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  1. Is your services available?
  2. I already inputted the safety refine my problem now the 2nd one i dont know which line should i add
  3. I dont get this mam void skill_weaponrefine (struct map_session_data *sd, int idx) { nullpo_retv(sd); if (idx >= 0 && idx < MAX_INVENTORY) { struct item *item; struct item_data *ditem = sd->inventory_data[idx]; item = &sd->status.inventory[idx]; if (item->nameid > 0 && ditem->type == IT_WEAPON) { int material[5] = { 0, ITEMID_PHRACON, ITEMID_EMVERETARCON, ITEMID_ORIDECON, ITEMID_ORIDECON, }; int i = 0, per; if( ditem->flag.no_refine ) { // if the item isn't refinable clif->skill_fail(sd,sd->menuskill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); return; } if( item->refine >= sd->menuskill_val || item->refine >= 10 ){ clif->upgrademessage(sd->fd, 2, item->nameid); return; } if ((i = pc->search_inventory(sd, material[ditem->wlv])) == INDEX_NOT_FOUND) { clif->upgrademessage(sd->fd, 3, material[ditem->wlv]); return; } per = status->get_refine_chance(ditem->wlv, (int)item->refine) * 10; // Aegis leaked formula. [malufett] if (sd->status.class == JOB_MECHANIC_T) per += 100; else per += 5 * (sd->status.job_level - 50); currently stuck here where do i insert the safety refine and item obtained
  4. I am having error on this one when i click the npc then attack a monster I ended up unable to move
  5. hi need help on assisting on this source to increase the safety refine of whitesmith and how to show its Upgrade for example Weapon Upgrade +8 Knife etc
  6. Hi i need help on this I want to put the guild breaker’s name during WoE whoever breaks the castle Must be last hit basis example Emperium was destroyed Credits goes to (Breaker Name) of guild (guild of the breaker)
  7. Hi i need help on my vote for point system it doesn’t read my current cash points and everytime i vote it reverts back to 0 and doesn’t go inside the account
  8. Would not recommend this guy... He did offer me a good offer just for an installation of Vote for points in the site Didn't heard back from him after Wasted my 5$ for trying No sense of urgency as well Bad experience....
  9. Hello Hercules Community, I would like to invite you all to my Private Ragnarok Server Genesys Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Server Gepard Protected A modified high rate server! Semi frost Server Modified PK Server 255/120 Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes Only Base and Job Exp Rates: 10000x Item drop rates: 100% Normal Cards Drop rate: 50% MVP Cards/Equips Drop rate: 20% Rare MVP Cards Drop rate: 1% Storyline quests Custom NPC, item and skills Server features: - Healer with identify, repair and buff - Warper NPC - Instant Job Changer - Platinum Skills NPC - Universal Rental NPC - Stat and Skill Reset NPC - MVP Room - PVP Room - PVP Rankings - Stylist - Gold Room - Card Remover - Feel Reset and Hatred Reset - Guild Package NPC - Good GM Freebies - Custom Mall Settings - Dead Branch / Bloody / Dead Branch Room - Invasion Event - Poring Catcher Event - Dice Event - Vote Point Shop #JoinGenesysRO To Register: Visit our official site Lite Installer: RO Lite Installer.rar Full Installer: Ragnarok Online Full Installer.rar Facebook Group: Like our Facebook Page:
  10. Hi is your services still available?
  11. Need assistance how to set to can't use any items when under the effects of Blade stop caster and hitter Thanks