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  1. you mean melee attack only?
  2. dude new client since like 2012 use itemInfo.lua/lub that is the one you need to have working correctly
  3. First time seeing this. Thought I'd try it out. Really cool idea, surprised I'm just seeing this now. Reports: • If you are in a chatroom of the clone then the clone dies, the chat closes then your char is stuck. • Something interesting, you can send friend and party requests to clone mobs, which then send to the real char.
  4. Possible, but extremely difficult. Probably not worth the time/effort. Better to think of alternative.
  5. Yes...rAthena have more of the content complete than Hercules, but they are very reckless with their development systems. Most of the commits are either fixes for something that someone broke (that previously worked) or minor changes such as syntax correction or function tweaks. Commit no. and activity log looks pretty, but context should be considered.
  6. Description: Adds the @adopt command to your server. Usage: @adopt <char name> The adoption feature exists in the source. However, from experience, some clients don't support the right-click menu option to adopt players, rendering the feature unusable. Perhaps this atcommand should be added to the main repo. For now, you can use this to allow your players to use the adoption system. Download:
  7. Found an issue. Console getting spammed with this: [Mar/29 14:50:41][Warning]: npc_event: player's event queue is full, can't add event 'RecalcStat::OnPCStatCalcEvent' !
  8. control panel

    Nice news to hear. Do you have a demo site?
  9. As of Release v2018.03.13, the method to generate mapcache for Hercules has changed. A lot of people. myself included, were confused as to how it works. In this thread, I will do my best to explain the new way to generate your cache. This guide is intended to help people using the old system, not to aid new people (i.e. never generated mapcache before), so if you are new, some of it may seem like alien talk. Old (your source predates [is older than] Feb 18, 2018) In the old system, there were two ways to generate mapcache You could run the mapcache executable in Hercules root folder. Or use a program such as WeeMapCache to edit in your required mapcache. These two methods would generate or alter your required mapcache located in db/[pre-re or re]/map_cache.dat. However, they are no longer supported. New (your source is using Release v2018.03.13 or newer) The new system involves the use of the new 'mapcache' plugin to generate files. Some quick points: db/[pre-re or re]/map_cache.dat has been dropped (no longer supported). In its place are individual .mcache files for every map located in maps/[pre-re or re]/ Mapcache executable has been removed. Replaced with the mapcache plugin (src/plugins/mapcache.c). How to generate the mapcache? Same as before, check conf/map/maps.conf and db/map_index.txt have all the maps you want to cache. Your maps need to exist somewhere in your repository! There are two ways for the plugin to find them: a. Place all your maps, including resnametable.txt, inside the data folder of your Hercules repo. I.e. Hercules/data/prontera.gat/gnd/gnd/rsw (note: I forget if all three files are needed). b. OR Configure your conf/grf-files.txt to tell it where to find your GRF(s) which contains your maps. Build the mapcache plugin. On linux, this can be done by running the following command: make plugin.mapcache If using MSVC, compile as you would any other plugin. Execute plugin. This can be done using the following command: ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache [param] In windows, just remove the './' and run the commands in your command prompt. The params: The first thing you should do is run ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --help A list of usable parameters will appear. Here are the ones you need to know for mapcache: [Info]: --convert-old-mapcache Converts an old db/pre-re/map_cache.dat file to the new format. [Mapcache] [Info]: --rebuild-mapcache Rebuilds the entire mapcache folder (maps/pre-re/), using db/map_index.txt as index. [Mapcache] [Info]: --map <name> Rebuilds an individual map's cache into maps/pre-re/ (usage: --map <map_name_without_extension>). [Mapcache] [Info]: --fix-md5 Updates the checksum for the files in maps/pre-re/, using db/map_index.txt as index (see PR #1981). [Mapcache] ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --convert-old-mapcache Rebuild all the .mcache files using your old db/[pre-re or re]map_cache.dat file. NOTE: You should only run this command when you have an old map_cache.dat file you need to convert. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache Rebuild all the .mcache files using your map files specified in step 2 of generation. NOTE: You should only run this command in special circumstances. This erases ALL the existing mapcache and rebuilds it with whatever files you provide it. If you don't have the required files, the build will fail and you will be left with missing mapcache files, meaning you won't be able to access those particular maps. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map <name> Rebuild the .mcache file for the map name you specify. E.g. if you replace <name> with prontera, the maps/[pre-re or re]/prontera.mcache file will be rebuilt. NOTE: This is the best command to run, as it only caches a single map at a time. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --fix-md5 I don't know what checksum is for. The End Feel free to ask for help here. I'll try to answer questions re: mapcache if possible. And if you think anything needs correcting or added, let me know. Hope this helps!
  10. lol? this is way better than the old way. Splitting cache into individual files makes it so much easier to manage. Those used to the old way (editing map_cache.dat) will struggle at first, but find it a lot better once they get used to it. I was mad when the change was first made, now I am much happier because of it.
