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  1. Update: - skill_get_requirement_post was missing a 'sd' check. - Configuration for which skills become available is now set in an array. - Console will print a warning if the array is not configured correctly. // Configuration int extra_skill[] = { // Add the skills/levels here // Format: skill_id, skill_lv, WZ_VERMILION, 10, LK_PARRYING, 10 }; // End Configuration
  2. Come one, come all. I have converted the single greatest source edit into plugin form: Consider me for your next job. Editing skills, statuses and making atcommand and script commands are my specialty!
  3. Description: When a Star Gladiator is Soul Linked, the 'Lord of Vermilion' and 'Parrying' skills become available for them to use. This must be the most requested source edit of all time? Idk why. Anyway, here you go - in plugin form.
  4. What you have there are instructions. Basically, you just need to follow them and it should slot straight into Hercules. It should work, cause skill ID 85 = WZ_VERMILION and 356 = LK_PARRYING. If I'm correct, it is telling you to edit the pc_calc_skilltree_clear function. I'll let you try to work it out from here.
  5. event

    you should show/explain how you triggered that
  6. event

    you have edited script. download fresh one and start again.
  7. go to meatspin dot com to install star emperor on rathena
  8. Hi all, For the longest time I've been creating custom script commands simply so I can read a value from struct map_session_data{}. For example, I wanted to return the value of sd->state.showzeny, so I created a simple buildin just for that purpose.It would go something like this: BUILDIN(read_showzeny) { struct map_session_data *sd = script->rid2sd(st); if (sd != NULL) script_pushint(st, sd->state.showzeny); else script_pushint(st, -1); return true; } Seems not bad, right? But then it got me thinking. I'm creating all these script commands for one simple action. Surely there's a better way? That's when I stumbled across the getunitdata() command. Then it came to me - create a script command which can fetch this data for a player. The Goal Create a script command which can fetch the data which map_session_data provides. It would work similar to getunitdata(): *getplayerdata(<account id>, <DataType>{,<Variable>}) Maybe also setplayerdata()? Helped needed: The one thing is, not all the stuff in there is useful. Maybe it would be best to selectively choose what can be retrieved as data? I made a list for this stuff. Let me know what you think.
  9. remember songs/dances don't affect yourself unless you are linked.
  10. if you're gonna quote the whole thing at least show the courtesy of putting it in a spoiler.
  11. Great stuff Meko. I remembered this thread from ages ago. Finally found good use for these functions, they are making life a lot easier.
  12. i thought stalker is already immune to dispell skill when linked?
  13. chat_area_size refers to the distance in cells in which you can see the public chat of other players. It must be equal or lesser than area_size, which specifies how many cells away can you see players. E.g. chat_area_size = 9 Player A is at prontera 100 100 -> Can see chat from Player B, not C. Player B is at prontera 100 109 -> Can see chat from Player A and B. Player C is at prontera 100 110 -> Can not see chat from Player A, can see Player B. #channel system is something else.
  14. games

    nice idea good work