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  1. Someone?
  2. Hi, I am currently using the item option system in my emulator, but I have encountered a problem, even if the item is correct with Random Options, when I equip the item in the character the effects and attributes do not appear, so I would like to know where I am you should look to resolve this issue.
  3. When you approve, does CASH automatically drop into your account? How to put the PagSeguro do Brazil system too? Can you send me the price for the inbox?
  4. The patch not show errors like you said, but after run client doesn't works. Client Version: 2017-05-17
  5. Please, update "Ignore Resource Errors" for 20170515 Clients, it not works @Neo
  6. so, it is possible to change?
  7. I was analyzing the SRC, and I started looking for some way to change the Level Up effect, but unfortunately I did not find much else besides that: /// Notifies clients in the area about an special/visual effect (ZC_NOTIFY_EFFECT). /// 019b <id>.L <effect id>.L /// effect id: /// 0 = base level up /// 1 = job level up /// 2 = refine failure /// 3 = refine success /// 4 = game over /// 5 = pharmacy success /// 6 = pharmacy failure /// 7 = base level up (super novice) /// 8 = job level up (super novice) /// 9 = base level up (taekwon) void clif_misceffect(struct block_list* bl,int type) { unsigned char buf[32]; nullpo_retv(bl); WBUFW(buf,0) = 0x19b; WBUFL(buf,2) = bl->id; WBUFL(buf,6) = type; clif->send(buf,packet_len(0x19b),bl,AREA); } /*========================================== * script set pc status registry *------------------------------------------*/ int pc_setparam(struct map_session_data *sd,int type,int val) { int delta; nullpo_ret(sd); switch(type){ case SP_BASELEVEL: if (val > pc->maxbaselv(sd)) //Capping to max val = pc->maxbaselv(sd); if (val > sd->status.base_level) { int stat = 0, i; for (i = 0; i < val - sd->status.base_level; i++) stat += pc->gets_status_point(sd->status.base_level + i); sd->status.status_point += stat; } sd->status.base_level = val; sd->status.base_exp = 0; // clif->updatestatus(sd, SP_BASELEVEL); // Gets updated at the bottom clif->updatestatus(sd, SP_NEXTBASEEXP); clif->updatestatus(sd, SP_STATUSPOINT); clif->updatestatus(sd, SP_BASEEXP); status_calc_pc(sd, SCO_FORCE); if(sd->status.party_id) { party->send_levelup(sd); } break;
  8. control panel

    Omg i need this *---* it's gonna have paypal system ?
  9. Hello everyone, i'm trying to create new modes for monsters AI, but i really don't know how to make that, let me say what i'm trying to do, NightTime = The monster just are aggressive in night time. DayTime = The monster just are aggressive in day time ChangeTargetWeaker = The monster always change to more weaker target, (Anyone who has less HP) ChangeTargetLessDef = The mob always change to anyone who has less DEF ChangeTargetLessHp = The mob always change to anyone who has less HP. So anyone can help me to do that? i think that could be a good update for Mob Modes.
  10. What abou use this? Delay: Delay to use item (int, defaults to 0) some items in DB use Delay option.
  11. I know one way to do that, go to conf\map\battle\items.conf and change that: item_use_interval: 5000. It gonna make a delay between using items.
  12. I'm trying to use the plugin to add the SC_ITEMSCRIPT but nothing happens when I use the plugin, could anyone help me?
  13. Dynamic Teleporter PT-BR & ENG-USA

    Version 1.0.0


    A Teleporter dynamically configured, using setarray, you can configure the price, and even a requirement item to use.
  14. View File Dynamic Teleporter PT-BR & ENG-USA A Teleporter dynamically configured, using setarray, you can configure the price, and even a requirement item to use. Submitter Juan Meissner Submitted 07/26/17 Category Utility