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  1. i want to try & buy this please PM me @Kubix

    1. Kubix


      Hello, sorry, I don't have a time for YARL now. I will update my topic later.

  2. may be u need to check at job_db.conf use manual configuration of hp calculation for rebellion job becouse rebellion hp following Soul Linker Hp calculation that only cap up to lvl 150 make it more than 150 i hope this solve ur problem sorry for bad english T.T
  3. please make rebellion and doram avaible on hercules T.T complete the src master
  4. got same issue : (
  5. bump up please commit this idea
  6. Hellow here i found some bug when i use this in my npc script the berserk effect succesfuly end but it show some eror in console i didn't edited the skill src i hope all of herc master can solve my problem atcommand "@battleignore"; sc_end SC_BERSERK; percentheal 100,100;
  7. How To Change Resistance cap of element demihuman resist longrange from normal 100% to 120% get immune
  8. hmmm thanks for reply.. BTW i try this but when i use 100% al elemnt card resist people still miss when attacking hmm doest work it should have 20% damage more.. please help me more i mean normal element to miss is 100% i want it to become 120% to make element miss i try this still cap at 100 hmm..
  9. Hellow All of Hercules Master I want to ask what should i change to make my element resist cap become 120% im new on herc i need this to implement on my server please help me hehe