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    Murilo BiO'

    Item Drop Lock

    Hey everyone! About this plugin: Well.. I saw a friend that had to remove some items from being dropped by some monsters and he was struggling with the `mob_db` since a lot of monsters drop that item. So I made this plugins which can disable an item from being dropped by all monsters or just for the specified mob types, and also with the possibility of set some exceptions. I hope it can help other people with the same problem. Installation: Well, you just need to extract it on your `src/plugins/` folder and declare it on the `conf/plugins.conf` file, and follow the instructions to build plugins with MSVC or GCC. Downloads \ Changelog: 1.0a - Initial Release. Bug Report: Also, if you find any bug, just tell me *here in this post* or start a new issue on my plugins repository (Link). Contributing: You can contribute to this plugin or any other one in my Plugins Repository by sending pull requests