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  2. This post would be my last option but keeps blocking me on every single way of communication... I know this is not the place to post this but I'm really desperate right now... I paid daifuku 329 dolars on april 2016. I said to her that I didn't had a deadline but she could start working. Instead of working she did literally nothing... On january I asked for refund but Haziel talked to me that she'll do it if I had pacience, so I asked her to do it until the end of february. And she did nothing again... So I talked to her about refund and she agreed of pay me back... Now she blocked me on Discord, Skype, I tried to enter the chat from the server of hers and she also blocked me there and she also block my account for not posting anything from her forum.... I really need help... I worked for 4 to 5 months putting together my saves to paid her 300 dolars.... I don't know what to do anymore... I'm sorry for being over dramatic, but I'm really lost right now....