / Kitty when you type it. nano is a text editor. At the bottom of the screen you can see a menu. To use it, press CTRL + the option's letter You cannot use numeric pad in nano Being polite is always rewarding I. Dedicated server A. Get your server You can find very cheap solution at Kimsufi. Choose anything you want. I recommend you to choose Debian 8 (Jessie) for your OS. In Kimsufi manager, you will find your server IP. You have your login (root) and password in an email after installing the OS B. Configure your server Start Putty and enter server's IP address Connect with root then type the password you got by email. (You wont see " * " when you type) To change your password enter the following line passwd Install required package by enter this (copy this and paste it with a right-click): apt-get install git make gcc mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev screen ​The following is meant to make a web server. Even if you don't plan to make a website, I suggest you to take it, just because phpmyadmin is easy to use. While installing phpmyadmin, select apache2. apt-get install apache2 apt-get install php5 php5-cli libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql apt-get install phpmyadmin ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www/html/ ​Because hercules doesn't work if you use root login, we will create a new user. useradd ragnarok passwd ragnarok [choose_a_password] Connect to phpmyadmin and login with the information you chose at this address: http://your_server_ip/phpmyadmin Create a new database ragnarok and choose utf8_unicode_ci as collation Create another database and name it ragnarok_log with same collation Click on the tab Users (top of the page), Add User and fill the form. Username: ragnarok, password: [choose_a_assword], Click on Check All in the privilege group. (or if you know what are you doing, select options you need) Now you can log out from your server in Putty logout C. Install Hercules Login again in Kitty with the new user ragnarok Download Hercules emulator git clone https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules.git ~/Hercules We will need to reach the database installation folder: cd Hercules/sql-files/ We will now import tables in the database. You will have to write your mysql password each time (set in step B.4). mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < main.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok_log < logs.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db2.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db2.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db2.sql if you want to make a PRE-RENEWAL server, enter also this mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db.sql If you want to make a RENEWAL server: mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db_re.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db_re.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db_re.sql D. Configure hercules It is required to set up a server login and password for char-server, map-server and the login database. It can be done by editing few files and the table login. Start by editing conf/inter-server.conf. cd ../​​ nano conf/inter-server.conf Find the line sql.db_username and fill it with the user and password we created in step B.10. fill also the database name with ragnarok As the same time, you will need to edit conf/import/inter_conf.txt. nano conf/import/inter_conf.txt sql.db_username: ragnarok sql.db_password: your_sql_password sql.db_database: ragnarok log_db_id: ragnarok log_db_pw: your_sql_password log_db_db: ragnarok_log now edit conf/import/char_conf.txt and fill it with this following text nano conf/import/char_conf.txt // Server Communication username and password. userid: [new user] passwd: [new password] Do the same to conf/import/map_conf.txt with the same userid and passwd. nano conf/import/map_conf.txt // Server Communication username and password. userid: [new user] passwd: [new password] You will need to update the login table from ragnarok database. Connect again to your phpmyadmin (I.B.7) Find the table login and edit the only row available. userid must have the same value as [new user] user_pass must have the same value as [new password] char-server.conf nano conf/char-server.conf server_name: [your_server_name] wisp_server_name: Admin For some reason, you must reboot your server. reboot Close the Terminal and connect again after a minute. Now you will need to work on your server ports iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 6900 -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 5121 -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 6121 -j ACCEPT iptables save We are done with the server for now. You can log out if you want. Lets prepare our client! II. Create the Client A. Organization Extract the full client in C:\ro_client\RO\ and launch update with rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe or rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe if you set a pre-re server. Extract the Ragexe.exe in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract data and System folders from the translation Package in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract the opensetup.exe in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract Mssfast.m3d and Mp3dec.asi from BGM.zip in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract N.E.M.O. content in C:\ro_client\NEMO\ Once Step 1 is DONE: Copy All *.dll and *.INI files from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ Copy BGM and savedata folders from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ Copy rdata.grf and data.grf files from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ B. Configure the Client Launch N.E.M.O. and load 2015-05-13aRagexe.exe Hit "Select Recommended" Confirm DATA.INI Rename iteminfo.lub to iteminfo_n.lub Now search "Read Data Folder First" and check it Hit "Apply Selected" and you will have a new 