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  1. As meko is correct, this script command wouldnt be more appropiate? areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, <skill id>, <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>) *areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, "<skill name>", <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>) This command will make all monsters of the specified mob ID in the specified area use the specified skill. Map name, x, and y define the center of the area, which extending <range> cells in each direction (ex: a range of 3 would create a 7x7 square). The skill can be specified by skill ID or name. <cast time> is in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second), and the rest should be self-explanatory. <target type> can be: 0 = self 1 = the mob's current target 2 = the mob's master 3 = random target Example: // spawn 1 Shining Plant in the 5x5 area centered on (155,188) areamonster("prontera", 153, 186, 157, 190, "Shining Plant", SHINING_PLANT, 1); // make the plant cast level 10 Cold Bolt on a random target areamobuseskill("prontera", 155, 188, 2, SHINING_PLANT, MG_COLDBOLT, 10, 3000, 1, e_gg, 3)
  2. You have your ro data files up to date? if not or not sure, just leave your ro updating
  3. didnt you notice that this thread have more than two years? o.o
  4. What do you mean with the "vending stuff"? The things that the merchants are selling with their vending skill? Or maybe the stores of npc's?
  5. Hi, you will also want to empty the following tables: cart_inventory inventory storage guild_storage if you want to the fame list start again empty also char_reg_num_db char_reg_str_db Also, You want that the characters start over, or just deleting their items?
  6. Great! I'm glad that you are finally back! Maybe i will contact you soon
  7. Great! remember to put this thread as solved!
  8. That's the problem, you need to put the IP address of the server, because the login server its redirecting your client to "" char-server (your own machine ip). Try changing those values.
  9. Very useful info, i didn't know it! and before I tried to approach this implementing the addrid command from rathena, but as this is official (of hercules) is better i guess.
  10. seems more like the login server is not sending you correctly to the char server... you configured correctly your conf files?
  11. Check if you have use_aegis_delete on false and... try putting in level -1 besides, the console says something?
  12. Hi Eternity I dont know why you put that in that way, because that script was about showing the error, it dont need to have a trigger zone, so no OnTouch behavior. Tedexx put that basic script to show in a quick and easy way what is happening, because that is NOT the expected behavior (believe me, i made a lot of scripts that dont invoke a mes window and walking towards the npc is not supposed to happen, and never happened before). The skills with no cast is also a bug and doesn't need client modification, because is not client related (that would be a visual position bug), and give a lot of problems when you are killing monsters or in PvP.
  13. Hey! this is a client related, but to add more icons you have to add it in the data and add the info of the new icon in db/constants.conf below comment__: "questinfo"
  14. yes, they are completely viable and are not to hard to implement. If i have time i will make a plugin for this events!
  15. Can confirm, this happens in skills with no delay (arrow shower for example), and with npc's that not have any mes. But, when you walk to a npc and touch a trigger zone and the npc reacts, it stops you even when it dont have a mes.