  11. --
  12. Make sure you get auraset file from here: Is your Hercules updated? Since that error only should happen if this code missing from your clif.h enum clr_type { CLR_OUTSIGHT = 0, CLR_DEAD, CLR_RESPAWN, CLR_TELEPORT, CLR_TRICKDEAD, };
  13. im sure your database is not called 'ragnarok'. some code clearly wrong looking for wrong place. 'ragnarok.ragnarok.cp_vfp_logs'
  14. It is explained right there. Table not exists.
  15. Last view id is 1864 but could be more. ( files/datainfo/accessoryid.lub) Maybe start at 2200 to allow for new sprites. I have had some issues with view ids above 3000. Maybe it was 4000, I forgot. I just remember once I got to a certain point, the client would just crash.
  16. nice effort. im a noob, what practical application does this have?
  17. what you mean? check out my mapcache guide if you need help.
  18. Hello, I'm trying to make MATK = 1 for players while on a certain map (my_map). I've had success with all the other stats using this method, but MATK doesn't seem to change. static int status_calc_pc__post(int ret, struct map_session_data *sd, enum e_status_calc_opt opt) { nullpo_retr(-1, sd); if (strcmpi(map->list[sd->bl.m].name, "my_map") != 0) return ret; struct status_data *bstatus = &sd->base_status; bstatus->max_hp = 40; bstatus->matk_max = 1; bstatus->matk_min = 1; return ret; }
  19. good luck but honestly would have preferred you finished your control panel project. that was rather disappointing.
  20. I believe if you use mapflag pvp_nocalcrank i forget the exact name of it but it's something like that
  21. Once you get used to it, the new way is far easier. Consider that most of us are running Hercules on Linux, which means we don't face the issues people running local servers on their Windows do (in terms of mapcache). A tl;dr guide is - Make the 'mapcache' plugin. - With the izlude map files you want to use in your /data/ folder, run: Linux ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map izlude Windows map-server.exe --load-plugin mapcache --map izlude The errors from those screenshots are happening because that person rebuilt their entire cache without having the required files that resnametable.txt was looking for. E.g. you ran ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache But you didn't have all the map files you needed in the /data/ folder or your GRFs. In this screenshot: - pvp_y_1-4 is based on alberta, so you would need all the alberta map files when mapcache is being rebuilt. I should probably update that you shouldn't run the rebuild-mapcache option unless it's really necessary.
  22. this is beyond my thinking why sprintf(_("Text %s", [email protected])); not sprintf("Test %s", [email protected]);
  23. Status: Unavailable [0/0] Hello, I have been a part of this community for more than two years. I feel my skills have reached a point where I can offer them in a freelance manner. About Me I started scripting in 2016, as my server was in desperate need of developers. Over time, I branched into source. My specialties include editing skills, creating menu-based scripts, atcommands and script commands. Samples Below are some samples I created for the community. I believe they are proof of my ability and hopefully fill you with confidence to hire me. Scripts Function - Ordinal Suffix: Adds the ordinal suffix to a number. E.g. 1 -> 1st, 223 -> 223rd, 1000 -> 1000th, etc. Soul Link NPC: A basic NPC which allows players to pay for Soul Links. Wheel of Fortune: While not an original script idea of mine, the final version was revised and edited by me. Script Commands BUILDIN(getalliance): A script command which returns the Alliance and Opposition Guild IDs of the inputted Guild ID. Skill/Status Edits TF_BACKSLIDING: A plugin which re-enables Back Sliding's animation, the way it was in eAthena. Magic Rod Behavior: A pull request I made which allows you to configure Magic Rod to use its old eAthena behavior. SG_PARRYING_LOV: A plugin which gives a Star Gladiator the 'Lord of Vermilion' and 'Parrying' skills while Soul Linked. Services My specialties, the things you should absolutely hire me for: Atcommands. Script commands. Anything script related. Skill modification. Scripting: I consider myself proficient with the script engine. Pitch your idea to me, I'll make it work. Source Edits: When it comes to source edits, you should specify if you want it in plugin or diff/instruction form. In the case you want a plugin, I will investigate if it is feasible for the source to be in plugin format. Depending on my schedule (I am a University student) and the difficulty of the job, completion can take anywhere from 2-3 days to up to a week. When I agree to take on your job, I will usually inform you how long I believe it will take. I will only take on 2 jobs at any one time. Prices All prices start at $5, with the exception of scripts, which start at $3. Payment is only available through PayPal. No other methods will be accepted. Continued support after the completion of your job is free. Contact You can contact me via PM here on the Hercules forums or on Discord. I go by the same name 'Myriad' on the Hercules Discord. → I check these forums every 2-3 days. I have email alerts setup for my PMs, so if you message me here, I should get back to you in a day or two at the most. → I usually log into my Discord once or twice a day. It may take 24-48 hours to get a response from me, but in most cases it should be within 12 hours.
  24. Hi Inzanity, It would depend on the size of the request. I don't have a lot of time to test, so any sort of long script (like an event or quest) would be out of the question. Skill edits and custom functions don't take up too much time, so if you needed anything like that, I could be of service.
  25. yea some of my pets got broken