2015-05-13aRagexe_patched.exe file. You should "Save Profile" now, because you will probably want to edit again your client later C. Add the translation Rename C:\ro_client\fresh\System\itemInfo.lub to iteminfo_n.lub You might need to rename C:\ro_client\fresh\data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\ folder to 유저인터페이스 later, but for now, just skip this step (not sure if you encounter this problem). Open C:\ro_client\fresh\data\clientinfo.xml with a text editor (I recommend Notepad++) Update the address with your server IP <address>[ip_address]</address> Done with the translation. Now we will say to the server, which client players are using. III. Finish Server configuration A. Compile the server Launch Putty again and login to your server. We will compile Hercules. It will take time so be patient. cd ./Hercules ​​./configure --enable-packetver=20150513 make clean make sql once it is done, you can verify if the version has been properly set. nano src/common/mmo.h Find following lines #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER Change #define PACKETVER to #define PACKETVER 20150513 if not done yet. If you did change something in mmo.h, you need to recompile again. Process again the step III.A.1 B. Start the server To start the server, you simply need the following line (while being in Hercules folder) ./athena-start start IV. Player Side A. Create a Game Master Account Go to your phpmyadmin (step I.B.7) and find again the login table. Hit the Insert tab userid: [login_nickname] user_pass: [login_pass] group_id: 99 gender: M or F You have now your Game Master Account B. Play Launch C:\ro_client\fresh\2015-05-13aRagexe_patched.exe Login with your newly created game master account Process thru in game. type @go 0 Be happy. V. Customize A. Back to the N.E.M.O. This Diff patcher is really cool, be aware of that. You can now edit again your client. repeat the step II.B.1 Hit "Load Profile" and choose the previous file you created in step II.B.7 Check the list and hit option you want. repeat step II.B.6 and 7 B. Options & Fix Remove the Pin Secure Code Be sure to always be in Hercules folder ( cd ./Hercules) ./athena-start stop ​​nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add this line: pincode_enabled: 0 process to step III.A.1 To edit clientinfo.xml, I suggest you to check the wiki page if you can't see in game button Rename C:\ro_client\fresh\data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º to 유저인터페이스 Get Unbollox: Download (Download Page), Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) In unbollox, select the texture folder and click on À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º Changing starting point nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add start_point_re: prt_fild08,170,365 Changing starting items nano conf/import/char_conf.txt ​add start_items: 2393,1,0,5055,1,0,569,20,1 Changin starting Zeny nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add start_zeny: 5,000 == More options to come, just reply to this topic if you can't find how to do what == C. Adding Custom Content NPC ​Add your script in npc/custom/your_script_name.txt Edit npc/script_custom.conf and add the following line: npc: npc/custom/your_script_name.txt ITEM Read the wiki about custom item (Link) System/iteminfo_n.lub [<item id>] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "My custom Item", // Or "Accessory" or "Headgear" if it is an equipment unidentifiedResourceName = "my_custom_item", //This will set the sprite you will use (ex: my_custom_item.spr / actmy_custom_item.act) unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unknown Item, can be identified by using a ^6666CCMagnifier^000000." }, //Or basically juste { }, if it is not an equipment. identifiedDisplayName = "My custom Item", identifiedResourceName = "my_custom_item", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Bleh this item is a custom item.", "Bleh this is a second line" }, // Description of your item. slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 // Read the wiki page for the list. }, Sprites. Drop item sprite (also the same as click and drag) must be in: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/my_custom_item.spr / my_custom_item.act Inventory texture (24x24 size 256 bit bmp) must be in: data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/my_custom_item.bmp Headgears: Copy the headgear in: data\sprite\¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®\¿©\¿©_my_custom_item.spr / ¿©_Helmet.act for Female data\sprite\¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®\³²\³²_my_custom_item.spr / ³²_Helmet.act for Male Collection picture (75x100 256 bit bmp) must be in: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/collection/my_custom_item.bmp MAP Cient side Your map file name and ID cannot be longer than 13 caracters. ​my_map.gat, my_map.gnd, my_map.rsw, my_map.extra must be in data/ folder (inside grf) Additional textures (bmp) must be in data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/map/ BGM must be in BGM/ folder. Add the bgm in data/mp3nametable.txt (ex: my_map.rsw#bgm\\44.mp3#) Add following lines to data/resnametable.txt my_map.gnd#my_map.gnd# my_map.gat#my_map.gat# my_map.rsw#my_map.rsw# Add this line to data/mapnametable.txt my_map.rsw#Title of my Map# Server Side Add the following line to​​ db/map_index.txt my_map Add the following line to conf/maps.conf map: my_map Cache Create a map.grf and include a folder data/. Add inside your map files (gat, rsw, gnd, extra) Create a folder grf/ in your server root (Hercules/) and upload map.grf inside grf/ folder. Connect via ssh (putty) to your server and log in. Stop your server ./athena-start stop Edit conf/grf-files.txt ​nano conf/grf-files.txt Add the following line, save and close. ​grf: grf/map.grf Do the following command ./mapcache start your serveur ./athena-start start
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    [Guide] Create your server & Client (2016/08)

