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  1. thanks for this @Lecter but I need english version.
  2. Could anyone can share their DATA folder including working LUA/LUB for the following clients: 2010-07-30 2012-04-12 2013-08-07 2014-10-22 Thank you in advance.
  3. If your server is running in pre-renewal settings just add comment (adding // before #define) on all #define in to disable all renewal settings except for renewal aspd setting. /// renewal ASPD [malufett] /// /// leave this line to enable renewal ASPD /// - shield penalty is applied /// - AGI has a greater factor in ASPD increase /// - there is a change in how skills/items give ASPD /// - some skill/item ASPD bonuses won't stack #define RENEWAL_ASPD
  4. What year?
  5. When does LUA firstly released and use in RO? and in what client did they firstly use it?
  6. Thanks for the feedback @Virtue
  7. Cool! Is there any other errors with regards to this client?
  8. OIS does thies error still not yet fix? so when you feed pet you client will crash is it something like that?
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. Hmm I don't really like RCX since I want fair gameplay. What do you mean by its very lite? and which DATA folder you are using for 20100730 client?
  10. Thanks you for your suggestion guys, really appreciate it. Any error have you encounter using this client?
  11. So i've been roaming around, looking, checking and searching for clients that are Herc community recommended to used. Based from it, I choose this four (4) clients that grabs my interest with which are: 2010-07-30 2012-04-12 2013-08-07 2014-10-22 Which from this four (4) clients are lets say will "BEST FIT" for a Classic Pre-Re server? and based from your experience using any of these clients is there any bugs, exploit, errors that you encounter? any PROS and CONS you can share with? Thanks in advance!
  12. As the title says which Client version is using Old Character Creation and can enable Pincode? Thank you in advance!
  13. Can anyone confirm if I change the emperium 3d sprite and use other 3d sprite like sword guardian 3d sprite does the emperium height will change? What I mean with height change is when I hover the pointer to sword guardians head does the pointer will change to attack pointer? Thank you in advance hoping someone can confirm it.
  14. char_configuration: { inter: { userid: "username" passwd: "password" login_ip: "" char_ip: "" } pincode: { enabled: false } }
  15. I was using updated Herc git, but still warning shows