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  1. I don't know what to do. Seems all sorts of things can cause a crash. Now pc_setregistry did it. For reference, I am using src mods (Gepard Shield) and some plugins of my own (various edit). The #BG_TIE variable is being called using pc_setglobalreg(sd, script->add_str("#BG_TIE"), pc_readglobalreg(sd, script->add_str("#BG_TIE")) + 1); pc_setglobalreg(sd, reference_uid(script->add_str("#BG_TIE"), month), pc_readglobalreg(sd, reference_uid(script->add_str("#BG_TIE"), month)) + 1); #1: pc.c/9816 p = ers_alloc(pc->num_reg_ers, struct script_reg_num); #2 script.c/3573 [code:c] case '\'': set_reg_instance_num(st, num, name, val); return 1; default: if (ref) { script->set_reg_pc_ref_num(st, ref, num, name, val); } else { pc_setglobalreg(sd, num, val); //<<<< Here } return 1; [/code] #3 intif,c/1349 script->set_reg(NULL,sd,reference_uid(script->add_str(key), index), key, (const void *)h64BPTRSIZE(ival), NULL); #4 intif.c/2892 case 0x3804: intif->pRegisters(fd); break; #5 chrif.c/1645 if (cmd < 0x2af8 || cmd >= 0x2af8 + ARRAYLENGTH(chrif->packet_len_table) || chrif->packet_len_table[cmd-0x2af8] == 0) { int result = intif->parse(fd); // Passed on to the intif // <<<here #6 socket.c/1418 sockt->session[i]->func_parse(i); #7 core.c/557 sockt->perform(next);
  2. I wasn't able to enable sanitize after installing those packages. I cleared my char_reg_num_db and things have been okay for 36 hours now. I will post again if things become an issue.
  3. Thanks for your responses. I am unable to use the enable-sanitize=full option. It tells me 'configure: error: zlib library not found or incompatible...', despite the fact I have installed that dependency (version 1.2.7). The crashes are referencing variables that aren't being used by any script (but were used in the past). And I never made any edit to any src in pc or script other than adding some script command via plugin. This part here, is where pc_setglobalreg(sd, num, val); occurs. Are there any immediate quickfix options like clearing my char_reg_num/str_db? Or that wouldn't make a difference? name=0x7fffffffe0d0 "newbquest", value=0x1, ref=0x0) at script.c:3573
  4. I'm using quite a few plugins. I've tried to disable them one by one but it is difficult to find what is the cause.
  5. Hello, Recently my map server crashed. Hoping somebody can help me from this gdb debug information. First it said there was an overflow in script, at script_reg_destroy at if( p->value ) Then it crashed with this log on 'bt full'.
  6. this feature is pleb feature. Just same fancy marketing tool. why u want this. its feature of rathena flux cp. since hercules is not updated we dont have it. anyway if you want to make, you need to record players online in your server. save it in $Variable and then use sql queries to call from flux cp.
  7. that bad idea...can never be updated unless you manually put in stuff one by one. and will become spaghetti code.
  8. very nice not noob like @Habilis
  9. Good stuff guys. Keep up reporting issues in an orderly manner.
  10. Hopefully people can help improve this in a positive way.
  11. What are you trying to achieve? I don't quite understand.
  12. You need to check 'sd' is not NULL first. so like if (sd != NULL && sd->[SC_SOULLINK] && sd->[SC_SOULLINK]->val2 == SL_HUNTER) If you have edited other source code, you will need to check it for all sorts of stuff isn't using null pointer. E.g. sc != NULL, tsd != NULL, etc.
  13. Use git to clone my repo or just click the link and copy the code lol.
  14. your plugin is outdated. go download updated version.
  15. Description: Adds the check_resist() script command to your script engine. With this command, you can retrieve elemental resistances for a character. check_resist(<type>{, <account id>}) e.g. check_resist(Ele_Water); check_resist(Ele_Wind, getcharid(CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT));