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  1. I did the first part and it works.. but this part, I do not know how to do it.
  2. // PK Server Mode. // Turns entire server pvp(excluding towns). // Experience loss is doubled if killed by another player. // When players hunt monsters over 20 levels higher, they will receive 15% // additional exp., and 25% chance of receiving more items. // There is a nopvp.txt for setting up maps not to have pk on in this mode. // Novices cannot be attacked and cannot attack. // Normal pvp counter and rank display are disabled as well. // Note: If pk_mode is set to 2 instead of 1, players will receive a // manner penalty of 5 each time they kill another player (see manner_system // config to adjust how this will affect players) pk_mode: 2 hello guys, my server is on PK MODE and i want it to add an aditional penalty. and how to lessen the 5 minutes penalty to 1 minute only and it is additionall add 1 minute penalty. Also I want to request another penalty like slowing down their movement speed to half. And I want it to have a max kill limit to have penalty, like If you kill 5 player, the penalty will apply. I set the PK mode in 2 I hope someone can help. Thank you!
  3. Good Day guys! It's been a long long time since i post my last map and now here is another piece of my work, I created the new payon town inspired on the new RO-Mobile payon, it's not that similar but I mixed the old and new payon also the newest payon. Just check it and enjoy! Thank you for viewing!
  4. @meko I do not have a mail system, it is disabled on my server. Thats why i need an NPC based rewarder. So every player just go to the npc and talk to him whenever thay want. I want all players will have to talk to the npc first.
  5. Okay i need this kind of npc and it was cool event rewarder in my past official server. Cool Event Rewarder GM Side - The GM will manually insert the character name of the player who won in the event on the NPC. - He can give Items, zeny or cashpoint. - He can give reward even if the player is offline. Player Side - Player who win can talk to the NPC to get their prizes. - Player who did not win will not get any. - Player can get the reward even if offline and he can get when he gets online and talk to the npc. NPC Side - The npc can give "zeny, items or cashpoint" - The NPC will give the reward of player who won anytime. - as mention above, it is a convenient npc rewarder, they can get their rewards anytime they want. its like it is stored in sql or something.
  6. @meko I will be testing this on my test server. How about if there is a restriction on dual client users.
  7. It's unknown,, dunno why.. But its old, since October 2015
  8. Hello! Recently my map crash with this error. I only enabled official BG on the server. Anyone know what's the cause of it?
  9. Hello! Can anyone know how to do it? Adopting via NPC, talking to an NPC to adopt a baby novice. Please pm me i really need this, i can pay if ever. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello! I have this idea to make the pvp active on my server with a twist. Anyone can do this? I am willing to pay PvP Rank - Top 10 per week - The top ten will be rewarded at the end of the week and it will be reset - Every kill in the pvp map gain 3 PvP Point in rank - Every Death in the pvp map will have penalty of -2 points - Once a player kill he will receive a notification which is dispbottom "You gain 3 points on PvP Rank" - Same once a player died in the pvp room dispbottom "You received -2 points penalty on PvP Rank" - The top ten rank at the end of the week will be rewarded a Rok Star Badge - item id 7729 Top 1 - 100 Rok Star Badge Top 2 - 90 Rok Star Badge Top 3 - 80 Rok Star Badge Top 4 - 70 Rok Star Badge Top 5 - 60 Rok Star Badge Top 6 - 50 Rok Star Badge Top 7 - 40 Rok Star Badge Top 8 - 30 Rok Star Badge Top 9 - 20 Rok Star Badge Top 10 - 10 Rok Star Badge - Our client has 2 client maximum or dual client how can we restrict it from getting points?
  11. Recently the map-server crash and here is the report. Someone know how to fix this? Thank you and God Bless!
  12. Hello! Can anyone guide me on how to implement this? I have the main server on 1st VPS and the 2nd server on the other or 2nd VPS so they don't have the same IP's I want to have 1 login, 2 char, 2, map server running, but the 2nd char and map are running on the other vps. I already changed the conf of char and map server, changed the ports also and IP's. When i login to the server i saw the 2 server but when logging in to the 2nd server it always failed to connect, while its okay to login on the main server. Please help me do this. Thank you!
  13. Hello Hercules! Can someone know how to do it? change sex per character, as per character gender features of the latest client? I know hercules already support this kind of feature. I would like to request a change sex NPC that needs a coupon or req to change sex per character not the whole account. I hope someone will respond. Thank you in advance and God Bless!
  14. Hello! Anyone know how to make the food buffs not cancelled and still remain upon death. I know it can be done in SRC but i dunno how, i forgot it. Please help me with this, Thank you in advance!
  15. I am receiving this error every time i reach the server 1000++ Players What does this mean? But it will be once the server population is lower than 1000++