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  1. i dunno i am compiling on linux sorry maybe someone can help u who uses windows
  2. make it like this. this plugin uses hpmhooking. the FORMAT part is commented so anything there is not included /* this area is commented */ plugins_list: [ "HPMHooking", "hBG", ]
  3. Yup the atcommand is setting it correctly. But when I use it in my function, it is not checking the same ssd. That is, the ssd are not the same. Imagine atcommand is using sd 1111 and ssd 1234 But function is using sd 1111 and ssd 1235.
  4. Locate to tools folder where it's located and run ./ pre-re ../ ../db/pet_db2.txt > pet_db2.conf should generate conf file in the tools folder change pre-re to re if renewal
  5. @Cabrera probably you forgot to enable in plugins.conf? Those script errors usually cause the script command doesn't exist.
  6. are you using latest herc?
  7. This is my atcommand. I thought it was working since the clif->message is displaying correct message when I use it. // @my_state - sets state.my_state ACMD(my_state) { struct player_data *ssd; if ((ssd = getFromMSD(sd, 0)) == NULL) { CREATE(ssd, struct player_data, 1); addToMSD(sd, ssd, 0, true); } ssd->state.my_state = !ssd->state.my_state; clif->message(fd, msg_fd(fd, (ssd->state.my_state) ? 1553: 1554)); // my_state mode [enabled/disabled]. return true; } When I mean return 0, I mean function is returning 0. It's not relevant to issue. ssd->state.my_state should return 1 after using my atcommand, but it's always returning 0 (I tested using ShowDebug("%d", ssd->state.my_state); in my 2nd code box) Edit: I tested by returning each ssd, and it seems they are not the same ssd? I.e. the ssd in the @my_state command is not the same as the one in my function.
  8. Hello, I am trying to create a piece of code using a plugin which will return 0; I started by creating my struct player_data, which contain state my_state, intended to be set and red as ssd->state.my_state (1st code box) I set my_state using an atcommand and it seems to set ok. But when I'm trying to bring it up in the following code (2nd code box), ssd->state.my_state is returning 0 even though I am sure it is really set to 1 after using my atcommand. Looking for help thank you. struct player_data { struct { unsigned short my_state : 1; } state; } if (target && target->type == BL_PC) { struct map_session_data *sd = BL_CAST(BL_PC, target); if (sd) { struct player_data *ssd; if (!(ssd = getFromMSD(sd, 0))) { CREATE(ssd, struct player_data, 1); addToMSD(sd, ssd, 0, true); } if (ssd && ssd->state.my_state == 1) return 0; } }
  9. official bg is stable. if you want to use custom bg check source or plugin release and see if comments will help you.
  10. noobzter browse back few pages there is answer there somewhere. btw this plugin not supported anymore by its owner
  11. plugin

    better solution use hercules
  12. 2015-10-29 is first supported doram client i believe.
  13. You need to edit status icon for SI_WEIGHTOVER50. Use Dastgir's guide to help you: Edit msgstringtable.txt to have it display the amount you want. Just ctrl+f it. HP/SP will not be restored when your carried weight is over 50% of the Weight Limit.# You can't use Skills or Attack while your carried weight is over 90% of your Weight Limit.# If you want a custom message for an item you can use the dispbottom() script command.
  14. You can put your maps in the /data/ folder or you can use a GRF to load maps.