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  1. Hello guys, I was wondering if there was a way to make the monster cast Frost Diver against the target first, and then, after the target is frozen, he casts Lightning Bolt to deal more damage. Thanks,
  2. The same issue, but thanks. Yes, that is right! It is like this YY-MM-DD and not YYYY-MM-DD! Thank you! Also, I got the solution from this topic: Bests,
  3. Hey Asheraf, Yes! That picture shows clearly what I have explained. I was wondering if we can apply what is shown in the picture in our clients. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I tried to delete a character, but it didn't work. I made the delay deletion = 0 and character deletion by BaseLevel = 0, however, that didn't help either. I tried to enter the password, email, birthday when deleting .. all of them didn't work! Please help
  5. Hi guys In some languages, the writing direction is from right to left, such as Hebrew, which is the opposite of English writing style. However, almost all Ragnarok clients that we have don't support displaying NPC's messages from right to left. Therefore, I was wondering if you could help me make any client change the direction of displaying the text of NPCs from the right to the left. I have seen a client that have this kind of thing but I am not able to access to it anymore. So, how can we change that in the clients we are using today? I have attached a picture that shows what I mentioned, I know that it is in English but just to let you guys get the idea of what i'm talking about. Thank you!
  6. Oh! I see. Problem solved.
  7. Hi guys, When I talk to an NPC like kafra, the illustration shows, but it is too small. How do I make the illustrations look bigger in my client? Thanks!
  8. OVH might be a good choice for you. They have servers in Canada I think.
  9. Oh, I see thanks!!!
  10. Hi!! I wanted to know the file that contains the size of the npc message box but I couldn't find it. pic: Please help me out!
  11. Thank you so much Can I increase the limited letters in that phrase? I can only replace them when I use HxD Thank you a lot Asheraf!
  12. Use hex editor and find this line: Change those part on red label Which hex editor do you recommend me to use for Ragnarok clients?? Which hex editor do you recommend me to use for Ragnarok clients?? Thank you!!
  13. Hi guys! I wanted to make a change in a phrase but I couldn't find the file that contained the phrase. the phrase is " Total : (amount) Zeny " and it is shown when you buy items from a dealer. I thought it should have been in msgstringtable.txt, however, it wasn't there. pic: thanks!
  14. Hi! I noticed that there was a problem in the Item Sell History. After checking the sold items, the sold prices are always shown 0 zeny in the [item Sell History]. Pics: After selling: How do we fix this?! Thanks! Update: I think Hercules developers have solved the issue! Big thanks to them.