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  1. 0 - Use WeeMapCache Editor (To edit mapcaches) It allows quickly edit/add/delete maps into cache file (Don't forget to do a backup of your mapcache) 1. Add ".gat", ".gnd", ".rsw" files to data folder. 2. Edit "mapnametable.txt" and "resnametable.txt" files in data folder. 3. Edit "map_index.txt" in db folder. 4. Create(update) mapcache "map_cache.dat" file in pre-re OR re /db folder. 5. Edit conf/maps.conf 6. Add flags/warps/monsters to the map as a script in npc folder
  2. Day 14 one more thing. There is a huge skinpack of 72 skins publically available to download This is a nice addition to the server's client for the players wanting to showoff or to add a touch of personality to their game client The problem is, there are few having Glyphs in client buttons and options window Habilis Easily overcame those by using his highly sharpened (lately) search and replace skills.... It weights around 170mb uncompressed and 60mb compressed. So, it will be an optional download. Here are some examples: So that Makes 2 extra packages to add to my client downloads page. 1 - Set of 2k+ guild emblems (for those who don't have the time or skill to make one ) 2 - Set of 72+ skins for those who wnt to add a touch of personality... There is always something to do with public materials like: - Fixing Glyphs in skins - Removing Evasticas and Waffen SS emblems from guild emblems pack (Raccial hate will be forbidden on that server) But they are pretty usable!
  3. Day 14 done some more stuff... Implemented a sprite pack from Adel that makes porings more colorful (colorful porings are really important!) before: After: Lika back in 2007 every server had a custom sprite for Asura strike Habilis decided to stick to that old tradition and make some asura sprites before: After: Before: After: Finally I sorted out the old maps and cached them properly List of maps like before : Prontera, Izlude, Morocc, Alberta On morroc I've also removed all NPCs related to satan in morroc in one way or another and restored all warps and monsters on the Morocc fields (right of the morroc) Also, returned Ant-hell entrance to the old place (Both of them) Habilis was ready to implement some custom costumes but this piece of gui needed a touch of personalisation The challenge here is to remove 2headed chic (an object that is behind other objects I want to keep, lines and points) Multiple years of experience in removeing copyrights from graphical content have helped Habilis to do just that. This is how costumes look for now Unfortunately, since no one wanted to provide a bundle (all in one (sprite, item, collection, lub, item_db.conf)) to Habilis Habilis had to reverse engineer stuff.... This means alot of NotePad++ regular expression search and replace And a lot of Excel formulas to generate Item_db2.conf And as a result .... 500 custom headgears. Also this is a ppreview how I want to prevent creation of 500 characters and farm of daily rewards event versions of items will be given...(they have same properties and a list of limitations) Auras, using some custom Auras and Dastgir's plugin I finally managed to make some nice auras on level 99, aura is not given to a player, on level 99 it have to be obtained by a quest. some examples of available auras And finally, Habilis's favorite ones!!!!! also took guild emblem pack (will provide it as separate download on the downloads page) If Guild masters don't have time or don't know how to make a guild emblem, they can take one of 2k+ provided.
  4. Habilis is glad that you like! For 1 person it's fine I have a feeling it's fine for up to 10-20 players (will test it soon) But so far ok. In virtual life: In real life:
  5. Welcome to hogwarts!
  6. Hello and Welcome !!! Me too, I write on many languages. (Seriously any...If I'm interested or paid to do it) You can check a guide in my signature on how to setup Herc server There is also a link to Trouble shooting/Frequently Asked Questions Annex to my guide And for personal experiences... Well, you can read my Homeless/Vagabond Developer's diary Enjoy your day with Hercules!!
  7. Homeless (Vagabond) Server developer's diary Day 12 : Doing Stuff.... Browsing publically available content, I found a command @identifyall - Identifying all items (Provided by AnnieRuRu, if I'm not mistaken...) The problem is that the script doesn't use Magnifiers to Identify your items. Because????... F* you! © I don't know if something similar already exist. It was faster to adjust the one I found than continue looking. And I decided to share it (Costs Habilis nothing, but could make some of you happy) - script IdentifyAll#Util -1,{ OnInit: .identifyItemId = 611; //Magnifier .identifyItemName$ = getitemname(.identifyItemId); bindatcmd "identifyall", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnIdentifyAll",0,99; end; OnIdentifyAll: if(countitem(.identifyItemId) < 1) { dispbottom "To do that, you need at least 1 "+.identifyItemName$+"."; end; } getinventorylist; for ( .@i = 0; .@i < @inventorylist_count; .@i++ ) { if(countitem(.identifyItemId) < 1) { dispbottom "You are out of "+.identifyItemName$+"s, "+.@c +" items identified."; end; } if ( [email protected]_identify[.@i] ) { delitem2 @inventorylist_id[.@i], 1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0; getitem @inventorylist_id[.@i], 1; delitem .identifyItemId,1; .@c++; } } dispbottom .@c +" items identified."; end; } Basically it's an utility @Command script that could make clicking less agressive... when have a lot unidentified items. How it works When you don't have any magnifiers it says: When you have less magnifiers than Unidentified items, It identifies as much items as possible... When you have enough magnifiers it just identifies all using your magnifiers And says You don't have anymore MAgnifiers, X items where identified using few that you had. Pretty simple stuff, but could make somoene's life easier... Also, changed vending zone to one that is publically available in Downloads section (It comes with script of vending spots!) But, blue squares (Where vending is supposed to be permitted) have flag no_vending,1 (Vending forbidden), Because????... F* you! © How Habilis fixed that? Disabling vending on entire map and changing these flags to no_vending, 0 (0 means no_vending is canceled). Is not an option, because when entire map vending is disabled, Hercules doesn't even look on individual cells.... And doing bunch of /where to create propper flags, is not an option timewise! So, Habilis did it lika that, Created 1 flag for no_vending,1 0 0 200 200 (all cells of the map) And then rename each flag where vending is supposed to be permitted to no_vending, 0 Also that map came without minimap.... not Habilis problem....(made a minimap): Like they say where Habilis come from : "Prepare winter event in the summer!" © I found that winter texture pack I was looking for, it was uploaded to some 3d party file cloud... as it wrights about 80mb but it totally worth it!!! (Just winter not holiday) As it covers almost all Cities and fields!!! so 80mb is worth it!! Also Installed my favorite chatime plugin from dastgir GitHub Also changed some buttons in my 2013 client to be like sortof newer clients New buttons These buttons not only for aesthetics, they also resolve another problem that you don't need to know about...
