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    Bunch of PvP scripts

    Hello peoples, This post is more a "link to others" than a post in itself. As I stated some ago that I never really wrote a script for PvP (in the most basic meaning of it), I decided last week-end to start writing some. But as I'm a bit...let's say 'mad', I didn't wrote one or two, but 15. This includes a non exhaustive list of: -8 PvP scripts (Battle Royal, Royal Rumble, Deus Ex, PvPvM, Vampire Bal, Clone Defense, Rotative Hunt and Mistery Case) Battle Royal Vampire Bal PvPvM Deus Ex -5 Battle ground scripts, based over the games in S4 League (Captain, Death Match, Captain, Siege, TouchDown) Captain Death Match TouchDown -1 Reaper, based over the game of the same name in S4 League too. -1 'improved' battleground, as it's a 4 team fight. I'll start to release those scripts in the week end (need some time for small edits before releasing them), and I'll all the scripts in this one and only topic, to ensure the access will be centralized for those who may want to get several. I don't know yet if I'll make it paid scripts, as the initial goal was to provide it for free, but the hardest took me a bunch of time to write and debug. So I guess some will be free, and some will be paid ones. Hope you'll like it, peoples! Edit: Here we go, first link added
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    Vampire Bal - PvP Addon

    View File Vampire Bal - PvP Addon Join the Vampire Bal and be the last Guest to survive A PvP Addon where players may fight until the end of the delay configured to earn as much points as possible. The highest points rate will be rewarded, others will too but in a lowest range.The only thing to notice is that dying will make you lose points, while killing others will steal them points, and ensure you a full healing! That's what it is to become a Vampire! Enables first player to configure the game duration at will (5, 10 or 15 minutes), and diffuse announce for players attraction. Configuration enabled: Price to enter, number of player to start the game, duration enabled Command: allowing use of @vbboard, to get a score board for each player in game Credits: Do not claim my work as yours. Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header Submitter Alayne Submitted 06/30/17 Category PvP, WoE, GvG, & Battleground  
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    [Solved] Closed connection before login?

    That's the problem, you need to put the IP address of the server, because the login server its redirecting your client to "" char-server (your own machine ip). Try changing those values.
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    [RESOLVIDO] MOB com drop custom para quest

    Já existem centenas de mobs clonados na mob_db que se não me engano vem da arena de izlude. Eles não tem drop então são exatamente o que procura. Todos tem o prefixo G_ no nome caso queira procurar la na mob_db (slaves de mvp tambem usam esse prefixo, e eles geralmente não tem drop tambem). E já existem mvps clonados sem drop tambem estão nos IDs 2000+ só procurar.
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    [RESOLVIDO] MOB com drop custom para quest

    Rsu é um patcher (ragnarok system updater) que permite atualizar o kRO. Bom não é "só traduzir" pois se aplicar os arquivos do bRO por exemplo o jogo vai ficar sem as informações das lua files necessárias de tudo que o bRO não tem. O iRO já tem o summoner se não me engano então os arquivos em inglês da pasta data/lua files deles devem servir.
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    Yes, I am working on that
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    [RESOLVIDO] MOB com drop custom para quest

    kRO: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=download_kROLinks Tem que atualizar ele, mas o kRO do Ratemyserver já vem com o RSU patcher do Ai4rei. Agora as lua Files, o Dastgir desativou o Link na segunda feira agora, não sei porque mas ele disse que a tradução não está pronta para o público '-'
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    AndRO is looking for dev

    Approved! Good luck.
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    Npc que responde a fala

    Ah sim, sei qual é, eu não lembro onde eu vi isso. Deste modo ai eu não sei mas deve ser a mesma lógica que se usa nas bg com relação ao chat. Vou ver depois, é interessante esse sistema, dá até pra fazer ele como um FAQ in game.
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    2014-10-22 Client Download