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  1. Thank you! My status is available
  2. Here you are completely free palettes without paying:
  3. What version of linux are you using?
  4. I have changed my status to available.
  5. Do you know his server name?
  6. Hello, Just wondering if there is any update?
  7. I am sorry, I am available again!
  8. my latest work, I'm available!
  9. You should contact with Gepard.
  10. I did it on purpose if someone notices it I've made 2 (big and small) and also i have changed the color and small details.
  11. @@Dastgir, if you like it, feel free to use it.
  12. If you are interesting in my serverices. Take a look at the feedbacks, I'm "clean"
  13. Sorry I have been inactive, I'm available again