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  1. nice job friend. attack animation is very smooth, and death ani is funny
  2. this is client which dont really have anything to do with bots. lots of people have mice with GUI which lets them program keystrokes into clicks and even automation. GUI means even the newbest of newbs can bot (dont need to learn AHK, which is even newb)
  3. are you using latest herc? Hercules uses true/false not yes/no (though tat probably not change anything in this instance)
  4. check new database format. weapons now have subtype instead of view id.
  5. my suggestion start over and import all your old content to fresh hercules and follow improved practices, so then you can simply git add remote origin Merge git fetch Merge git merge Merge/master ...resolve any conflicts (shud be not many if any) and voila you up to date with hercules plugins, item_db2 and mob_db2 help immensely with this. it will take a long time to import ur stuff, but it is worth it in my opinion.
  6. question not make sense what u triyng to do?
  7. SyncMaster fixed lighting and shadows on an edited version of guild_vs3 which @Chuu made for me ages ago. You can check out the accuracy of his work here: Included are the original map, the original edit and the edit after SyncMaster was finished. Really satisfied with the job. Would hire again. Make sure you give SyncMaster enough time to complete your job request and you will be happy, too!
  8. you can use item_db2.conf and the Inherit: false flag to override items in item_db.conf
  9. You can use the replace all feature in Notepad++ which I think you are using. Replace all Type: 5 with Type: "IT_ARMOR" Loc: 16 with Loc: "EQP_ARMOR" and so forth. You can compare values of old -> new to see what you need to replace each one with.
  10. upload your code in code tag or to a site like uppaste or pastebin. we dont want to download stuff. Also, you should describe the issue, what is currently happening and what you are trying to achieve.
  11. Requesting someone to make a guide on plugins. It's really confusing trying to make pre-hooks work just for a small part of the function you want to change. It's annoying for everyone having to ask over and over again why my plugin is not working the way it is intended. Example, I made a pre-hook, but it ends up ignoring everything that follows this part of the function. Instead of asking somebody the reason behind this, it's good if we can learn ourselves. With the documents and resources available, trial and error is my only option. Existing plugin examples is NOT great because there are not examples which cover every aspect of source. Will have to go back to editing source if this continues to be a pain -_- If I can quote AnnieRuru..,
  12. nice caspe great job buddy
  13. caspe you should report on the github issues rather than here. i made an issue for the first four. it's self-explanatory why the compiler is warning you for reportafk and leader:
  14. @caspe you don't suffer from this issue? If not, could you PM me your Nemo profile? As I'm using the same client.
  15. Just installed this plugin, wanted to try it out. I'm unsure what it was like before, but seems the BG Guild Emblems are not displaying correctly. @caspe it would be better to include #if PACKETVER <= clientver, replacing clientver with the last known compatible one. I'm not familiar with this plugin, but I guess it would be this part? /* Display emblem on head of char [lucaslsb] */ #if PACKETVER <= 20141022 if (hBG_enabled && sd->state.changemap && map->list[sd->bl.m].flag.battleground) clif->map_type(sd, MAPTYPE_BATTLEFIELD); if (hBG_enabled && map->list[sd->bl.m].flag.battleground) clif->map_property(sd, MAPPROPERTY_AGITZONE); #endif and then, // clif interface overloading [lucaslsb] #if PACKETVER <= 20141022 clif->sendbgemblem_area = clif_sendbgemblem_area_overloading; clif->sendbgemblem_single = clif_sendbgemblem_single_overloading; #endif but after testing, it seems this is pointless, as the newer clients show the emblems just fine (read below). Better to add a config for whether you'd rather show the sword or not. ALSO your alignment issue is not exclusive to guild emblems. It's to do with the zoom in/out of your client. It can happen with some headgears to, such as ugly ass wings. Exhibit A, zoomed in. Exhibit B, zoomed to an appropriate amount.