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  1. The files can't be opened, someone who already had it please kindly share with me please? Thank You
  2. Thank You @caspe it's work perfectly!What i do 1. mysql_secure_installation 2. GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '(user )'@'(webhost IP)' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION;3. GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '(user)'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION;4. FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 5. EXIT; Never ever grant user access to all database, (for security reasons), I would recommend only grant to db which is required @Dastgir Is it like this? GRANT ALL ON (dbfolder).* TO '(user )'@'(webhost IP)' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION; GRANT ALL ON (dbfolder).* TO '(user)'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; If i already grant user access to all database what i need to do to redo that? Thank You
  3. Thank You @caspe it's work perfectly! What i do 1. mysql_secure_installation 2. GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '(user )'@'(webhost IP)' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION; 3. GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '(user)'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '(passwd)' WITH GRANT OPTION; 4. FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 5. EXIT;
  4. Hello, I use unmanaged VPS from DigitalOcean and already installing LAMP so my server already runs well But now i want to make website for it using FluxCP and i already buy webhost for it that have phpmyadmin too on the cPanel. My question is, 1. Is it better use phpMyAdmin from webhost or use from VPS? 2. How to connect it? If im using phpMyAdmin from webhost how to connect it into my VPS server and If using phpMyAdmin from VPS how to connect it into webhost? Because i tried it and got this message Error: PDOException Message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1130] Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server I tried to allowing VPS IP to my webhost already but it still like this. I still learning on this please kindly teach me on this Thank You
  5. up, i got same problem
  6. Hello, i tried making hercules server but when trying to compiling i got this error make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/trunk/src/char' MAKE map_sql make[1]: Entering directory `/home/trunk/src/map' MKDIR obj_sql CC atcommand.c {standard input}: Assembler messages: {standard input}:49982: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted {standard input}:51101: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.' {standard input}: Error: open CFI at the end of file; missing .cfi_endproc directive gcc: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1) Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. See <> for instructions. make[1]: *** [obj_sql/atcommand.o] Error 4 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/trunk/src/map' make: *** [map_sql] Error 2 this problem occure although im not change anything from src/map/atcommand.c at all i tried re install newly hercules server and compile but same problem occuring.. please kindly help me.. Thank you
  7. im using 2013-08-07 most of them are dead links how is it @@wengbenedict93? here active link for 2013-08-07 ragexe
  8. Are you using renewal? If yes maybe its because of renewal exp system.
  9. So, this is my problem after trying and trying im newbie so please bear with my question I already success doing all this step Install from CentOS ( done Compiling ( done but stuck at here And now connecting ( fail and im stuck here around 3-4days Here the problem 1. char-server.conf >> im editing this at import/char_conf.txt 2. map-server.conf >> im editing this at import/map_conf.txt 3. inter-server.conf >> im editing this at import/inter_conf.txt 4. network.conf (still dont understand how to use it so i leave it default) all the problem always looping inter-server.conf but there's 1 times network.conf showing problem too (but i dont understand) My question is 1. Why is it keep looping like that? 2. Whats the right configure for char-server,map-server,inter-server and network.conf? (did i need to change all the port become 6121? why? and what the right ip for this when i already got VPS IP? Char-server.conf login_ip: char_ip: login_port: char_port: Map-server.conf char_ip: map_ip: char_port: map_port: Inter-server.conf sql.db_hostname: char_server_ip: map_server_ip: log_db_ip: all port: 3306 and what do i do with network.conf? leave it or change it? 3. Did my unmanage VPS cause all the problem? because its unamanged? if yes, what did i need to do with my unmanaged VPS? 4. Installing FluxCP at VPS/WebHosting? my result after surfing told me to install it at webhosting. But, if FluxCP installed at webhosting how to connect it to my vps? 5. When following Install from CentOS ( i cant find any MySQL folder at my VPS ( what i need to do so i can manage my MySQL at my VPS? i tried many times install cPanel/WHM but always fail i dont know why it takes me around 2hours every try... 6. Im buying domain at my web hosting ( but when registering vps i do this >> so where i need to edit my website? 7. About thor patcher im following using my web hosting but my patcher wont connect. and im following fluxcp guide from judas too, but i dont know if i need to use my webhosting / my VPS? since my VPS didnt have phpmyadmin, but when i try using my webhosting its fail i still cant open my domain nor my IP For now thats my question, im really needed help here Thanks a lot and Sorry for so many question
  10. moving to for new problem and more detailed question
  11. Thanks @@Winterfox & @@Dastgir and for @@Dastgir im done re try all the step but ending like this (infinity loop) I tried Step 5 for 2 times, first using my vps and then try using but all of them ended looping like the pict above. What i need to do? Thanks before
  12. So, im finish doing this Install from CentOS ( Compiling ( And now connecting ( still at step 5 step 1 (making new user id&password) done making userid & passwd following use databasename_rag; >> use hercules2006_rag;UPDATE loginset `userid` = "[new user]", `user_pass` = "[new password]" where `account_id` = 1; did i need to delete [ ] or let it like that? and change (new user & new password) only? step 2 Im skipping it because it said Usually there is nothing to be done here in terms on connection. step3 (char-server.conf) im changing // Login Server IP// The character server connects to the login server using this IP address.// NOTE: This is useful when you are running behind a firewall or are on// a machine with multiple interfaces.login_ip: [new ip here](into my VPS IP >>> new ip = VPS IP? or let it still Character Server IP// The IP address which clients will use to connect.// Set this to what your server's public IP address is.char_ip: [your wan ip here] (into my VPS IP >>> VPS IP = WAN IP right?) step 4 (map-server.conf) doing same like step 3 step 5 (inter-server.conf) doing this and finally trying to run server cd Hercules ./configuration make clean make sql ./athena-start start and error please help me to solve this problem please.. Many many thanks
  13. @@Dastgir after following your guide to active (service mysqld start) another problem shown ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database 'hercuser_rodb' is it because of this? did i need to make new database like this? mysql> CREATE DATABASE hercuser_rodb; or changing mysql -u root -p hercuser_rodb < main.sql into mysql -u root -p hercules1234_rag < main.sql mind to explain? Thanks before
  14. Im newbie who still learn how make my own ps online so im following this guide ( I already have VPS server and then follow that guide but at this section (Import MySQL Tables ) i always failing 1. cd sql-files/ ( its fail, so i tried this >> cd /home/hercules2006/Hercules/sql-files/ ) 2. mysql -u root -prootpassword hercuser_rodb < main.sql (its fail, so i change it into this >> mysql -u root -p hercuser_rodb < main.sql ) and...... error 2002 T_T it said Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/mysql/mysql.sock This is the picture Please anyone help me :') Thanks a lot And btw, can someone explain this ? I dont understand why and it still confuse me >< Thanks Again ^^
  15. Problem solved Thanks to @@Dastgir @@kyeme Thanks a lot guys ^^