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  1. @Smoke any solution for this
  2. Anyone here know solution for this problem? or this is official behavior?
  3. well, those warning message not a big problem.
  4. i just found u have create custom job and still don't know how weapon spirits works................./swt
  5. Well, it is not src based it is similar to creating custom headgear spirits, it is client based. here is the link how to add custom weapons This attack effect also are part of sword spirits, take one of those sword .act and .spr file and then open with act editor. Just try it out.
  6. @Smoke any update buddy?
  7. Not able to compile on latest Hercules, can u update please.
  8. any update on this @Smoke, due to use of skills and item's while carrying flag or stone players easily able to capture it. like stalker, assassin cross carrying flag in clock, chase walk mode. It affect many battleground modes like 3 to 4.
  9. Look nice topic to follow
  10. anyone here who can help me to solve this warning?
  11. I'm trying to figure out a way to block healing items and skill when player has flag or stone, but it seems there is no script command that will block use of skill and items on flag. sc_end just end skill effect once and disable_items is for disable switching of items. @Smoke Maybe u know what script command will do that.
  12. Hello @Dastgir i'm trying to make status icon for Energency Call delay Like this But how can i trigger it?
  13. Thanks to @Myriad now emergency call show remaining time Here is changes: skill.c message.conf clif.c Everything working fine except one compilation warning map\skill.c(8111): warning C4244: 'function': conversion from 'time_t' to 'int', possible loss of data Can someone help me to fix that. using latest hercules revision.