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  1. hello guys need your help i used Hercules-master_2015-12-17--15-58.zip old libconfig 1.4.9 this plugins for my version not working but only edited please help! need normal working plugins for libconfig 1.4.9
  2. whats error in console ? img please in studio! if you used exe 2013 or higher download this version http://www.mediafire.com/file/t7t57pzr3g7766r/2013-08-14aRagexe.exe+Client+Update+by+Themon.rar
  3. rodex working...
  4. please Give an example? Not strong in scripting thx! oy! sorry my) i find
  5. hi all! need your help, help me with dropouts. It is necessary to make, that at murder of a mob of a poring 3 apples fell out And when killing the mobs Drops, to drop 8 apples How to implement it correctly? i used hercules version 2015 libc 1.4.9 my db please help out! killing mob Poring - add 3 apple killing mob Drops - add 8 apple
  6. whery nice, please src code in studio -))
  7. all working your plugin system thx* )
  8. Hi guys, need help, help out. The essence of the matter is this: I want to make changes to the standard board For example: board 91-99 It is necessary that the quest be taken only once and 1 char It is necessary that if I took a monster devirochi, so that in parallel could not take another monster for example kaho .. and need a check with the message that if I have not completed the quest, and I'll choose for example kaho, so that the message that until I I will pass the old quest, I can not take the monster kaho. I need a check with the message, if I blown the whole board 91-99, then the message came out that I went through the whole board and that in this 91-99 there are no more missions! Help out! this default 91-99 board
  9. http://herc.ws/board/topic/12571-emotion-dance-detachafk-hold-heart/
  10. not working your plugin's working this src script
  11. all! Works, thank you so much!
  12. and only after if configure not failed, run: make If configure failed, before need run: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/UcQi2wyqXUsv/motr/plugins.avi my ./configure non error you are in my do not know why this problem i'm right?
  13. i'm sample remove next db2sql getting error db2sql.so not found removed db2sql next HPMHooking_char.so error i dont know whats problem
  14. I understand everything, that's how it was by default, but there were errors during compilation by default line makefile.in PLUGINS = sample db2sql HPMHooking_char HPMHooking_login HPMHooking_map $(MYPLUGINS) but still are errors sample.so error 2 stood value I shot a video for you, look at what is the problem and how to solve it? VIDEO PLUGIN INSTALL ERROR