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  2. GERMAN [▼] ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ENGLISH Hello YOU! Since a long time, we're working on a private server project named SeasonRO for now. Due to frequent breaks we didn't reached a release yet. Server information: Currently we're a 5 people team and have invested a lot of time, so we aren't beginning form 0. Furthermore, we're a well-experienced team due to past projects of certain members. What do we offer YOU? relaxed work surrounded by a international team learning from us Modern Setup and facilitated work (Docker, GitHub etc.) decide with your voice and shape the server together with us well-organized team (taks are found comfortably in the Issue Pool) Flexibility Our current occupation (a hand full of people): 2 Developer 1 Client Builder & Manager, Administration 1 Gaphic Designer & Mapper 1 Sponsor & Organisator Therefore we're looking for more members. We're looking for: 1 Developer 1 Designer 2 Scripters 2 Forum Moderation & Manageing X Supporters (for simple tasks and later ingame Support) ALLROUNDERS are welcome as well ! What do we expect from you? Teamability Interest in building a own RO Server Bacis player knowledge (WTF is RO? etc.) Interactive, partially independently working And obviously time, but we always work without pressure DISCORD Account (our favourized communcation platform) Interested or questions? GET IN CONTACT WITH US ! ~_~ DISCORD - OR PM us in the Forum =)
  3. Wow cool, it took almost a year till someone responded to me.
  4. The .grf expanded from 1,2GB to approx. 1,5GB. I think that is normal? Since the last update much content has been released.
  5. @Ridley My full appreciation for this update. Do you have a changelog as well? -- Edit: Oh now I see the log at the bottom of your Top Post x')
  6. "There is no encryption in this file" - Master of Magic
  7. /* //- Common Script Files - @include "npc/scripts.conf" @include "npc/scripts_woe.conf" @include "npc/scripts_jobs.conf" @include "npc/scripts_mapflags.conf" @include "npc/scripts_monsters.conf" @include "npc/scripts_warps.conf" //- Pre-Renewal Script Files - @include "npc/pre-re/scripts.conf" @include "npc/pre-re/scripts_jobs.conf" @include "npc/pre-re/scripts_mapflags.conf" @include "npc/pre-re/scripts_monsters.conf" @include "npc/pre-re/scripts_warps.conf" */ //- Development / Testing Script Files - @include "npc/scripts_dev.conf" //- Custom Script Files - // Your NPCs go in this file! @include "npc/scripts_custom.conf" Thank you, worked like a charm! <3
  8. Hello herc community, I'd like to know how I can efficiently remove NPCs from the loading list. Reason: For development reasons, I only need one path and a few NPCs to be loaded - so others are superfluous/not needed and take more time to (re-)load. I discovered the scripts_removed.conf in the /npc folder. Following configuration has been tested: //========================================================================= //= Hercules global npc removed list //========================================================================= // All NPCs that you wish to remove from your loading list should be put in // this file //========================================================================= // If instead of a path to an NPC is put "all" no file will be loaded npc_removed_list: ( //"all", //"path/to/npc", "npc/airports", "npc/battleground", "npc/cities", "npc/custom", //"npc/dev", <-- ONLY THIS PATH SHOULD BE LOADED "npc/events", "npc/instances", "npc/jobs", "npc/kafras", "npc/mapflag", "npc/mechants", "npc/mobs", "npc/other", "npc/quests", "npc/re", "npc/warps", "npc/woe-fe", "npc/woe-se", ) // removed But it did not work and all NPCs have been loaded. How can I achieve only load the "/dev" path? Thank you in advance ~
  9. Just as a tip: in skillinfolist.lub or .lua SkillName = "Asura Strike", This line will also affect the message upon the character after the skill has been casted. Two exclamation marks are added as suffix by default, so there is no need to add extra "!" or it will look weird. ^-^
  10. I think 2015-10-29a is suitable as well. I don't know the differences between 11-04 and 10-29 in depth. Would be a pleasure if somebody would enlighten me.
  11. 1,2k is hardcore sad. But glad that you are back on track! I can only laugh with my 100k's o_o''
  12. After couple of minutes, I got it fixed... Solution: Path: \trunk\src\map\atcommand.c -> Search for @bodystyle Add this line between the others: && (sd->job & MAPID_THIRDMASK) != MAPID_RUNE_KNIGHT After that it should (could) look like this: DON'T FORGET TO RECOMPILE !
  13. Hello peeps, the fact that the alternate Rune Knight Sprite isn't released yet made me sad. So I decided to add the old Rune Knight Sprite (which looks really good!) as replacement for the unreleased alternate. No lub or lua errors while launching the client. Just telling me, that there is no body style. Do I have to make any serverside changes? Following changes have been made Path: \data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\DressRoom\jobDressList.lub Thank you in advance <3
  14. #BUMP OF DEATH Anybody found a solution? If not, is it possible to "repatch" a client which has been patched with N.E.M.O ? For instance I diffed a client with N.E.M.O and after that, with the mysterious power of WEEDiff.gen, a EnableAuraOver9000.diff has been forced. @Mystery Hi.