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  1. From what I know, you can't do anything about the sword icon. Period. Since it is coded into the client and not server side.
  2. Most important feature ever? You can generate sql db using your item_db.conf. Not sure why you need sql db to run your server? You using old server with sql db and you can't port to new version?
  3. nice to see you again chuu
  4. got too damn busy to do my 15 PR. this was a good incentive by github for better interactions.
  5. You need to edit atcommand_exec This piece of code here orders that part. I think if you just remove the check for group level it will work. if (info == NULL) { if (pc_get_group_level(sd) == 0) // TODO: remove or replace with proper permission return false; sprintf(output, msg_fd(fd,153), command); // "%s is Unknown Command." clif->message(fd, output); atcommand->get_suggestions(sd, command + 1, is_atcommand); return true; }
  6. I will up my efforts try to get to 15 PR for October
  7. trying to come up with 3 more PRs is hard...maybe I will just delete and re-open my ones from before October lol.
  8. Nice job Dastgir good to see you are still updating this. People of Hercules, keep reporting in a constructive manner to make a good system
  9. nice one. remember to take consideration to geography, what kind of people are living there and some immersion stuff like that. Even though you may not fill your map with anything, it will help you with your designs. Aesthetically pleasing.
  10. This is to do with client not Hercules.
  11. @Habilis i will be the first to get the t-shirt.
  12. About BlackoutRO Oh, hey, what's up? long time no chat u gm. BlackoutRO is a very old server. It first opened in 2006. After 10 years of service, in 2015, it closed due to the neglect of development. In 2016, the server was rebuilt from scratch and went through a long testing phase. August 2018 saw the full relaunch of the server. Read more about the history of BlackoutRO: [Click here] Why should you invest time in BlackoutRO? Here at Blackout, we are all about fast-paced BG, PvP and WoE. Do the words "skill spam" send tingles down your spine? They should. Free-flowing battles is what we all crave. How about "competitive War of Emperium"? We boast the most consistently competitive private server WoE scene. Since 2010, players have attended Wars with open arms, ready to be torn to shreds and to repeat it week after week. As of August 2018, "Pay to Win" elements have been removed from the server. To become a serious player, you'll need to actually play the game. Good? Bad? You decide! We, the Staff Team, are all about making ethical decisions in the best interest of the server. The server always comes before one's own interests. These values, along with our strong connection to our community, will be what drive us forward, and is why you should feel comforted in investing time into BlackoutRO. Join our community. It'll be the time of your RO life. Server Information Server Opened: August 16, 2018. The current database has been live since September 2016 - all items and zeny from before then were lost due to the server being rebuilt from scratch. Accounts, characters and guilds were retained. Server Location: California, USA Mode: Pre-Renewal Maximum Base / Job Levels: 500 / 120 Base / Job Experience Rates: 10001x / 10001x Drop rates: 100% (most common items and MvP drops), 30% (most equipment), 10% (cards) Maximum Stat Value: 450 Maximum Attack Speed: 197 Instant Cast: 170 DEX Status Immunity: 300 LUK
  13. Hercules master race
  14. I haven't been able to enable sanitize and test again, but something peculiar happened. I got a few of these messages, then everyone got booted from the map server. (08/27/2018 12:16:09) [ Error ] : Memory manager: freed-data is changed. (freed in achievement.c line 79) [Aug/27 12:16:26][Info]: Character 'Some Character' logged off. [Aug/27 12:16:26][Info]: Character 'Some Character 2' logged off. [Aug/27 12:16:26][Info]: Character 'Some Character 3' logged off. I just thought it was weird and maybe too coincidental? No crash, everyone was able to login a few moments later. Also I have had a few of these floating around: (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : achievement.c:727: 'amount != 0' in function `achievement_validate_zeny' (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x62f233] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x408ea3] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x521069] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x50c661] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x46ac9a] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x4ad21f] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x63b1de] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server(main+0x2ca) [0x4083ea] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /lib64/ [0x7ffff62c3445] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : /home/user/Hercules/./map-server() [0x40859b] (08/16/2018 21:08:07) [ Error ] : --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- Using last months release (I believe v2018.07.29+2) with no edits or plugins related to acheivements.
  15. I received this crashlog. I don't know what caused it, some plugins were referenced: Tried checking over all those plugins for null pointer. Disabled afk, unit, status, trade and itembonus, then it happened later, referencing again the ones I didn't disable.