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  1. it's work!! Thanks you...but it's have small problem You see that right,sir? http:// When my character walked on all the rug in room...... it's seem too dark!!
  2. thanks you
  3. i add prt_in_bot01.bmp but it still not working... I very like this map... http://
  4. I used your new update but it still not working... i don't know where i'm wrong? please, help... http://
  5. oh my...it's nice
  6. maybe this map need old prt_in_bot01.bmp & prt_wall01.bmp
  7. It's greats! Thanks
  8. Sorry...but it's can't dowload anymore... Please,share it again...
  9. Sorry...Someone have Lasagna Town Map of Doram?...Please,Share me?
  10. i get view id accessoryid.lub of item is 1371 and i follow this view item with iteminfo and item_db i add bmp item/collec and spc/act done...i don't understand what i wrong? But how?...i can't see my figure used that items...but i can see items in game....but your figure can used in this game...but can't see item...
  11. sorry but...i add items like that....but when i used this items,i see this... Do you know, how to fix it?
  12. I'm play with hercules sever...i add custom item done, but when i used this item,i don't see my I do not see on the person Someone know how fix it, please, hekp me!
  13. Someone can help...i add item done and login sever i see item in Inventory normal... but when i click used items, i see this!
  14. sorry,butwhere i can't dowload new mobs?
  15. Dastgir....thanks very much! you help me so much,men! Cám ơn nhiều!