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    [Showcase] Wow! Zuku's Maps

    Hello and Hi!) I'm new here!) Since I was sitting on eA, I've had a lot of projects, and I decided to start my blog with single locations. Here I will exhibit all my unique locations in the order of creation, so as not to create several topics. Sometimes you can watch the accompanying video of the creation. All materials were created specifically for my own server, on which no one played. p.s. So I will be happy to receive feedback) .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. 1. arena_r4
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    Artz Green Prontera

    Version 1.0


    [Free Release] Artz Green Prontera Support vending area, NPC area. Contact: Skype: ariev.zackie.12 YM : artsoulinc FB : www.facebook.com/artsoulinc