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  1. nvm. just changed the wordings. lol. Thanks @Dastgir instead of [%s] has won [%s] from '%s'.# changed it to [%s] killed '%s' and got [%s].#
  2. here's what i saw in my msgstringtable [%s] has won [%s] from '%s'.# all the same variable. o.o
  3. nvm saw it. will try and update
  4. hello. can anyone tell me where to edit the message that comes out when dropannounce is enabled in the itemdb? It should be "name has acquired Maya purple Card from Maya purple"
  5. up
  6. up
  7. The idea is similar with my current hourly points, however it will just be specific for an active WoE castle. - Gives you 10 woe coin when you stayed inside the active castle for 20 minutes - Succeeding 10 minutes will give you 1 woe coin - If you died, you have to come back within 1 minute or the time will reset Here's my current script for hourly points:
  8. Thanks man! Should not also use OnEquipScript repeatedly. Thanks @Myriad!!
  9. Hi. Can somebody please help me to fix my item_db2 script, what i wanted to do is to change the appearance to baby job when wearing an item. but it seems that what i did is wrong. help pls. Below is what i tried to do in my item_db
  10. @Myriad the problem is previous guide are either outdated or the link is already down. and most of the scripts in the download section are not compatible with the current rev as well.
  11. Hi. Is this working in 2013-12-23 client? because some of my players said that they can still use rpe
  12. @GmOcean do you have another link for this?
  13. Working link for this please.
  14. @Myriad that's what i also planned to do, but i was afraid to ruin my src. LOL. are you the only one who's active here? haha. thanks man!
  15. Hi. May I request for a modification for sinx soul link. Instead of increasing the damage of sonic blow, change it to soul breaker