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  1. Oh, thank you, @Smoke. I will test right now. Congratulations for your job.
  2. Existe um NPC no próprio emulador que faz este papel, só que como um evento de transformação(disguise). Siga até a pasta npc\custom\events/disguise.txt e tire a base de como funciona.
  3. @Smoke Hi, sorry for use this topic, but how can i download the achievement system for test?
  4. Someone can help me to do that?: After use the Portal skill, create a waitingroom in local of portal, showing the local of destination. Its a rogue inside the portal, just to show how i want
  5. It was a big help. I downloaded the herc again, but using the Tortoise. Now, i will move all my files modified. And is better, because i presume i do not have more problems to update, case i want. Thx for your help, meko.
  6. I have a backup from herc, but a i want update to the last revision. So, how can i update? My original backup folder doesn't have a button "Tortoise git > Pull". Sry for my bad english.
  7. Você pode utilizar o comando 'getitem'. Daria o mesmo resultado. { Id: 30010 AegisName: "Wing_Of_Fly_VIP" Name: "Asa de Mosca - VIP" Type: 11 Buy: 60 Weight: 50 Script: <" itemskill AL_TELEPORT,1;"> <" getitem 30010,1;"> },