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  1. What is that for?
  2. Nice job !
  3. debes actualizar el mapcache para que funcione bien, el server debe saber a donde te puedes mover
  4. thats the job from a .dll that the encryption software gives you.. the actual patch you need to use is something to enable it to use 3rd party dlls I dont quite remember the name maybe its: UseCustomDLL
  5. I see.. but its really nice to have ! Let's see how much it lasts
  6. Not on all clients actually this is a recurring problem on clients 2016 and higher I think
  7. @Functor could you share them please?
  8. 4144 can you reproduce that patch that Functor Applied to the .EXE file I gave him?
  9. It does work.. it would be nice to make a patch for this because its a bug with newer clients but yeah now everything is fixed and we solved the Head problem.. now its just to remake all the headgears .ACT uhm... I wish understod C# Many thanks @Functor !
  10. ACT Editor from Tokei's has automation scripts but I don't know C#.. thats the language scripts are supposed to be made in Also here is the unpatched .EXE https://www.mediafire.com/file/c8q10uqxq375hfe This one is patched if you don't want to patch the file above: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dren7r7pleefl41
  11. Wait this is amazing, I understod what you did with the .IMF file but how did you edit it tho? Without decrypting? It looks all gibberish after I open it So I need to re-make all the headgears ? And any idea on why the animation speed is fixed on 2018 clients? It obeys that settings on 2015 10 30 but the animation looks slow-mo in 2018 06 20 Could this have something to do with: (0, 0) Priority 0 Params? @4144 Do you see anything on animation speed? I think thats the only problem now, the animation speed on 2015 10 30 shows like this: 30 fps at 30MS speed but on 2018 06 20 it looks like this: like if it was extending the animation speed to 100+MS 2015 client Its apparently following this setting on the .ACT but 2018 is not even if I put 2000ms it doesnt follow that rule but 2015 does Tokei's ACT Editor and Actor2 have that setting and 2015 clients follow it but 2018 doesnt seem to
  12. I found out client is cutting the head frames somehow.. to something between 7~9 why? Because I added 14 extra frames to a hairstyle and it only rendered like 7~9 of them, then after that the head just dissapears I knew because I fliped the head halfway just to know if I was applyng my changes.. EDIT: After some research it appears that it always stops rendering at frame > 7 but this does not happen with headgears(thats why the guy remade the hairstyle into an item..) By the way these are the contents of the Ranger .IMF file... GRF Editor is able to read them, but I don't know if they work "decrypted" https://pastebin.com/QPiuMLYa It looks similar... I don't know how it works or what it is for..
  13. @Rytech Hairstyles dont move at all maybe I just could clone the .ACT files for every hairstyle with cloned frames... but as for the headgears I think that will be hard to do lol I'll try it now, 2018 clients behave weird with this 30 FPS sprite.. they don't obey the Animation Speed its like a fixed sprite speed why? Because that sprite looks like walking in slow motion, I fixed this by reducing the frames to 15 and the animation looks faster and nicer not slowmo I did that because that slow-mo walk was kinda weird to advance like 3 meters and that was just like a step in animation, you can see it in the gif
  14. @4144 This is the effect, its because the Head sprite doesn't match the body sprite frames maybe.. So maybe if I just clone the .ACT frames I will get the head to render just fine but the Headgears still flicker, its impossible to re-make all the items .ACT manually..
  15. The archive is the original one but yeah.. its damaged, thanks for pointing it out. I'll upload my version that I was using, maybe it got damaged on rA because I just downloaded it from there, this GRF is old.. like he did more updates but never uploaded anything thats what we got Here it is: tos.rar I included a Recovery Registry in case it gets corrupt again Yeah it looks amazing I don't understand .ACT but is it easier to add duplicate frames ? Like maybe making a batch thing to do that to all headgears .ACT files.. so it matches at least 30FPS, maybe just duplicate every direction with the complete animation(because there are jumping porings for example) which have an animation described BTW @Rytech there is a file called .IMF which has some weird descriptor looks like frames for every sprite, it was mentioned on the original post but nobody knows what those files do any idea? im downloading RO right now I just setup a new copy of Hercules on my VPS so I can test this Here is a link for the project info.. its on rA, but the original author(Slee) is inactive for quite long time https://rathena.org/board/topic/107718-ragnatos-tree-of-savior-sprites-into-ragnarok-online-injection/ Also here is his blog where he was putting his findings http://ragnatos.blogspot.com this is his youtube channel where he put 3 videos of tests https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJq7UVbcvkgI9Fy788jh68Q/videos