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  1. whoa those some huge, freaky looking monsters.
  2. how you fix? i have this issue too.
  3. welcome cold. wrong section tho i think. should be projects.
  4. you should apply .patch files manually, that is edit contents one by one and add so you can review everything. because auto-merge does not work if the code it needs to replace is not the same. and also the new code may be actualyl old code and outdated
  5. [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: .m$pacporing4 is not a string variable. This one is caused because your string variable is not finishing with $ It should be .mpacporing4$
  6. bump
  7. well sure but thats not RO related. you need to go to a linux forum and ask about remote ssh access, shell scripts and stuff. i doubt anyone here can answer your question about it. because what it seems you need is automated script performing SQL funcitons.
  8. yup. the answer is query_sql() script command.
  9. Some update @Hit` you should make sure instead of commenting that line, make it: if (bl->type != BL_PC && flag&STOPWALKING_FLAG_FIXPOS) clif->fixpos(bl); You need to make sure it's only BL_PC it's not registering for, since I've noticed some monsters can slide all over a map if you comment this.
  10. I'm looking at ACMD(mobinfo) and I want to be able to get the actual mob ID. I'm using the 'db/mob_avail.txt' file to create more monsters of an ID. My problem is monster->vd.class is showing the sprite ID, instead of the actual ID. Example, in mob_avail.txt I have the following entry. When using monster->vd.class, it returns 1109 for both entries (when using @mobinfo Deviruchi) 2620,1109 I want to get the actual ID as I wish to exclude certain entries from showing in the @mobinfo search. Thank you.
  11. control panel

    Suggestion: you guys should consider using XenForo's business model. I think it would be great for something like this. You pay a one time fee to obtain a license. So long as you hold this license, you can: ○ Download the software. ○ Download upgrades. ○ Use the support boards. ○ Download additional resources. In order to retain above privileges, you need to purchase extensions (or in your case, maintain your subscription). The software itself would be downloaded in a ZIP/RAR archive. Most of the files can be edited inside it. Allowing CSS editing functionality as a part of the CP software itself would be a great addition, so users stay out of the source files. This also gives great maneuverability for appearances, allowing greater customization. With this model, the software itself doesn't expire, rather, the license to use it does. Users would be able to continue using the software after its expiration date, but they would be barred from updates/upgrades, support, etc. Tracking each license should also provide a means of tracking who is sharing the software, perhaps allowing you to remotely null an illegal installation. The support board itself [I assume you would create one] would be both Community and Staff operated. Regular subscription users can also answer support questions and be involved.
  12. I don't think this is related to hBG, rather, some script commands have bad compatibility with characters logging out.
  13. Probably smoke is busy with new project BladeCP. I imagine he will come back to this after he is done or this project is dropped support.
  14. if i recall its dangerous to set storage above 800. you should check your SQL data to confirm items are still there.
  15. On top of fxfreitas post, you should look into the SA_CLASSCHANGE skill, as well as monster GID. When you using Class Change on a mob, it retains its original properties. Example: If you used class change on an alchemist plant, even after turning into mvp, it can still expire as if it were still a plant.