  8. Day 11: Done some more NPC work.. - added Vampire bal (From downloadfs section) event to My AutoEvent Controller - added Poring Catcher event from the Downloads section Since it is a hardcore LowRate server x8..... And Novices appear in the outskirts of Prontera with no money and no clothes (Just Like Habilis when he goes to Las Vegas....) I've decided to make a Welcomer NPC I also made a simple PVP arena, with this cute assassin girl NPC I had do do the CUTIN myself... The official one is not as... erotic... Curious fact : the original Assassin girl on cutin is wearing a Creator or LordKnight skirt ? (Censored?) Part 2 : Plugin work Implemented my favourite @commands (So much appreciated by Russian RO comunity) I even turned them into Hercules plugins and released here: I also integrated all of the Dastgir's plugins, Thank you very much!! @aura is awesome! I disabled aura at max levels...
  9. Yeah do a server on Raspberry Pi it's free and you learn alot!
  10. geez, provide the script at least.... Or you expect me to run all over the place to find it? UPD: Found it... https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/blob/master/Daily_Reward/DailyReward.txt I have done one for my Homless(Vagabond) RO server Developper's Diary It's based on The one in Downloads seciton... Nobody asked for the script... So, I guess nobody is interested...
  11. hmmm... ok... 1 thing, when you say you ran chmod +x ./configure (worked fine) but did you ran ? ./configure 2 thing you can always do chmod +x config.status ...
  12. can you show the output of following commands: whoami and ls -la
  13. Day 10 : Scripting marathon continues.. I went to download section and downloaded some more scripts of events to integrate them with this server. And then I though why not fully automate them? So I asked aroud about randomizing things... So, Big Special THANKS to @Z3R0 and @Dastgir for giving me this code OnClock1800: initnpctimer(); .@currentMinute = 0; .@startMinute = rand(1,30); end; OnTimer60000: setnpctimer(0); .@currentMinute += 1; if (.@startMinute == .@currentMinute) { stopnpctimer(); doevent; } What I wanted to do Is create an AutomaticEventController A controller that would automatically and randomly start and end events over a day. and to have the starting time randomly picked within 30 minutes from planned time (I wanted this to frustrate my players even more! *trollface*) So far, I have 4 automatic events (available here in download section) I'm not the author of this scripts, each script has an author. You may find their authors by browsing in Downloads section. However, there is a big thanks from me for releasing wonderful scripts! - Treasure hunt (pry open treasure chests, some of them are empty to find those containing a treasure) - Goblin Invasion (need to defeat X number invaders and then invader Leader spawns) - Poring Count event (just count porings in the fence) - Slot Machine (With free spins.. How it works: - AutomaticEventsController at specified time runs a version of code given to me by @Z3R0 and @Dastgir to determine a real random time of event, It checks for WOE, no auto events on WOE... - AutomaticEventsController Picks randomly an event script name from Array of string and calls OnEventStart on that script - Every Automatic event script "Implements" an Imaginary Interface AutomaticEvent with 2 methods OnEventStart OnEventTimeOut (OOP stuff.....) (basically every Automatic event MUST have those 2 methods Because Controller calls on them) The rest of implementation is up to the event class script... So far, I have 4, but I actively browse downloads section for more scripts to integrate to my Automatic events!
  14. Day 9.5 : Scripting challenge.... Now it is time to script some... So, I wrote a daily rewards script and integrated everything and here is how it looks like in game: Sorry about blur, there is the real name of the server, didn't want to waste time and create 28 cutins with HabilisRO on them.... Anyways, some people may say these are crappy prizes. Well, tell you what... This server is considered a low rate server. Besides, all a player have to do to get them, is just login..... Even Habilis can do that! Took adv. Stylist npc from Downloads and modified it to be sort of a quest ... Also added a healer (just heal with 60 sec delay) <- classic One more thing, took this pretty map and created a vending zone So, this is basically a vending zone, to assemble all vendors in one area I'm not expecting many players, so this should be big enough. Continuing the work ....
  15. Thanks, will definitely try it out soon!!!