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  1. i heard you can but you need to do a lot of modification on source code, which is im not familiar with XD
  2. how did you solve yours? care to share?
  3. Hey guys, im just wondering, is it possible to do something like this again on our latest emulator? just like this one, or just near to that speed
  4. erm, is it me or i just dont have the 1@mir map (ritual room) in my hercules emu? i just downloaded the emu just yesterday btw
  5. i will try that thanks the problem is like this,
  6. no, even the normal players see it,
  7. guys, how to remove Emperium HP Bar while on woe?
  8. Guys is there anyway that i can use blessings/increase agi, etc, positive buffs to myself/someone who is wearing a GTB?
  9. gonna try this, thanks, ill reply the results no good, its still not working, still changing the name
  10. i've been doing this a lot already, but im kinda confuse right now, how come the item dont show up? i re-checked my accname already, and its fine, the view number is good, do you guys any idea what should i have missed? what is the limit ID in item_db for pre-renewal? is there even a limit? my custom item using 30500+ is working, but on this newly added custom items, i used 25000+, any idea where did i go wrong?
  11. how can i fix this? when i uploaded some sprites, ex. data/sprites/ÀÌÆÑÆ® , the ÀÌÆÑÆ® was turned into something else, i forgot whats the exact name, but it did change it into something else. any idea how to to deal with this? bump?
  12. its already fixed, im not sure if this fix it but what i did is i tried to edit skill_db_cast from re too, and it works
  13. i just need some help here, after i use the food item Cooked Nine Tail's Tails(12206), i cant use another food like Dragon Breath Cocktail(12204) unless i log out and use it, is there a way to fix this? thanks in advance
  14. anyone please ?