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  1. Hello Good evening I would like to request a PvP event with store and points like this every 5 hours it opens 5 minutes to start with at least 6 participants to be able to open when starting the PvP stays on for 5 minutes the players have to kill themselves' 'the player who kills wins 2 points the player who dies loses 1 point after 5 minutes the PvP stays off and aparace an npc to take the participants to prontera seems to be very simple the problem that I do not know nor where to start rsrsrs I hope that someone of good heart can do it for me Thank you
  2. Olá amigos da comunidade então gostaria de pedir um npc encantador especial ele encanta com aquelas pedras de atk% matk2% for+10 etc.. gostaria que ele encantasse elmo,asa,aura,armadura,manto,bota,acessórios se quem por der ajuda eu fico bem grato '-'