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  1. Where is the Package Claim at Prontera? The package claim is a system which I did not coded, so this version send the item to a character from your account, maybe I have to edit the speeching script... Are you able to make the script? thanks in advanced!
  2. Thank you all for the respond! i appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for the idea and base! i appreciate it. Edited: Does not work. Also, i want them to be warp on their original position (coordinates) where they play the last matched. e.g player 1 was in the pay_fild01 123 22 After the EVENT ends, he will warped back to its original position THE "pay_fild01 123 22" Thank you for helping!
  4. So i would like to ask if how can i make each player is returned to the same exact point they were before playing the match. OnEventEnd: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; .off = 0; .on = 0; for(set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.option); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) removemapflag .map$,.option[[email protected]]; end; Everytime the event is end, the mapserver tells player not attached. maybe? does it requires any SQL?
  5. Where is the Package Claim at Prontera?
  6. Hey Rokimoki? do you accept Paid Scripts? do you have SKYPE

    1. rokimoki


      You can add me to Discord.

    2. Eternity


      does herc got discord?


    3. rokimoki


      I don't know, I sent a PM

  7. Hi Dastgir? i was wondering if, what if for example i want to host my RO to windows since its way more easy to setup and compiling the emulator itself. What is the first thing to do to make database? like using WAMP? XAMPP? or another alternative way. The ports need to be open or closed etc etc. I need some a little adviced.
  8. Thanks a lot Dastgir!
  9. Hi Jeroen i've been looking for this kind of modifier. is there way u can support rA also? That would be appreciated.
  10. Are you going to released this?
  11. Your RO Installer does not support 4GB files. it rejected it says the file is to big.
  12. They are just "RESELLERS" so i wouldn't recommend to host with them. Use unmanaged VPS.
  13. prt_fild01,280,144,5 script empty_npc 4W_SAILOR,{ npctalk2("why are you walking when clicking me?"); end; } should be prt_fild01,280,144,5 script empty_npc 4W_SAILOR,2,2,{ end; OnTouch: npctalk2("why are you walking when clicking me?"); end; } Using OnTouch will trigger if you walk pass to the NPC. should put "end" under the headger if u don't like the npc to be clicked because it will trigger the npctalk2. I have no idea about the skills i was searching also about the problem, most of the skill have this kind of behaviour and it requires client modification to removed this kind of behaviour.
  14. Why not just hired this people instead of having hard time to find a people? Olrox, Najara, Adel and Haizel those are good quality mappers out there.
  15. Starting 2015-11-04