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  1. GvG

    you need to add custom mob id to db\mob_avail.txt
  2. thx lucas u my hero
  3. seems its client related not server. i rolled back my server 6 months and it was occuring.
  4. this started happening to me lol
  5. nice job promeister, it's great to see spriters and innovators in the community. you guys are a rare commodity.
  6. whoa those some huge, freaky looking monsters.
  7. how you fix? i have this issue too.
  8. welcome cold. wrong section tho i think. should be projects.
  9. you should apply .patch files manually, that is edit contents one by one and add so you can review everything. because auto-merge does not work if the code it needs to replace is not the same. and also the new code may be actualyl old code and outdated
  10. [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: .m$pacporing4 is not a string variable. This one is caused because your string variable is not finishing with $ It should be .mpacporing4$
  11. bump
  12. well sure but thats not RO related. you need to go to a linux forum and ask about remote ssh access, shell scripts and stuff. i doubt anyone here can answer your question about it. because what it seems you need is automated script performing SQL funcitons.
  13. yup. the answer is query_sql() script command.
  14. Some update @Hit` you should make sure instead of commenting that line, make it: if (bl->type != BL_PC && flag&STOPWALKING_FLAG_FIXPOS) clif->fixpos(bl); You need to make sure it's only BL_PC it's not registering for, since I've noticed some monsters can slide all over a map if you comment this.