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  1. http:// It also affects a lot of things, but i don't know,What should I do next?
  2. it's Kro client! And yes,it's ragexe2018-04-04 Kro from: https://www.midgard-community.com/forums/files/file/515-full-kro-client-2018-05-14/ My Diff: 8 Custom Window Title 9 Disable 1rag1 type parameters (Recommended) 13 Disable Ragexe Filename Check (Recommended) 24 Fix Camera Angles (Recommended) 28 Increase Headgear ViewID 32 Increase Zoom Out Max 33 Always Call SelectKoreaClientInfo() (Recommended) 34 Enable /showname (Recommended) 35 Read Data Folder First 36 Read msgstringtable.txt (Recommended) 38 Remove Gravity Ads (Recommended) 39 Remove Gravity Logo (Recommended) 40 Restore Login Window (Recommended) 41 Disable Nagle Algorithm (Recommended) 42 Skip Resurrection Button 44 Translate Client (Recommended) 46 Use Normal Guild Brackets (Recommended) 47 Use Ragnarok Icon 48 Use Plain Text Descriptions (Recommended) 49 Enable Multiple GRFs (Recommended) 50 Skip License Screen 53 Use Ascii on All LangTypes (Recommended) 61 Disable Packet Encryption 64 @ Bug Fix (Recommended) 65 Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub (Recommended) 68 Enable 64k Hairstyle 76 Enforce Official Login Background 84 Remove Serial Display (Recommended) 86 Only First Login Background 90 Enable DNS Support (Recommended) 91 Disconnect to Login Window 97 Cancel to Login Window (Recommended) 104 Increase Hair Style & Color Limits 204 Increase Attack Display I used Translation of #zackdreaver and Nemo of #Secrect https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE https://github.com/secretdataz/NEMO with lua file I just fix service_kr
  3. i very like new login/create character...but i don't know how to fix it,please help...
  4. as above... If someone know please show me...
  5. help... I don't know how to fix http://upload picture
  6. amazing...
  7. it's work!! Thanks you...but it's have small problem You see that right,sir? http:// When my character walked on all the rug in room...... it's seem too dark!!
  8. thanks you
  9. i add prt_in_bot01.bmp but it still not working... I very like this map... http://
  10. I used your new update but it still not working... i don't know where i'm wrong? please, help... http://
  11. oh my...it's nice
  12. maybe this map need old prt_in_bot01.bmp & prt_wall01.bmp
  13. It's greats! Thanks
  14. Sorry...but it's can't dowload anymore... Please,share it again...