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  1. Sorry Sir ,my bad. Thanks for your kindly reminder.
  2. Anyone can teach me how to use ollydbg change ? I try a long time. Only change chat color... If you hope I pay you money,I can pay. Please anyone help me. Thanks you. (My English is bad ,so sorry.)
  3. Thanks you,I also think .
  4. Like this He say player name color about server side . Server side = source code? Plz anyone,. Maybe you can tell me a little something.
  5. Okay,thanks you talk me this command . I can try it.
  6. Hello,everybody. I want remove miss But I don't know about "remove miss" I have to change what clif->? I need help,Thanks you. I mean when no have damage is not have miss When have damage is have miss My English is so bad,hope you know my mean...
  7. Okay, thank you so much.
  8. Who can share to me the script plz. I can't download because link dead. Thanks you.