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  1. control panel

    Your panel is very cool and that but Subscription? I don't support that
  2. This is one of the smallest yet biggest scripts I have made in a while, enjoy(?)Im not that good at scripting, this basically adds VIP exp boosts and can also get stacked if you use my "bEXPi3" function. You'll need to manually set the date for the VIP to finish on that new column, also set your group to the desired rank. For the battle manuals and other SC_CASH_PLUSEXP reliant items, you just simply replace their script like this. Be sure to add your ranks to the function to, or else they'll get dumped to the default rank. Id: 14545 AegisName: "Battle_Manual_X3" Name: "Field Manual 300%" Type: 2 Weight: 10 Trade: { nodrop: false notrade: false noselltonpc: false nocart: false nogstorage: false nomail: false noauction: false } Script: <" callfunc("bEXPi3", 1800000,300); "> Just transfer the original values to the function and the script will take care of the rest =) for additive extra exp boosts
  3. Sure thing I can do that hit me up on discord or skype Skype: ryyu_hoshii Discord: '[(?)] Puppetté.exe#4709
  4. Good luck, but try to make it open source.. Make it bigger so it doesn't die
  5. huh.. this is new? new baby jobs? I havent heard of it yet lol
  6. en tu carpeta de sprites hay una carpeta que es para el drop y otra para el item en si, asegurate de que las edites por separado y no hagas copy paste es a lo que me refiero
  7. Bueno.. la sprite del equipo no es la misma que la que esta encima de tu personaje, tienes que jugar mas con los valores del .act de la sprite que va en tu personaje, son individuales, presta atencion a eso
  8. Its not official I dont encourage you to use that but, well eAthena was GPL so you can use it in some sort of "guidance" I know its an old version but its kinda almost the same because the mods havent updated in a while, so.. anyway if you find it I guess you can have it, but im not helping or giving you links
  9. no you dont. even zeph made it available heh
  10. yea
  11. Im going to report this here, because I dont know if its a server side problem or what but.. The client crashes when you use highess heal with full throtle at 30,000 or something like that stats It kills you when you dont have the patch "Increase Attack Display" and if you have it enabled your client crashes (and everyone looking at you)
  12. Esto es verdad, solo el langtype 17 soporta ñ y algunos acentos especiales.
  13. Que gran bump, bueno.. No habia revisado este tema, esto pasa creo por los archivos lua, la verdad con la memoria que tengo ya hace años que no utilizo clientes del 2011< pero me gustaban mucho, parece ser solo un error de luas.. en todo caso creo que instalar una data completa lo arreglaria y meter tus customizaciones desde ahi.
  14. No habia revisado esta publicacion hace tiempo.. tal vez puede ser que ya lo reparaste, me puedes decir si tus sprites estan bien colocadas? Si es asi, tambien debes chequear que tu cliente este "diffeado" correctamente, con "Enable 64k Hairstyles" si aun no lo has reparado, manda una screenshot de tu carpeta de sprites donde estan tus peinados.