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  1. char_configuration: { inter: { userid: "username" passwd: "password" login_ip: "" char_ip: "" } pincode: { enabled: false } }
  2. I was using updated Herc git, but still warning shows
  3. I tried this also but warning still showing
  4. I mean I can disable PIN CODE and remove that warning directly inside conf/char/char-server.conf but what I was trying to do is disabling it using the IMPORT folder.
  5. How to disable PIN CODE using IMPORT FOLDER? I tried adding this lines inside conf/import/char-server.conf pincode: { enabled: false } but this warning message still remains [Warning]: pincode_enabled requires PACKETVER 20110309 or higher. disabling... Anyone knows how to remove this warning message? TIA!
  6. You can try this rAthena > Hercules SQL converter If you encounter any errors you can create a topic and ask for a hand.
  7. Supported platforms are listed here: is not listed, but it might work. It's just not yet officially supported and any warnings/error specific To it won't be solved unless it get officially supported by Hercules Thank you sir @Dastgir for answering and confirming my question.
  8. Greetings Hercules Community, I just want to ask if Hercules supports using Visual Studio 2017 to re-compile? Hoping someone with a big heart answer my question. To our beloved admin and moderator, kindly please move my topic if I posted in the wrong section. Thank you in advance.
  9. Any updates about your server @Habilis
  10. Thanks! I will check this thread regularly. Since I'm planning to make a classic server too running episode from 1 to 9.
  11. You are using eathena or updated hercules server files for client 2007-05-21?