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  1. now i see it thnx judas.. - oh yeah.. how to use this when i patch
  2. whre do i locate iteminfo judas?
  3. i used the client you released judas.. -> Small Client Package ~2012-04-18~
  4. to change some descriptions judas... also where do i locate this files... i used gryff to look for it in grf...
  5. How to modify this... - id2numitemdesctable - id2numitemdisplaynametable - id2numitemresnametable
  6. thnx ind and mysterious.. for the clarification.. i have one more question to ask.. Would all client be compatible with hercules like ( 2010-07-30 )? or there is an additional hexing for it to run?
  7. hello i just want to know which is which.. everytime there is an update... Green Color = New code? Red Color = Old Code ? thnx..
  8. thnx... nameless... ill be a hercules user for now.. this is really great..
  9. solved

    i run the hercules.exe as admin.. at first it didn't work..
  10. solved

    thnx ind.. ill be using hercules for my server..
  11. solved

    Fixed.. suddenly workin now.. one more thing... is this emulator ready or its still beta?
  12. solved

    its the client.. for me to test and log in..
  13. Hi guys.. i have problem running Hercules.exe.. it keeps on telling me this -> ( Hercules.exe has stopped working )
  14. great.. its now working.. atoll should be changed.. to atol only.. thnx ind
  15. hi guys.. i got this error when compiling on windows... 3>..srccharint_guild.c(605): warning C4013: 'atoll' undefined; assuming extern returning int 3> int_homun.c 3> int_mail.c 3> int_mercenary.c 3> int_party.c 3> int_pet.c 3> int_quest.c 3> int_storage.c 3> inter.c 3>int_guild.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _atoll 3>..char-server_sql.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals any fixes on this?