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  1. Once you get used to it, the new way is far easier. Consider that most of us are running Hercules on Linux, which means we don't face the issues people running local servers on their Windows do (in terms of mapcache). A tl;dr guide is - Make the 'mapcache' plugin. - With the izlude map files you want to use in your /data/ folder, run: Linux ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map izlude Windows map-server.exe --load-plugin mapcache --map izlude The errors from those screenshots are happening because that person rebuilt their entire cache without having the required files that resnametable.txt was looking for. E.g. you ran ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache But you didn't have all the map files you needed in the /data/ folder or your GRFs. In this screenshot: - pvp_y_1-4 is based on alberta, so you would need all the alberta map files when mapcache is being rebuilt. I should probably update that you shouldn't run the rebuild-mapcache option unless it's really necessary.
  2. this is beyond my thinking why sprintf(_("Text %s", [email protected])); not sprintf("Test %s", [email protected]);
  3. Hi Inzanity, It would depend on the size of the request. I don't have a lot of time to test, so any sort of long script (like an event or quest) would be out of the question. Skill edits and custom functions don't take up too much time, so if you needed anything like that, I could be of service.
  4. yea some of my pets got broken
  5. yeah im always using these too. idk, guess it's the way the forums are formatted doesn't allow for legacy posts to feature heavily.
  6. this is how people get scammed
  7. Received my shirt in the mail today. First time having something mailed from Germany. Anyone else got theirs?
  8. Nice to see you choose a different style philosophy. In my opinion I find the stereotypical RO design that people want integrated with FluxCP really ugly.
  9. @M4karov I already addressed. This plugin is no longer supported.
  10. From what I know, you can't do anything about the sword icon. Period. Since it is coded into the client and not server side.
  11. Most important feature ever? You can generate sql db using your item_db.conf. Not sure why you need sql db to run your server? You using old server with sql db and you can't port to new version?
  12. nice to see you again chuu
  13. got too damn busy to do my 15 PR. this was a good incentive by github for better interactions.
  14. You need to edit atcommand_exec This piece of code here orders that part. I think if you just remove the check for group level it will work. if (info == NULL) { if (pc_get_group_level(sd) == 0) // TODO: remove or replace with proper permission return false; sprintf(output, msg_fd(fd,153), command); // "%s is Unknown Command." clif->message(fd, output); atcommand->get_suggestions(sd, command + 1, is_atcommand); return true; }
  15. I will up my efforts try to get to 15 PR for October