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  1. control panel

    this can use forum login as master account?
  2. Seems nice, lets hope that its not a dead project, I kinda not support the proyect going lua, but.. I guess its okay, that is a big-down if you know what I mean, most people are used to the simple *Athena style
  3. It is very nice to see someone putting the final touches to the web client finally good luck on this
  4. Maybe because it wants to attack everything?
  5. So the Old AI works again?
  6. What is that for?
  7. Nice job !
  8. debes actualizar el mapcache para que funcione bien, el server debe saber a donde te puedes mover
  9. thats the job from a .dll that the encryption software gives you.. the actual patch you need to use is something to enable it to use 3rd party dlls I dont quite remember the name maybe its: UseCustomDLL
  10. I see.. but its really nice to have ! Let's see how much it lasts
  11. Not on all clients actually this is a recurring problem on clients 2016 and higher I think
  12. @Functor could you share them please?
  13. 4144 can you reproduce that patch that Functor Applied to the .EXE file I gave him?
  14. It does work.. it would be nice to make a patch for this because its a bug with newer clients but yeah now everything is fixed and we solved the Head problem.. now its just to remake all the headgears .ACT uhm... I wish understod C# Many thanks @Functor !
  15. ACT Editor from Tokei's has automation scripts but I don't know C#.. thats the language scripts are supposed to be made in Also here is the unpatched .EXE https://www.mediafire.com/file/c8q10uqxq375hfe This one is patched if you don't want to patch the file above: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dren7r7pleefl41