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  1. ok, as expected, thanks let's see if I can manage to convert my sql database to the conf format. shouldn't be that hard, libconfig format seems pretty nice.
  2. thanks for your answers! by function overloading I dont mean the hooks, I mean using this: pc->additional_bonus = &my_own_bonus_func With hooks it is pretty clear that all plugins get called, but using this method it seems that only one plugin gets his function called.
  3. Hi guys! I'm currently migrating our server (custom rAthena, about 1 year old version) to hercules, and I have some questions: Is there any nice way to convert my item/mob/... MySQL db to the .conf format? I only saw .txt -> .conf converters. Regarding HPM function overloading: What happens if two plugins overload the same function? To my understanding, only the plugin which was loaded last gets to overload that function. Is it possible to add custom params using HPM? (by params I mean stuff like Zeny or Hp inside scripts) Is it possible to add custom mapflags using HPM? Is there any documentation for the HPM (except the wiki)? Is there a communication channel outside of the forums for devs? Looking forward to your answers Cheers, chriser