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  1. Hi council14, Why would you need a full guide in order to modify an account to be a GM? Simply select your RO database in phpMyAdmin, then find the `login` table, and edit the user account's 'group_id' to the new GM level (99-0).
  2. Hi xeNium, Hercules has a nifty plugin feature, read up about it. But I really wish one of them would work on support for multiple cores; though performance-wise, Hercules has done awesome.
  3. Hi ayennnnnnn, Paid? As far as we know; portforward provides free guides, so where are you looking?
  4. Hi Legendary, Make sure you have put the correct MySQL username/password, it appears to be incorrect.
  5. Hi ayennnnnnn, Make sure you have set up a MySQL server. And within your MySQL server, make a database called 'rathena' so that you can import your emulator's SQL files.
  6. Hi Everyone, Following Mysterious's post for Starlite; I've decided to share a .PSD for a template which I purchased from AquaDesiree, almost 7 years ago. This template was used at the end of SurgeRO's days, and was coded before; however, it was lost after a USB stick was stolen. I'm sure someone has some use for this... But as an early warning; this style of site is very "throwback". It's not like what's been going around these days... so you may find it very unappealing & old-fashioned. Preview: Download:
  7. Hi Dev Blaze, There were no haters, they were potential clients who had some questions about your service.
  8. Hi mrlongshen, Use iRedMail, easy script to run and install a full mail outgoing/incoming system...
  9. Why not try including CAPTCHA in login forms? Hi 0x8, Unfortunately, CAPTCHA can be bypassed now a days. The sessions suggested by jaBote is definitely a good idea to consider.