    Up To date 2017 Version https://habilisbest.com/raspberry-pi-and-ragnarok-online-private-server + Good Business Practices in terms of Herc server installation and administration. + Herc server Troubleshooting Guide covering most of the problems of the beginners and Other frequently asked questions. + [BONUS] Automatic Herc server Database Backup GUIDE to the cloud For those who are crazy about their DB and want to configure full backup of their DataBase every 6 (12, 24, 48) hours. All FREE from Habilis. *Even if it says Raspberry Pi .... It's Debian, OK!?
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    Búsqueda de Hosting (Latinoamérica y Sur)

    Saludos. La mejor opción por mi parte, siempre serán los servidores hosting tradicionales, tales como ovh, contaboo, digital ocean, etc. Ya que todos los otros que son específicamente para Ragnarok siempre escucharas que son una insulto generico...- y la razón de ello es que para cobrar no tienen problema, pero cuando necesitas soporte, no aparecerán más. Yo en lo personal, te recomiendo cualquier vps de OVH, es un buen servicio con buena latencia y características (quiza poco espacio de almacenamiento, pero eso se puede expandir por unos dolares más). Lo que te interesara luego, es ponerle un SO de linux, siendo ubuntu una de las mejores opciones, sobre todo para la gente con menos conocimientos en este tipo de SO. Luego, si sabes ingles vas a querer seguir esta guía para poder instalar todo, quedando una instalación fresca de hercules! espero haber sido de ayuda, y cualquier duda solo dímela!
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    Cliente 2017-06-28bRagexeRE + Packet

    Packets you can get here: https://gitlab.com/4144/servergreps/blob/master/client_re/packets/2017-06-28bRagexeRE/packets_clean.h
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    Flux cp slow

    Fixed thanks Dastgir
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    [VIP System] Ranks VIP system

    This is one of the smallest yet biggest scripts I have made in a while, enjoy(?)Im not that good at scripting, this basically adds VIP exp boosts and can also get stacked if you use my "bEXPi3" function. You'll need to manually set the date for the VIP to finish on that new column, also set your group to the desired rank. For the battle manuals and other SC_CASH_PLUSEXP reliant items, you just simply replace their script like this. Be sure to add your ranks to the function to, or else they'll get dumped to the default rank. Id: 14545 AegisName: "Battle_Manual_X3" Name: "Field Manual 300%" Type: 2 Weight: 10 Trade: { nodrop: false notrade: false noselltonpc: false nocart: false nogstorage: false nomail: false noauction: false } Script: <" callfunc("bEXPi3", 1800000,300); "> Just transfer the original values to the function and the script will take care of the rest =) for additive extra exp boosts
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    Papercraft Horror

    np, Thanks for the comentary.
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    Ragnarok Online Daily Reward [PSD Only]

    File Name: Ragnarok Online Daily Reward [PSD Only] File Submitter: ZelosAvalon File Submitted: 21 Oct 2016 File Category: Other Graphics illust's for a system of daily rewards, created by me, based on the official theme of ragnarok online. It works with the script [rathena]: Daily_Reward_System PS: if someone can migrate code to hercules would be grateful !!! best regards, ZelosAvalon Click here to download this file
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    My ragnarok web design (landing page)

    Hello guys, I've made a ragnarok web design, it is a landing page, which I want to use to attract players to get into our forums. I want to make this to create a big community before launching our server. Please tell me what you like and what you dislike please be critical, it will help me a lot =)
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    IPB Forum registration to Ragnarok

    nice one pr3p yeah! white hat
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    IPB Forum registration to Ragnarok

    Yes its possible Use your ragnarok database for IPB login. 1. Disable forum registrations so that the only way to register is via your server’s registration.(There a setting to redirect IPB’s registration link to your CP’s registration page) 2. Use IPB’s built in merge account feature to merge your users’ existing account to the new account. 3. Disable IPB’s internal login. Using two databases would be messy, really messy don’t even try! Credits to: clydelion
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    IPB Forum registration to Ragnarok

    hi Keough, yes it possible, but you must understand another side of this thing. Security! Because any website have some problems with security (xss/injections/bugs/exploits) etc what can ruin your server very fastly if you make simbiosis between forum & server. But if you really want's to do that, you need some script what will be react for each changes from registration script of IPB & RO db. Example: you make registration from IPB, and you going to the end of IPB and add few strings to make new account in yourro.login table INSERT INTO 'yourrro.login' (name,password,last_ip,accountid++ etc tables (sorry i do not remember all) VALUES('forum_name_registration_variable','password_variable','bla bla etc'). But please, you must understand another thing too, as i remember IPB make security for passwords by md5()+salt? or something like that (dunno), i think there will be a tons of differents conflicts between passwords. And sorry please for fast reply, i do not look into IPB php code, and at RO registration scripts.
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    Aspd penalty

    well if just weapon aspd penalty then its easy if someone could gather all data in iRO..but if we are talking about the current aspd formula of iRO then we need someone that could give the accurate formula and let the devs talks/decide and implement it..