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  1. my map server isnt working
  2. Sir can you make a full guide for ur BG rewrite im new with these stuff 

  3. where do i have to put the src? in which folder?
  4. I want to request a script for team deathmatch Ex: 5v5 or 10v10- first who scores 50pts, win Players that dies respawn with in 10 seconds. and please dont make it a plugin since im new to these stuff, and i dont have any knowledge on how to do plugins, thats all.
  5. how do i set the timer to minutes?
  6. i am too scared to try this since im new with this stuff, so well
  7. hi can you make a full guide for this?
  8. NVM i found it already
  9. how can i edit the soul link duration? from soul linker skill
  10. // For those who is set, their innate attack element is "not elemental" // (100% versus on all defense-elements) (Note 3) // NOTE: This is the setting that makes it so non-players can hit for full // damage against Ghost-type targets with normal attacks (eg: vs. Ghostring). attack_attr_none: 14 what should i change?
  11. same problem here
  12. It seems deviling card does not reduces neutral attacks, i have tested it with asura strike all the elemental reduction and race reduction,size reduction is not working cards and gears please help
  13. out of 3 BB only 1 does 2hit BB, can you help me so it will permanently do 2hits?
  14. I notice that bowling bash causes only 1 hit, i thought its supposed to be 2 hits? and how can i edit it to make it two hits?